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12/31/11 - This is to inform you that my Spaceview made it safely to my door today. Thank you again, it looks, sounds and works great. I will pass on a good word for you.

Steve Cameron

12/29/11 - Looks great . Have a happy new year and thank you.

Ken Corsetti

12/22/11 - My watch arrived Wednesday and is running fine, looking nearly new. Thanks again for your excellent work. If I ever run into another friend with a 214, I'll certainly recommend you.

Best wishes, Doug Knowles

12/12/11 - I received my watch today. It looks and runs great. Thanks for the outstanding service and quality of repair. I truly appreciate it.

Thanks again, Mickey Wallmeyer

12/12/11 - I am happily in receipt of a clean and humming Accutron! You did magnificent work my friend. Happy Holidays.

Erik Bautista

12/6/11 - My watch arrived in excellent condition. I have printed the guarantee and will heed your instructions for changing the battery and setting the time. I appreciate your setting it to Pacific time. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Kind Regards, Gary Benoit

11/23/11 - Watch arrived and it is working like a charm! And, it's beautiful!! Thank you again for all of you work and expertise. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cheers, Marshall Crawford

11/22/11 - Good Evening, Martin I received my watch today in good working order. Thank you for your time & expertise. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours.

John R Howard

11/11/11 - I wanted to e-mail you sooner but got busy. I got all my watches back and want to complement you on doing such a terrific job! They all look and run terrific, especially the M0.Thanks,

Tom Wessney

11/8/11 - I picked up my father's watch at the post office today. It looks and sounds great.? He really loved that timepiece and I'm very grateful to have it working again.?

Thanks, Ralph Mandarano

11/3/11 - Thank you for servicing my 1966 factory Spaceview - runs great - and the n.o.s. crystal

looks great too. regards, Steve Mc Cann.

11/3/11 - I received my watch today and was very happy with it. It looks brand new again. I will now enjoy many more years of a very special gift from my father. Many thanks and god bless you.

Jim Gallup

11/1/11 - Received the watch yesterday. BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks, Bill Kuhn

10/31/11 - Received the watch today, looks and works great. Thank you for the service. It was the best and the watch looks like the day I bought it.

John Kovac

10/26/11 - Accutron arrived this morning with visiting Engineer from Houston. Very Nice job sir.

Best Regards,
James Verrill, Lobito, Angola

10/24/11 - I received my repaired and modified Accutron watch from you this morning. When I opened the postal package, the watch was running with the correct time. Both the watch and 1960-SS Accutron band look very good. Thank you for your work in making the restoration happen.

Bob Pate

10/13/11 - The watch arrived safe and sound. Got my hands on it early yesterday and it's awesome. I'm quite pleased with it. Once the ugly band that was on there was swapped out (last night) it's now beautiful and is running great. I had a good time hooking up an LED to a signal generator and feeding it just above and below 360Hz. You can clearly see the tuning fork moving in and out. Too cool! Thank you for such a great job. I'm very happy.

Bob Darlington

9/29/11 - I received the watch on Monday and it is working perfectly. Thank you!

Regards, Gordon Howard

9/26/11 - Accutron received this day. Looks good, thank You.

Jim Williams

9/26/11 - I received my watch back today. Looks and sounds great !!! Thank You very much!!

Sincerely, Joe Yoakum

9/20/11 - Just opened the box with my fathers watch and it looks great and is running fine. Thank you very much.

Rick Bernstein

9/20/11 - I received my Accutron today and It is beautiful and works just fine. You do great work and I will recommend to my friends. I have owned this clock since it was new. I have attached a photo of the mount that I had made years ago. Regards, Bob Warters

9/18/11 - The watch was delivered yesterday (Saturday). It is great having it back in the family and working again. Thank you very much for the attention you gave to it and the care it received while in your possession. It is deeply appreciated.

Very truly yours, Michael Schoor

9/15/11 - Watch arrived safely and is working well. My husband is pleased! Thank you.

Linda Munkelwitz

9/12/11 - Just picked up the package and words fail me right now. It is a thing of beauty! It hasn't looked this good since it was new. Thank you so much for your hard work and expertise.

Marshall Crawford

9/7/11 - I received the watch today...thanks so much for renewing it for another 46 years!

Cheers, Robert Smyth   

9/6/11 - I wanted to offer my highest compliments on the great job that you did with renewing my watch. It really looks terrific, and has been on my wrist and running well for a week now. I don't think you could have done a better job, especially with everything being mix and match. I didn't realize that you could make those hands look as good as this! The renewed blue color is quite strong, and it's clear now how bad the old face had become over the years... so I guess it's just as well that the face was "lifted." My most sincere thanks for the fine work and flexibility in saving as much of the old as was practicable.

Very Sincerely Yours, Mark Keating

8/27/11 - Saturday 3:pm received the watch. did not expect it until Monday. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

George Berry

8/15/2011 - Just received my Accutron from the postman. The first thing I did was to hold it to my ear and listen to the hum - haven't heard that for quite a few years. It's already on my wrist and looks so good that I'm not sure I want to take it off even tho' gold is not my color. Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship. If the watch ever needs attention again, I'll be sure to contact you - gladly!

Thanks again, Lani Lee

8/12/2011 - USPS attempted to deliver the Accutron yesterday, but I was not home to sign for it. I was able to pick it up the post office today. Looks amazing and appears to be running great.

Thank you again, Ben Schwantes

8/9/2011 - Thank you, Martin. It really is a beautiful watch. You do amazing work.

David Bolender

8/2/11 - I received her yesterday, THANK YOU. She's beautiful, and seems to be running GREAT! Thank you again for your great service, it's been a pleasure working with you!

Bruce Egenhauser

8/1/11 - Watch arrived this PM. Looks good and sounds good. Thanks very much for rejuvenating a special relic of my distant past.

Chuck Nothom

7/25/11 - I just received the watch. Simply put, your craftsmanship exceeded my expectations. The watch looks new. Thank you for preserving a piece of our family history.

Stan Taylor

7/12/11 - My watch arrived, and it's beautiful.  Thanks again for all your work.

Mark Jacobs

7/6/11 - The Accutron found it's way home on 7/5/11. I am very pleased with the whole transaction!

Thank You, Carmine Demaria

7/6/11 - The watch arrived safely and is happily humming away on my wrist. I have not worn it in over a decade. Its good to have it back.

Thanks for your help. Richard Smith

7/5/11 - The watch came this morning. Looks good and the time is perfect, the same time as my atomic clock.

Thanks,  John Sponsel

6/27/11 - I can tell you that I am very happy with my Astro. Thank you very much for the work and support with the watch. All my friends are impressed with it.

Alejandro Ramirez

6/27/11 - I received my 214 this afternoon. It looks brand new. The wait was worth it ! Thank you very much !

Regards, Steve Mc Cann

p.s. Thanks for returning my old parts.

6/20/11 - I picked up the watch this morning and it looks great. The band is perfect.

Thanks, Ron Whalen

6/20/11 - Received the watch today and am very pleased.

Thank You, Jim Casci

6/12/11 - Arrived today, safe and sound. a wonderful job of restoration.

Many thanks, Joe Snow

6/10/11 - I'm leaving a week from today for a family reunion at which what would have been Dad's 100th birthday will be celebrated. I will be proud to wear his beautifully restored watch.

Mark Trierweiler

6/8/11 - I received the watch yesterday, and it looks great. Thanks for everything -- hopefully with some care it will be good for another 50 years now.

John Roscher

6/7/11 - Received Accutron a week ago. It is keeping excellent time. Thanks again.

Ralph Levin

5/31/11 - My wife and I picked up my Accutron at the post office earlier today. What a difference, you are a truly an expert on these watches, worth every penny! Looking forward to continue doing business with you since I have a 1967 astronaut coming to my possession soon. I'll also recommend you to others.

Best regards, Mats Bernedj

5/31/11 - You have another very happy customer. My watch arrived and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you.

Bob Lukat

5/31/11 - The watch is stellar! It looks brand new. My husband passed away the day I sent you the watch. He had the watch on his mind for a long time and knowing it was on the way to you concluded his earthly business. I'm giving it to our son on Father's Day. Thank you again, it truly surpassed my expectations.

Sincerely, Casey Drake

5/31/11 - My Accutron was received in today's mail. You even set it to PDST. Thanks. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know how it's running.

Thanks again for your efforts. Ralph Levin

5/29/11 - I just got back from a job in Turkey and opened the package containing my watch which my wife had already picked up from the post office. It looks really good and of course, is running very well. Thank you.

Best Regards, Steve Reese

5/28/11 - I just wanted to let you know that my Accutron watch, that you repaired a little over five years ago, is still humming along and keeping good time. I have worn it almost every day for the past 41 years, except when it was being repaired by you, and it is one of my favorite objects. The repair by you was definitely a very good investment in the continuity and enjoyment of life.

I hope you are doing well.

Regards, David

5/18/11 - Just received the Accutron a few minutes ago and it looks better than new. I'm sure your repairs guarantee that it will run just as well.

Many thanks, Rainer Vogelhaupt

5/11/11 - Just a quick note to to say I have thoroughly enjoyed the  restoration you performed on my late father's Accutron several years ago.   

Sincerely, James Davis

5/9/11 - I have the watch. It looks GREAT, I am so happy you could get the watch running!!!!!

Thanks again!!! Byron Jackson

4/28/11 - This is to confirm that I have received my Accutron 214 watch as of today and want to thank you very much for your professional care and repair of the same.

You were right when you wrote that you thought I would be very pleased with your work for I'm definitely ultra pleased. The watch runs great and it looks better than new.

I certainly recommend you for the timely repairs and will be more than happy to recommend you to all who seek a real professional to repair their Accutron 214.

Thank you Mr. Marcus.

John J. Faklis

4/28/11 - Picked my watch up at the PO today. Extremely happy with it. You do some excellent work! I've never heard an Accutron run, 'kinda eerie sounding, I love it!

Thank you so much, Eric Diener

4/21/11 - My father in law loves the watch and it is keeping excellent time. Thanks again.

Ed Dupont

4/18/11 - I just received the watch today. Sitting here with it on my wrist, I feel like I'm looking at something that came out of a time machine. Beautiful job -- and worth every penny! I love hearing that "Accutron hum" again. My first one was a N3 day / date that I still own. Sadly, it was converted by Bulova to a quartz movement about 20 years ago since they no longer had the parts to fix it. Too bad you don't work on these! Thanks again for a beautiful job! Please feel free to add this  comment to your customer feedback page.   

Best, Mike Josephic

4/13/11 - The watch arrived yesterday! I have it on my desk and it appears to be keeping time splendidly! I am absolutely delighted! I owe you a special thanks for including the spring-loaded thingamabobbers that hold the watchband in place ... I did not have them and it would have taken me a special trip down to Jeweller's Row to get a set. Tonight I am going to attach the OEM Accutron leather band that I purchased for the watch on eBay, and on Saturday I am going to present the watch to my 85 year-old father. Thank you very much for your professional and exquisite work!

With warmest regards and gratitude, John LaPine           

4/4/11 - I have really enjoyed wearing my 214 again - it really is a fine piece. Your service was most excellent. My only regret was not realizing that I should have asked for new luminous paint during the repair work - that would have made my 214 110%. Thanks for your professional, expert service.

Respectfully, Fred Fremaux

4/4/11 - Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that the watch arrived yesterday and it looks absolutely fantastic, I couldn't be happier with it! I'll be wearing it nonstop, so your miracle-work will be put to good use!

Thanks again, Christa McBryan

3/28/11 - Got it today Martin and the time is spot on since you sent it. (Very nice touch, by the way, to set the time to Pacific in advance). Thanks for your good work.

Louis Wolcher

3/23/11 - The watch has arrived, I collected it from the Post Office today and have been wearing this beautiful watch all day. You did a great job! It works well and looks great! I will enjoy it for many years. Thank you. You may use me as a reference.

Best regards, Mike DuBose

3/8/11 - Just got my Dad's Accutron back. You did a great job. My Dad would be happy with it, as I am.

2/23/11 - I picked up the Astro at the PO this morning, and it looks really fantastic, thanks!

Kevin Taggart

2/22/11 - The watch looks fantastic. thank you for the great job. I think it is work every penny and minute I had to wait. Out of curiosity the time seems to be about 15 sec fast per week, is this within the acceptable tolerance/standards?

Thank you, Jarrod K Lloyd

The original Bulova 1 year guaranty (photo) during the 214 era was +/- 1 minute per month (15 seconds/week)

2/15/11 - Watch received in excellent condition. Thank you for your service.

Mike Cain

2/9/11 - Thanks again, Martin, for doing what you do. My Accutron arrived, via Mrs. Gaus, today, and its in tip-top shape and Im already enjoying having and wearing it.

All best wishes--Fred D'Agostino

2/7/11 - The watch arrived today, and it looks great (though quite different with the thin, red second hand -- I know the thicker, orange second hands are almost impossible to find). Thanks for your work, and for the professionalism of the whole repair process that you have set up.

Dana Robinson

2/7/11 - The watch arrived this am, 2/7. It's beautiful! Ticking (actually humming) away, keeping perfect time. The new watch band is a big improvement. Thank you for all your work. Your web page is one of the best I've seen.

Thanks again, Gary Flynn

2/2/2011 - I received my watch today. I am very satisfied . I'll give my wife some time to forget and then schedule my  A13279 M4 Railroad.

Thanks Again, Bill Walker 

1/31/11 - The watch was waiting for me today when I came home from work. It looks beautiful and it is great to see and hear it running again! I am glad that you were able to install the proper hands and crystal for its age.

Thanks much - Jeremy Sells

1/27/11 - I have been out of town the last few days, and just opened the box. It is such a pleasure to here the tuning fork humming again. And wow, what beautiful work you have done to restore its former glory. Thanks for being such a master craftsman. It was worth the wait, indeed. And thanks for the use and care instructions.

Best, Jack Mansur

1/24/11 - Received the watch today. Looks and sounds great! Well worth the wait. Thanks for your expertise and attention to detail.

Jeff Miller

1/11/11 - I received my watch this afternoon, and it looks wonderful. It's so good to see it running after so many years. You've done a wonderful job. I'll be ordering a new band in a while, so I'll be in touch. Thanks again for restoring my father's watch, it's a treasured part of my life.

Randall Scott

1/7/11 - A bit late in letting you know that I received my Accutron this past Tuesday. It is just as wonderful as ever. I get a kick out of having people hold it to their ear and hearing it hum. Thank you.

Harold Davidson

12/31/10 - Thank you so much for the work you did on my father's watch.  It arrived today in perfect order.

Sincerely,  Linda Luna

12/20/10 - I received the watch on December 20th at about 530pm. I was concerned because this is one of the busiest parcels day for the post office. I am very pleased with your work. When I bought this watch 45 years ago , I always took care of it until it stopped. I had it repaired about ten years ago, but I think the repairman recommended by my jeweler was not competent or was way over his head because it stopped after a few months.

Thank you again! Ron Scibetta

12/18/10 - It arrived today. I couldn't be happier. Thanks so much. It was definitely worth the wait. Happy Holidays!!!

 Doug Russell

12/17/10 - The watch is superb! Its hard to believe its the same worn, rusted out pile of parts. The accuracy amazes me. In dial up its gaining a mere second a day perfect! You really do have these hummers figured out and Im very appreciative of you working on the watch for me.

Thank you again for your courteous, efficient and extremely professional work. Very best wishes to you and your family at Christmas.

Sincerely, Jerrold Mack

12/16/11 - Just wanted to drop you a note and confirm receipt of my stainless Astronaut. It is functioning beautifully, as is the gold one you repaired for me this spring. Many thanks for your expert work. I hope you will continue to work on these fine timepieces for many, many years to come. You are a very valuable resource for those of us who appreciate them.

Best regards, Mike Coleman

12/13/10 - Came in mail today but I think you sent wrong watch this is a brand new watch instead of my old one. Seriously, it looks fantastic Thanks very much!

Happy holidays, Don Kingston

12/13/10 - WOW. FANTASTIC.. You are great. WE got the watch today. It is all cleaned up and yet you made it still look original. Amazing.. And it really tugged at my heart when I saw it working, It has not worked since my Dad died. You have given me & my Son the best Christmas present ever His grandfather's ( who he never knew) watch working.

I have passed your information on to several people, so they will be contacting you soon. Again, How can I truly thank you for what you have done. Happy Holidays..

Sincerely, Debra Murphy

12/8/10 - Received my watch today. It looks great and is on my wrist presently. I appreciate your quality work and service. I've got a Spaceview that needs servicing as well. will make appointment soon. Thanks again.

Sincerely,Johnny Ross.

12/7/10 - I received the watch today and it looks great! My dad has a similar Accutron that he wants to have you look at, I will have him contact you in the next few weeks.

Thanks again! Rob Lukat

12/7/10 - I received the watch yesterday. It looks great. Thank you for your good work.

Regards, Lloyd Beers

12/6/10 - The watch just arrived and looks great again. Thanks for repairing the damage my local Bulova watch repairman caused to the case.

Ken Kaplan

12/4/10 - It just arrived. Perfect condition. More beautiful than ever. Great job!

Regards, Fred Klein

12/1/10 - Got it on Monday. Am late replying cause my computer crashed that morning and have just got it back to partially viable. Thanks so muchits awesome.

Chuck Mullenweg

11/29/10 - I received the watch and it looks excellent, thanks for whipping it back into shape!

Best Regards, Tom Tucker

11/23/10 - I have the watch! And it is running! All looks very good. Thanks so much, you have been wonderful

See ya, Blaine Dunn

11/16/10 - Received the watch today. It looks like new. Even sweeps smoother (I guess the new coil and index wheel helps there). Thanks for the quality work. Maybe I can make it last another 42 years.

Bill Campenni

11/15/10 - Thank you the watch arrived today, yes it was a long wait but I felt you where vary fair and prompt and clear as to the process. I well watch the time for a month following your directions that where included with the watch. Some time next year I well be getting in touch with you for a restoration process as I am going to give this to my grandson xmas of 2011. Thanks again and will be talking to you next year.

Clay Duplessis

11/10/10 - My Accutron arrived safely. It looks and runs fine--seems to keep time well. I'll keep an eye on it for a few weeks. Thanks for a fine job!

Regards, Ralph Levin

11/9/10 - The watch has arrived and is perfect. Only disappointment is to find my high frequency hearing is not as acute as it was 30 years ago and my dear wife can't hear the hum at all! Bruce Kimbel

10/18/10 - I have just received my Accutron this afternoon. Thanks are in order as my watch looks and sounds like new from the factory. While, as you point out, your service takes time, the results have always been well worth the wait. Thanks again and may your business continue to thrive.

Regards, Christopher Carides

10/18/10 - I just received my Accutron today. The fact that the watch was able to be repaired made the wait more than worth it. The watch looks great, your work is great. This watch is worn, it is not stored and never has been. I don't wear it when doing hard manual work but otherwise it is worn every day. When I retired I was given a very nice watch that I wore while you remade my Accutron, but the Accutron is back where it belongs on my wrist. It looks almost new, I wish you could make me look as good as the watch, I was seventeen when I purchased the watch before my senior year in high school.

Thank you for repairing my watch, without your skills I would still feel lost whenever I checked the time. We are ready for another 46 years. You may used me for a reference if you ever need to, this has been a very good experience.

Thank you again;
William (Bill) L. Blackwell, P.E.

9/8/10 - Received watch yesterday. Seems to be working perfectly. Well pleased.

Thanks, Allen Smith

9/4/10 - I received my watch and am pleased. Thanks for good work.

Sam Sanders

9/2/10 - I received my watch today and it is working and looks great. Thank you so much for your time.

James McWilliams

9/1/10 -  I received my watch on 30 Aug. It is running and appears to be keeping time. The watch looks fantastic.

Mike Russell

8/31/10 - Great job!! The watch looks like new. And you even set the time to Pacific. I've got my first anniversary present back and will enjoy wearing it to special events.

Dick Smith

8/31/10 - I received my Accutron yesterday, thanks so much! It is great to have it running again as it was always my favorite watch and was a gift from my dad.

Fred Ash

8/25/10 - Watch arrived in good order. Nice to have an old friend back on my wrist. Thanks.

Wally Retan

8/24/10 - I received my watch today. It had been so long I forgot what it looked like. LOL. Thank you for restoring a family heirloom and I look forward to enjoying it for many more years.

God Bless, Justin DeStoppelaire

8/17/10 - I'm responding to let you know I received my gold Astronaut via US Mail this afternoon. It looks wonderful, is right on time and I'm proud to have it on my wrist again.

Michael Coleman

8/9/10 - Arrived safe and sound today. So glad to have it back and humming. And, of course, masterful work on your part.

I recently got a got a nice chapter ring that is running well now, but I'm sure it will be heading your way in the not too distant future for some tender care.

Thanks again, Charles Teller

8/2/10 -My 214 Spaceview arrived safely and looks great!! Thank you so much for taking care of my favorite watch.

Tom Bradshaw

7/7/10 - My watch arrived today and it really looks terrific. You did a great job bringing the watch back to life and I am very excited to be able to wear it again. Thank you so much for your excellent work and fine service. You are a wonderful craftsman.

Paul Braun

7/2/10 - I received my Accutron in the mail today. Thank you for your wonderful restoration!

Benjamin Carlson

6/26/10 - My watch arrived two days ago and looks and runs great. Thanks for your outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. I am lucky to have found you....thanks to the internet. Regards and thanks again.

 Glenn Davis

6/21/10 - The Accutron 214 was received a few minutes ago. Thank you for repairing and sending it to the Silver Spring address as requested. I am pleased to have it back in time for a trip to Europe. Also, regarding your neat and complete work area and all the equipment, it is obvious that your "tools of the trade" are beyond that of most watch makers! I, as a customer, am very glad that I had selected you to work on my Accutron, Again, thank you very much.

Howard Hayashi

6/21/10 - I just received my Astronaut a few minutes ago. It's really great to have an old reliable friend back. It looks great. The only thing I should of done was have the black restored to the bezel ring numbers. Other than that, the watch looks like a new one. And undoubtedly will outlast me. All in all, a great job. Thanks again for such excellent work.

Mike Harrell

6/19/10 - I received my watch today and I can't tell you how pleased I am. Looks to me like you went well beyond the scope of work and made it run and look like new. Thank you so much.

Regards, Barry Norris

6/17/10 - I just received the my Accutron in the mail. It looks great! I would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job in restoring the watch. I will enjoy wearing it for many years.

Phillip Bell

6/17/10 - The watch has safely ARRIVED. You are absolutely correct, I am very, very, pleased. Thank you so very much. It looks great.

IT HUMS AGAIN ! some 40 years later - WOW ! - although I must admit I can't remember if I actually could hear it HUM so many years ago when it was new? I still have the original case from when my wife gave it to me when we were married, tuning fork logos prominently displayed on the outside, identifying it as an ACCUTRON. For the obvious sentimental reasons, again thank you for bringing it back to life. It will certainly be treated with new found respect. Its an original.

If you would ever need or want for marketing, please feel free to give my name as a benefactor of your technical skill and the service you provide, I would be more than happy to accommodate. For me the administrative complexity of your repair process and the wait for restoration and actual repair was never a problem. The 214 LIVES !

The very best regards. Boyd Himmelhoch

6/9/10 - I picked up the watch on Monday at the post office, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, It looks great. Thanks again

Jon. Christianson.

6/8/10 - Received Accutron today & everything looks as promised. I will let it run in dresser drawer & check it periodically & change it's position.
It will be given to my son for his 51st b'day in August. 

Thank You,  Bob Johnson

6/8/10 - My Accutron is on my wrist, and humming along!? ;-) It was in the mail yesterday, but I wasn't home when the mail-girl was here, so picked it up this morning. Thanks for the great job!!

Dan Rubesh

6/3/10 - I wanted to let you know that the watch made it back, and I am extremely happy with the results! It was well worth the wait. Thank You.

Dean Wrench

6/2/10 - The watch arrived yesterday. It looks brand new! Thank you. That watch is priceless to me, but I am already looking on Craigslist for a different Accutron to get restored. Thanks again. Peter Welling

5/29/10 - I wanted you to know that we received the Accutron Clock. You did a beautiful job! It is keeping time very well, Thank-you for your efforts. We will appreciate your efforts for years to come.

Rick Jamison

5/29/10 - Just to let you know that I received my watch a couple of days ago. It works fine. Many thanks. I think you are doing a great job of restoring neglected treasures to life.

Colin Meredith

5/24/10 - Just received my watch.....what a welcomed sight. I never thought I would be able to wear it again when the second hand fell off. Thank you so much for the valuable service you provide.

Bodie Lister

5/19/10 - Just received the Priority Mail package containing my Accutron. I am more than just pleased with the result. You have done a really great job restoring and updating my Accutron 214 to exactly what I wanted. The Spaceview look is just tremendous. Thank You Very Much!

Sincerely, Howard Hayashi

5/18/10 - Got it. Looks and works great! Thanks

Jim Ditkoff

5/12/10 - I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my watch. It is absolutely perfect. This watch was given to me by my late grandfather and has great sentimental value to me and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am. Thanks again.

Zach Eshbach

5/7/10 - Sorry for the delayed response, I received the watch on 05/03 and did not notice your email until later. The watch looks and runs great and I enjoy having back on my wrist. Thank you so much for your meticulous work,

James Greig

5/5/10 - My Accutron arrived today, looking better than ever, and running like the precision instrument it is. I know it was a mess inside, but it was well worth the wait. I'm sorry I let it go so long, and I'm amazed you could bring it back to life. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication keeping these pieces of history working. Its so nice to see that there are still people like you taking pride in their work, and not just doing a job for a paycheck. your effort is greatly appreciated, and I promise to give my old friend the respect it deserves!

Thanks again, Bill Blazer

5/3/10 - Absolutely stunning Martin, well worth the wait.

Kevin Brown

4/24/10 - I have received my 214 and it looks great, thank you for your service.

Clint Morrison

4/22/2010 - The watch arrived today and it is beautiful. The champagne face really takes the look to another level.  I had been considering giving it to my brother, but maybe I'll wait a few years-it looks at home on my wrist. Lucky for me that ladies watches have gotten larger in the last 45 years.   Your professional manner made the wait even more exciting because I knew that I was going to get a beautiful watch as a payoff. Thank you again, I truly love my dads Accutron and it makes me so happy to have it humming on my arm.

Take care, Barbara Stratton

4/13/10 - Hi-? Arrived home from FL yesterday and picked up the watch at the post office this morning.? It looks great.? Thanks.? Hugh Trusty

4/13/10 - Watch is in hand. It looks great. Sounds great. You did an exceptional job on it considering how bad a shape it was in when I sent it to you. The watch looks brand new. Thank you you and have a good day.

Charles Driggers

4/6/10 - I received the clock Monday evening. Thanks again for great work.

Goff Smith

4/1/10 - Picked the watch up from the post office today. Looks and is running great.

Thanks Again. Tim Hartzell

3/31/10 - Wow. Amazed. Unbelievable. If it didn't have my father's initials on the back I would swear you had swapped for a NOS watch. I couldn't be happier, and I can't wait for my father's birthday next month. Thank you thank you thank you.

Very best regards, Steve Patterson

3/29/10 - I received my Accutron 214 today. Because of my age, perhaps my grandson will someday wear this watch. Thank you for your time and effort.

Dave Krol

3/22/10 - Just got the watch today. It looks great and thanks for such a great job.

Bill Guarino

3/22/10 - I received my Acutron today and immediately put it on; it was set to the correct time and appears to be working just fine. Im hoping to get many more years of use out of it now that its been serviced properly.

Sincerely, Allan Bobko

3/16/10 - I just got back from the post office with my Accutron watch. You have done an outstanding job of bringing it back to life. It runs perfect and looks good. Thank you for your patience understanding and talent.

All the best Richard Macke

3/9/10 - Today I received my Accutron in the mail. The time on the watch was exactly as on my cell phone which is satellite controlled. It was so nice to hear that hummmmmmming noise again. Now I am off to buy a band so I can wear it.

Thanks, Jon Hook

3/8/10 - Thank you. Received. Working beautifully right now. Time exact as I unwrapped it.

Voytek Dolinski

3/4/10 - I picked up the watch on Wednesday. I've missed that barely-perceptible hum coming from my nightstand. It looks great, and I trust it will run great as well. Thanks!

Ben Becker

3/3/10 - My watch is back home and on my arm. It looks great. I have missed my old buddy. It's been to see you three times. I know it took a long time, but your skill must be admired by so many who appreciate your ability to fix these 214s. Thanks so much for your great work. . I don't know what I will do if you ever decide to stop your fine work. Thanks for doing such a great job. Have a great rest of the week.

Dan Hendricks

2/23/10 - I received the watch today and it looks and runs great! I really appreciate what you've done and thank you again for making my piece of history come back to life!

Tom Combs

2/22/10 - Just a note to let you know that the Accutron arrived safely. I thank you very much for your service in restoring my watch. I have another 214 which I will send to you some time in the future.

Ronald Serfoss

2/22/10 - Thank you! The watch arrived and looks great and is running perfect so far. My 91 year old Mother will be thrilled this evening when I give it back to her to wear. It was her favorite watch.

Jerry Bazar

2/17/10 - Thanks very much. The watch arrived today and it looks great. Very nice work. Rick Hiller

2/16/10 - Watch arrived OK. It looks real good. It's nice to have it back running again.

Thanks,  Loren Johnson

2/10/10 - I received my Dads Accutron and am very excited. It looks and runs Great! I cant wait to show it to my family Thanks for the work. My dad would have loved it.

Thanks, Ken Prignano

2/9/10 - I received the watch today. It looks and runs great! Many thanks.

Kind regards, Dave Owen

2/8/10 - My treasured 214 arrived on January 29 and I thank you for your efforts in restoring the watch.

Roger Bauman

2/2/10 - Well, today my watch arrived and I must say, I was not just happy, I was THRILLED!!!!! You did an outstanding job in restoring my fathers 214 Accutron back to its original condition. I immediately put the watch on and displayed it throughout my company . Martin, you were a pleasure to do business with. Everything you said you would do, you did. Your communication with me throughout the "patience period" was wonderful. I felt very comfortable sending you a watch that belonged to my father and that was priceless to me. Thank you for taking such good care of it and for your incredible workmanship and integrity. I have my eye on the Spaceview and when ready will certainly buy it from you.

My very best, Jim Baker

1/28/10 - I opened the box...and its beautiful, what a wonderful job you have done, its humming along again just like it did back when my dad gave it to me in the 70' thanks very much, its going to be a greatly loved watch to be able to hand down to my stepson like my dad did for me.

Dallas Jacobs

1/26/10 - Im not sure if I should thank you or blame you; youve created a monster with regards to Accutrons and future collecting. After your magnificent restoration of my 1970 Cushion Case Spaceview I knew I could not wear it on a daily basis so as you know I added the 1963 Astronaut you had for sale from your web site. I received the Astronaut yesterday and am thrilled to no end with its attention to detail, attractiveness, and charisma. I understand there are other sources out there but with the craftsmanship you have exhibited on these two 214s you can be assured when it comes time to add another Accutron to the collection it will come from Marblehead, MA. Im excited and looking forward to a long relationship regarding collecting Accutrons.

Michael T. Worby

1/25/10 - Received it today, it's been over 30 years since I have heard the hummmmmmm,-----many thanks

Dennis McCrabe

1/25/10 - I was out of town and just picked up my watch. It looks fabulous , better than ever! Great job, I promise to take better care of it.

Regards, David Rocha

1/21/10 - Received my Accutron today. It sure looks great, and it's good to have it back running.

Thank You, James McDunn

1/12/10 - The watch got here yesterday afternoon. Wow, does it look and sound great. Thank you again for your courteous and thorough service. It is nice to have an "old friend" back up and running in good order.

Regards, Jim McClintock

1/12/10 - I received the watch today.  It looks wonderful and it was good to hear that old tuning fork hum.

Thanks, Dick Gilbert

12/28/09 - The 1970 Cushion Case Spaceview arrived today and I cant stop staring at it.  This watch is very special to me and was worn every day since my high school graduation and it showed every bit of that daily wear and tear. Its as if those 39 years of use were erased and the 214 was brought back to a condition I cant even remember; its spotless, pristine and correct.
With that it will be cherished more so than before and will not be worn daily from here on out, special occasions only.  Im in hopes it will be something my children will appreciate and be conscious of when Im long gone.

Thank you so very much, Michael T. Worby

12/26/09 - I got the watch Christmas Eve. It is running good, keeping correct time. Thank you very much! This watch sure brings back memories. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Take care, Ron Reichert

12/11/09 - It's back home, working great. Thanks very much, and Happy Holidays!

Jay Baker

12/8/09 - Received the watch yesterday, and it has made my wardrobe complete once again. Thanks for your competency and business ethics.

Ciao for now, Ron Moon

12/4/09 - The Accutron is back and is beautiful. As always, thank you for your fine work.

Best regards, Jack Tozzi

12/3/09 - The Accutrons arrived today after your expert attention, and I am amazed at the quality of your workmanship. They needed a lot of attention. They hum smoothly and look factory new! They will be treasured and worn with pride. Thank you!

Pete Lagerman

11/25/09 - Got it today. Looks like it did in 1969. Hope you have great thanksgiving and holidays. My children and my grandson thank you very much.

 Glenn Orton

11/17/09 - I received the watch yesterday. Looks good and very happy to have it working again. Thanks so much!

Laurie Turner

11/6/09 - I got my watch, it looks and runs great. I have it on my wrist right now, great to be reunited.

Thanks, youre a pro, James Williamson

11/2/09 - I have received my Accutron and it looks great and is running fine. I am very happy I kept it all these years, even though I was told many times that parts were not available and it could not be repaired. Thanks again for the excellent repair.

Sincerely, William Ahlstrom


10/27/09 - My 214 arrived yesterday 10/26 and I now have a spectacular time piece! Thank you for your fine service and effort in doing a rehab on my keepsake watch. I will not hesitate a moment in recommending you in the future. Thank you again Martin---

Blaine Dunn

10/27/09 - I received my Accutron today, and I am happy to be wearing it. I am reminded of when I bought the watch, and how much I liked it. I still like it. Thanks for a beautiful job.

Stan Winterman

10/22/09 - Heres an interesting tidbit for you:

I went to my local jeweler/watch repair shop to get a new battery for one of my other watches; its a good quality Wittnauer that Ive had for several years. The owner, who has been in business here in the Memphis area for a long time, looked at my wrist and asked to see my Accutron. He recognized it immediately, he said, by the band.

After giving him a brief summary of its history and the fact that Id had it repaired/restored by you, he asked if it had been appraised. I told him of your appraisal; he thought for a moment while still examining the watch and offered me $1,500.00 on the spot. I declined, of course; as I told you, its worth much more than that to me. Speaks very well of your restoration and the Accutron, itself. Thanks again.

Roy Cash

10/21/09 - The watch arrived at my post office Oct. 19, and I picked it up today. It looks and runs great, and I would recommend your work to anyone.

Thanks again, Albert Berry

10/16/09 - Please accept my thanks once again. I am not only pleased with the beautiful job (and I use the term "job" loosely as obviously it is more than a "job" to you) you did restoring my Astronaut but also as you said, I enjoyed working with you.

In this "day and time" it is refreshing finding someone that not only has the skill and knowledge to do the task properly but also someone that will follow through performing as they have led you to believe.

Needless to say, I stepped out on "faith" when sending my watch to you. However your protocol and keeping me updated on the process along the way helped to alleviate any fear I may have had in dealing at "arms length through the Internet."

Thank you for being a man of honesty and integrity. You have ensured that this beautiful timepiece will provide "many, many more happy memories."

All the best, Chris Font

10/13/09 - I received the watch today. It looks to be in just about perfect condition, given that its almost a half-century old. Its a handsome, classic piece and I will cherish it for as long as God gives me breath after which it will endow to my son.

You did a marvelous work on the watch; thanks for your professionalism. If I run into anyone else with an Accutron in need of TLC, Ill refer them to you. Thanks again; heres hoping your business continues to prosper.

V/R, Roy Cash

10/8/09 - I received the Accutron today, As usual, it is a very special occasion to see it perfectly restored as were my others. This one has deep nostalgia attached to it...... Your usual extreme high standards and craftsmanship are very much appreciated. I will leave feedback on your website as well.

Warm regards, Pete Lagerman

10/5/09 - The watch looks great, like brand new.

Thank you, Steve Greer

9/30/09 - Wow...I mean....Wow. It just arrived and it's gorgeous.

Thanks a million, Stanley Rigo

9/30/09 - Good morning Martin....

....I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my "Astronaut" and I am very, very pleased with the results. Thank you very much for your efforts and expertise in putting this timepiece "back in service"

In the short time I've had the Astronaut back, it has been the subject of many questions. My mother presented my dad with the Astronaut having purchased it at the Barbers Point Exchange in Honolulu in 1965. Seeing the watch again, in its glorious "redone" state immediately brought back a flood of memories for both of them.

Again, I appreciate your efforts and abilities. Many, many thanks.

All the best, Chris Font

7/28/09 - Arrived today safe and sound looking very nice indeed. Thank you for a most professional transaction.

Best regards, Bill Feil

7/20/09 - Just received my 214 conversion back today. WOW pretty much covers it. Excellent job nice polish and beautiful conversion. You are the Accutron man. Thanks for the great work.

Roger Weidinger

7/17/09 - Thanks a million. I got the watch and it's beautiful. You do great work. I call it my Rolex.

Bob Raypole

7/13/09 - I just received my watch in the mail. I can't remember when the distinctive "hum" of the tuning fork was so strong sounding. The watch looks great. It was only as long as it took to open the box before it was on my wrist.

I'll be sure to keep you in mind if I ever need additional repairs to this watch, which I've owned since 1969, this year being its 40th year for me.

Regards, Jerry Greenberg

7/11/09 - The watch arrived, looks wonderful, keeping good time.

Many thanks, Joe Becker

6/24/09 - I wanted to wait several days before reporting on my watch. It is working great with precise time and no changes even with the humidity down here.

Thank you, John Tredway

6/16/09 - Well I guess you did a fantastic job on my new "cell phone." Works well and no problem with the time keeping. And yes young people are convinced that it is a prototype of a new cell phone. Ah, to be young and naive again!

Thanks, Keith Goldstein

6/15/09 - It arrived and it looks beautiful ... Thank you very much ... If I have future questions I hope I may email you ... CHEERS !

Ken Watson

6/9/09 - Thank you so much for the work you did on my Accutron. It really looks great and I'm so glad you installed the battery. I really love seeing that smooth second hand movement.

Ed Rossier

6/8/09 - I received my Accutron last Monday and it looks and runs very nice. I just checked the time and it gained 22 seconds in one week. Not bad for a 38 year old watch. You did a nice job. Thank you! Hopefully it will continue to run well for many more years.

Thanks again,

Jeff Staben

5/21/09 - Watch received . Thanks for helping out, I like your business approach, defined up front, and followed to the end.

D.Z. Walker

5/10/09 - I finally got a chance to get my watch picked up from the Post Office. I opened the parcel on friday. The the face, hands and movement are beautiful!! I do wish I had done the sand,buff,polish of the crystal: but hey, it has character. Thank you for the professional work.

A. J. Price

4/20/09 - I want to thank you for the great job that you did in fixing my Accutron. It works beautifully and my daughter is excited that this heirloom when I pass it to her will work so perfectly. Your kindness and expertise has turned a disaster into a beautiful ending. I have passed your name/website along to a friend who collects Accutrons. He was the one who told me that no one in this area could repair my watch satisfactorily. I told him the other week that I found one, but he was right, I had to leave the southwest.

Sincerely, Jim Gibson

4/1/09 - My Accutron arrived on Tuesday morning. It looked just like it did the day I bought it in 1966, and I was just as excited as I was then. At lunchtime I left our wine store and visited with a local jeweler showing him the outstanding job you did with my watch. He said it was like having a 1957 Jaguar XK-140 in Concours condition hanging on my wrist. A perfectly restored classic! I think it is better than that! Thanks for the outstanding job. It was well worth the wait.

George Buttermore

3/11/09 - Received it. So far so very good. Thanks for restoring a very fond memory for me.

Don Roszel

2/23/09 - I picked up the watch from the Post Office at lunch. Let me just say... it is absolutely STUNNING! You're right... the result was absolutely worth the wait! Can't wait to see the look on my Father's face when I visit later this spring... it's probably been 20 years since he wore this watch and since it has been running.

Al Nash

2/17/09 - I was reluctant to tell you this, but maybe you need a good laugh this morning. Sunday morning I was getting dressed for church when I looked at my Accutron and saw it was about 4 hours off. After I reset it I e-mailed you and I did what you suggested. That evening I noticed that it was 7p.m. and the small hand was not on 7, but between 7 and 8. Upon closer examination, I realized that the watch was on my wrist up side down. There never was a problem. On this accutron, there are no numbers and the word "Accutron" is pretty small and there wasn't much light when I was putting on my wrist. At this point, the watch is working perfect. 

Ron K.

2/9/09 - The watch came home today and we couldn't be more pleased. It actually looks like a new watch. I realize that it was a mess but the sentimental value was more than you will ever know. Thank you so much. It had been laying in the jewelry box for so long, now it is on my husband's wrist. His father would be so happy to know it was repaired right and will live on with his son and one day his grandson. Thank you again.

Angela Rowland.

2/9/09 - Just got my watch, its like Christmas! Beautiful job! Definitely worth the wait.

Thanks so much.

Best Regards, David Rocha

2/4/09 - Dear Martin:

Thank you for your email and scheduling.

Ironically, I took my Accutron to a jeweler who somehow got the watch to work perfectly. Maybe it was just the battery case (the spring) or whatever. It is keeping very accurate time.

I appreciate your having kept me on your list but for now, I think I will wait to see if more service is required. I realize I lose my place on your list and if I need service in the future I will contact you again.

Your service is excellent and you kept your word about scheduling. Very rare trait in business these days. You are to be complimented.

Sincerely, George Zraket

2/3/09 - I received my watch today, and it looks brand new. I could not be more pleased . THANKS A MILLION.

Joe Mc Anally

1/27/09 - I tried another source for repair several years ago which culminated in my having to return it to the source no less than three times after which he still wasn't able to repair it. 

That's when I sent it to you for the first time; within a few days you found the problem that had eluded the other source and made a believer out of me. Your process may take awhile but when you're done the watch is running as new. I've found the speed of the repair is not nearly as important as the quality. I received mine back today.

Thanks again, George Glass

1/13/09 - I received my Accutron yesterday. Thank you. Received this watch from my parents for college graduation in 1967 and this is the first time I have worn it in almost 40 years.

Thanks again, Geoffrey Ithen

1/12/09 - I just wanted to write and let you know that I received the watch today and that I am very pleased with the looks almost new, and certainly has not looked so good in over 35 years. It's a pleasure to have a true craftsman do such a lovely job. Going forward, it will be so nice to have such an important personal heirloom back on my wrist.

Sincerely, Joel Cook

1/12/09 - I received my watch today and all seems to be well. Thank you.

Ronald Keck

1/8/09 - I got the 214. It looks and works great.

Many thanks, Joe Giambone

1/7/09 - Recieved the Accutron in today's mail, appears be be working OK. Happy new year.

Regards, Frank Perovich

1/3/09 - I received my watch on Friday and I must say I didn't recognize it! The watch looks brand new and is absolutely beautiful. I appreciate the care and workmanship you put into your craft, and it shows in the final result. It is a pleasure doing business with a true professional, and someone who cares. My dad bought this watch new in 1965 and is looking forward to seeing it on his next visit. Keep up the good work, I'm sure you will have plenty of business to keep you busy - I'll recommend your services without hesitation to any 214 owner. Thank you very much, you did a wonderful job!!!

Lawrence Elders

12/31/08 - My watch arrived 10 minutes ago. Looks good, the time is correct and above all, it's humming. Thank you for a job well done, it was worth the wait.

Happy New Year, Bob Horan

12/26/09 - I received the watch on December 23. Your timing was perfect. The watch looks great, and I gave it to my Dad on Christmas Day. He was very pleased to see his watch in such a wonderful condition. So far, the time is very accurate, and I am very pleased with Your work!

Thanks, Kenneth Donaldson

12/17/08 - I received the watch today. It looks great. I feel better about running the silver oxide batteries now that you added the diode. I think even my Grandfather would be pleased with your work. I wish he had bought a 14k case back in 1967. But today, being an engineer, and bringing up two kids I can understand how bought the technology and skipped the expense of a piece of jewelry. I would recommend your work to friends but only a few of my fiends even know what a 214 is and none are lucky enough to own one. God bless and I hope you are around if my 214 ever needs work.

Thanks, Michael Forbis

12/15/09 - What a surprise I received in the mail today. My wife and I were just talking about my watch this morning and thinking that I should get it back from you about Christmas time. I received another surprise when I took the watch out of the box and saw that the band was attached to the watch. The repair looks great and I really appreciate it. Thanks for sending the additional information on seating the battery, starting the watch, etc. And also, thanks for the empty battery blister pack. It will help me locate the correct battery next year when I need to replace it. If I hear of any one who is in need to have an accutron repaired, I shall definitely refer them to you.

Thanks again, Rich Nelson

12/15/09 - I just received my 214 via USPS as promised and you were correct. I am thrilled to have my watch back in working order and looking almost as new as the day it was born. I must also compliment you on the efficient way you conduct your operation. If every business operated with the attention to detail and efficiency that you provide your customers, the world would be a much better place. Thanks for the great work you do, and should I ever come across a lost soul with a broken 214 I will certainly point them in your direction.

All The Best, Greg Tauber

12/9/08 - I received my watch and the wait was well worth it. After many years I was again able to clearly see the hands and hour marks in the dark. The "hum" was back in my "old friend" ( a high school graduation gift from my parents in 1967).Outstanding! The respectful and professional way you treat your craft, treated me, and most importantly treated my watch is so rare to find these days-- what a pleasure to have dealt with you. Thank you for taking such good care of and in the extraordinary re-furbishing of my watch.

Fred Deutschman

12/9/09 - I got the watch. It's everything I wanted and more. I am thrilled at how it came out.

Wayne J Hapeman

11/26/08 - Today the Accutron came home, thanks for all your help bring it alive. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, it will be the talk of the day at my Thanksgiving dinner.

Mike McLaughlin

11/18/08 - I received the watch back. Thank you so much for your professionalism and follow through on this job. It looks great and I appreciate you being so professional. I wish there were more service oriented people in this country. Thanks again. David Lanaux

11/17/08 - I received my watch today and I am wearing it as I write. I am quite pleased with your work and I thank you robustly....Alan Stein

11/13/09 - I received my Accutron today. It looks great and is running great. This watch was given to me 41 years ago by my wife and is a very precious keepsake. Thanks for restoring it to its original condition.

Regards, Warren Wright

11/10/08 - Wow ............ yes i did receive my watch. I was out of town when it arrived and have been playing catch up. Picked it up last weekend. It looks fab, you did a great job and i'm very pleased

Rory Palubiski

11/6/08 - It showed up yesterday. I looks great and is working great.

Thanks, Mark Schubert

11/6/08 - I received the watch and it is wonderful. Thank you for the excellent job.

Bill Beckman

11/1/08 - Dear Martin,

It has now been 2 years since you repaired my Accutron 214 and it still keeps perfect time. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the meticulous and upright service that you have provided me. To say that you are a craftsman is an understatement.

Thank you, Stuart Grunther

10/28/08 - HI, received the watch thanks so much, Stephen Balestrini

10/26/08 - My Accutron arrived and is absolutely magnificent! Your workmanship on it is positively first rate. I was not at home when it came, so please forgive my delay in getting back to you about it.

Many thanks, Edward Bommer

10/22/08 - Got the watch, runs great!

Thanks, Steve Naumovski

10/15/09 - Good morning, This'll confirm that my watch arrived yesterday afternoon, in good shape and running well. Again, many thanks!!

Rick Smith

10/14/09 - I received my watch today! The wait was worth it. This watch has sat in a drawer, not running, since my father passed away in 1999. Now I can wear it and think of him every time I want to know what time it is. Thanks very much.

Tom Nix

10/4/08 - I received the watch yesterday and I am very pleased with it. Thank you for restoring it.

Chris Greiner

10/1/08 - My Accutron arrived Monday, but I was not home to receive it. So, I picked it up at the Post Office yesterday. You really did a wonderful job restoring it. I am wearing it as I type this message. I intend to go to one of our better local jewelers (the same place I take my Rolex) later today and shop for a new band. With my small wrist, I expect that I will end up with a leather band of some type. In any event, I feel like I now have a brand new, yet vintage, Accutron that looks just like it did when my Mother gave it to me in 1968. (It will be interesting to see my jeweler's reaction!)

Thank you very much for doing such an excellent restoration and repair. Also, thank you for including the appraisal. You can be certain that if I encounter anyone else looking for service for a 214 Accutron I will point them in your direction.

All my best, Mark Allison

9/29/08 - The Accutron arrived a few hours earlier today. It's beautiful and was well worth the wait. It reminds my wife and me of our engagement 43 1/2 years ago when she presented it to me (she's got the diamond ring). Too early to tell how well it runs, but I'm sure it will be as good as it gets. Thank you very much for the very professional handling of every aspect of its restoration.

Cheers, Gene Rymaszewski

7/23/08 - Just a short note to let you know how happy I am with your work on my Accutron. It looks and runs great. I waited four years to finally have it serviced. I'm glad I found you! Your work was done right on schedule. I remember how proud I was when I bought the watch when I was 19 years old. Now, 41 years later, I have this fine bit of history to pass along.

Thanks again for your skills and trustworthiness....I would recommend you to anyone who needs work on their Accutron!

Fred Furtado

6/22/08 - The watch is beautiful and has been the topic of many conversations. 

Again Thanks, Glen Meyers

6/16/08 - I received my watch today, I can't thank you enough for your time and effort in bringing my watch back to life, the watch looks and is humming like new, I couldn't be more pleased.

Thank You, Glenn Oberlin

6/3/08 - Thank you so much. My restored spaceview made it safely back to me and it looks great. It is wonderful to have it back in running condition.

Best regards - Andrew Rappaport

6/3/08 - I got the watch today and am totally pleased. It is so good to have it back in working order. It looks beautiful and I thank you very much. It looks like new! It is humming happily on my wrist.

Bob Mitchell

5/13/08 - Hello Mr. Marcus, Today, much to my delight, the postman delivered the package containing my watch. The packaging was great. One look at my Accutron and I was immediately reminded how classy it looks and why I fell in love with it in the first place. After a few short days in your skilled hands it again looks great and appears to operate perfectly. I think you did a wonderful job of communicating with me through the entire process and I felt secure sending you both my beloved Accutron and then my check. Please feel free to use me as an example of a very satisfied customer. I would sincerely sing praises of your service to anyone whom you might send my way. Thank you again very much,

Jim Mark

5/6/08 - The post office tried to deliver the watch yesterday. I picked it up today. It arrived in excellent condition. Thank you for bringing it back to life.

Martin Keyser

4/26/08 - I received my Accutron a couple of days ago, and I am very happy with the result. Thank-you for your fine attention to detail and your passion for the watch. Bulova could have cared less when I contacted them about a repair. They only wanted to sell me a new watch, and they wee not interested in fixing a classic timepiece. That is what caused me to search for someone who could repair it. I was very lucky to find someone who cares about this unique watch. Thanks again.

Mark Steinberg

4/8/08 - My Accutron 214 has been back from repair and servicing by you for close to three months.  I think it's about time I write you to compliment and praise you for what I think is outstanding work. 

I didn't pay very much for this watch, and I think it's appearance showed it wasn't worth very much when it arrived at your shop.  When it came back to me the watch looked essentially brand new!   Honestly, I think it's probably not possible - and certainly not practical - to take a 44-year old "junker" of a 214 and make its appearance better.  And not only does the watch look great, it runs great too.  I've watched this 214 against an "atomic" clock and found that it gains about two seconds a day (a minute a month).  This of course is excellent for an Accutron.  It's interesting that when an Accutron keeps time to this accuracy, you can easily regulate out the small error by just storing the watch in the 12 o'clock up or 12 o'clock down position overnight.  I do this (doesn't need it every night) and have not reset the time (except change to EDT) since getting it back.  You've made my 214 run as best it can!

When you advised me that my 214 was ready to be sent back you said I would be pleased with it.  As always, you were right!  I am extremely pleased - and very impressed - with your work.  Thank you very much.  I get a great deal of satisfaction and pride of ownership from my 214's.  This would not be possible without your skills in restoring these classic timepieces.  No wonder you're slammed with work.

There's one other point I'd like to mention.  You run your business within a very well designed process and with great attention to detail and thoroughness.  I like this approach.  It instills in the customer confidence in you that you will do exactly what you say.  In my case, I have to say that your work exceeded my high expectations.  That's a pretty rare quality in today's market.  I wish businesses of all kinds were run like yours.

So, I'll look forward to sending another of my prized 214's up to you for servicing and a diode later this year.

Sincerely, James Cridlin

3/31/08 - Got it!  Excellent job.  Thank you so much for your professional work.

Now that it looks so "New" I'm almost afraid to take it out. ;>)

Kind regards, Rod Spencer

3/17/08 - Watch received in today's mail. Looks beautiful and is humming nicely.

Thanks again, Mike Chester

3/12/08 - I received my watch and it looks great. I think it was money well spent and I appreciate your advice and information on the value and future care and maintenance of my watch.

Bob  Cook 

3/5/08 - It's now March 5th and I am just returning home, and found my Accutron waiting for me. I'm extremely pleased with the results. Overjoyed actually. Many thanks for your efforts.

Best regards, Ned Gehret

3/4/08 - Received my Accutron yesterday. It has been a long wait, but was worth it. You made it look like it was new when my Dad gave it to me on my 21st birthday back in 1972. This watch has a lot of sentimental value to me, and you are an excellent craftsman in giving it a new life, and I thank you very much for doing it for me.

Bruce Willis

2/27/08 - The watch arrived safely and is working fine. Thank you for your fine work on a time piece that means so much.

Garry Domnisse

2/21/08 - Picked up the watch from the post office this morning. Everything looks good; wearing it now.

Thank you very much,
Doug Alexander

2/21 08 - You have a thorough operation and extensive knowledge of Accutrons. I especially appreciated the several pages that came with the watch explaining battery replacement setting the time, etc. Your internet site is full of information, too. That's why I decided you had to be legit and sent you my watch.

Bob Vondra

2/21/08 - My Accutron is now on my wrist and keeping time, I might add. Thanks. And thanks for the ad copy. It is fun to see.

Rusty Hoge

1/29/08 - I received my Accutron today, it looks and sounds like new. Thank you for bringing it back to life.

Olen Kelly

1/29/08 - My watch arrived today. It looks great! Thanks,

Brian Wickham

1/28/08 - I received the watch today. Working great! Thanks for the fine service.

Leon Sanger

1/23/08 - The Accutron arrived yesterday. It is beautiful. Than k you for such efficient and meticulous repair.

Nora Baird

1/22/08 - Just received my watch. I can't even begin to express how happy I am at what is obviously a complete transformation in it's appearance. It's stunning. Looks like a brand new watch. I'm absolutely delighted.

Chris Lefler

1/20/08 - Sorry for the delayed response, my computer crashed and was in for repair. My Accutron arrived safe and sound last week. Thanks for everything.

Joe Bernard

1/15/08 - The watch arrived today and is back on my wrist, like it has been since 1978. Thanks!

 Jay Baker

1/14/08 - Received watch today, looks and run great.... thanks for the excellent work.

Jim Campbell

1/7/08 - I have my Accutron strapped on and I am wearing a big smile. Thanks very much for returning me to my youth (I was 17 years old when I purchased my watch). Your work is greatly appreciated and I hope my watch lasts long enough to pass on to my son. I have read your instructions and I will keep them for future reference. Again, many thanks for your fine work; have a happy and prosperous New Year.

Dave Ort

1/7/08 - The watch came in today and it looks great.  Thanks for a wonderful job.

Jim Chaloupka

1/4/08 - I'm not sure that I advised you that I received my watch; it is performing wonderfully. Thank you for bringing to life a family memory. Happy New Year.

A. M. Crouch

12/30/07 - I hope this finds you well. I have been meaning to contact you for a couple months to let you know how successful the 60th birthday present for my dad was!  He was so surprised and thrilled when he opened his gift, and it took him a few minutes to register that he was holding an authentic solid gold Spaceview watch!  He wears it with boyish pride and shares updates with us. My recent special birthday present has not lost or gained time since being reset for EST!  Thank you again for providing such a unique and generous gift." Please know you helped make my dad's special birthday even more special and memorable. Happy and healthy holidays to you and your family.


12/24/07 - I received it today in the mail. It looks beautiful. I am wearing it now. Thanks so much for your quality craftsmanship. Very Best Regards and Merry Christmas.

Jeff Morrow

12/6/07 - Thought you'd like to know. Have had my watch, repaired by you, two months now. Set the watch when I got it to PST and it is DEAD ON to the minute two months later. A testamont to your work. I had the crystal fog once slightly but it cleared up. As you stated in your info, you have to be careful as these watches are not watertight. Have a great holiday.

Ken Tool

12/2/07 - I received my watch today. I am extremely pleased with its appearance and it seems to be keeping excellent time from the time that you set it. Thank you for a job well done.

Paul Joyce

11/29/07 - Thank you very much. My Accutron arrived today, it looks great and runs great. The wait is a small thing when one is receiving such quality workmanship.

All the best, Edwin Curry

11/29/07 - The watch is home. While the wait was long from the time it was sent to you, it was even longer from the time it stopped until I found you on the web. I am sure the owners of the many watches that you have touched have a story and I am no different. As the New York Times article stated - there are "better" watches around; however, mine is precious to me. As with many of your customers, I have other watches, but this one is special.

Thanks, Larry Swartwood

11/21/07 - The Accutron arrived yesterday. It is currently humming away on my wrist - a place it hadn't seen for many years. Thanks for all your work. It was worth the wait.

Happy Thanksgiving! Jim Graber

11/20/07 - Received the watch today. Looks just as I imagined it would, like new. Thanks for the service.

Willard Machen

11/19/07 - Received the watch today. It looks great - better than new when I bought it on Kwajelien Island in 1968.

Thanks, Bill Campenni

11/19/07 - I got my Accutron today. Thank you for another excellent repair.

Bob Allred

11/14/07 - Received the watch.Looks good and humming. Thanks

Regards, Bobby Davis

10/30/07 - Received watch yesterday and it runs and looks super. It's currently residing on my wrist. A guy forgets just how cool these watches are, especially when they sit in a safe because they are broken. Glad to have it back operational and thanks for the repair. Based on your attached article, I am concerned about future parts availability, so this repair was indeed necessary. A pleasure doing business with you and will in the future, but I hope not soon.

Very Respectfully, Ken Tool

10/15/07 - My Accutron arrived today--all safe and sound and running like a top. Thanks for your outstanding work.

Best, Dick Mosbach

10/15/07 - I received my Accutron today. Looks great and working fine.

Thank You, Bob Hibschman

10/13/07 - The postman delivered my dad's gold Accutron today and I am wearing it now! Thanks so much for making my dream of having this watch working again come true!

Best Regards, Carl Turnquist

10/13/07 - I received my Accutron on Wednesday, October 10 and was pleased to hear that familiar hum. I am glad to have this watch functional again. It was a graduation gift in 1971 from my folks. Thanks again for your attention to detail.

Regards, Michael Ujiiye

10/8/07 - I now have my beloved watch back, and in running condition! Thank you so very, very much. I especially appreciate the new crystal, I have not seen it that way since the sixties! Thank you again for providing this wonderful service to all of us gearheads out here.

Warmly, Stuart Kendall

9/25/07 - I have recieved my watch and I am very pleased with its look, feel, sound and performance! Great work and thanks again for the highest level of professionalism anyone could ask for.

Thanks again, Brian Canfield



7/20/07 - Thank you for a job well done. I will wear them proudly.

John Ousterhout

7/20/07 - I got my "heirloom" back today; it seems to be in great shape, running well, etc. Thanks, again, for what you were able to do for me; it has been a long time trying to find ANYONE who had knowledge and/or parts to repair this for me. It means a lot to me, and I am grateful for your abilities, integrity, your thoroughness, etc.

Best wishes,
Glenn Smith

7/19/07 - The watch arrived safely yesterday afternoon. The Spaceview is on my wrist looking handsome and keeping excellent time. I like the band you picked out, it nicely complements the watch. Thank you for a job well done.

Peter Hollyer

7/3/07 - The watch arrived today. It looks great. I will forward it on to my son tomorrow. He got it from his grandfather. It means a lot to him.

Mike Dorsey

7/2/07 - I got the watch today, and I am very pleased with the results. This was my father's watch until his death in 1969, and after getting your
E-mail, I had been eagerly awaiting its arrival. It was like getting a new "old" watch with memories.

Thank you again, Elliot Marcus

7/2/07 - An odd bit of "serendipity" today...we have a very long driveway and so I virtually never see our letter carrier. I was out on a brief errand and when I pulled into the driveway upon returning, the letter carrier pulled in behind me to hand me the package from you...The watch looks great, and whataya works, too! Thanks again for doing a great job on my father's watch. I know if he was still with us, he'd be thrilled to see it doing so well.

Bob Gosselin

7/2/07 - I received the watch today and it is beautiful and as I remembered it with the red second hand. Sounds as I remembered it also. The new band looks very nice on it also. I will be in touch in 5 years for servicing. Thank you very much.

Walter Howard

6/5/07 - I just arrived home last evening and found the clock had arrived. Thank you for the repair. It made me feel good that it is working again. Thanks again for your service.

Barbara Hoak

6/5/07 - I received the watch yesterday and it looks great. Many fond memories, thanks for doing a great job!

Regards, Dick Gorman

6/5/07 - I received my Accutron today. Thanks. It is a good feeling to wear it again.

Harold McCubbin

6/4/07 - I was thrilled to receive my 1970 Spaceview, which I have not worn for over 30 years. It was my high school graduation gift from my mother (passed away) and you have brought it back to "as new" condition both in appearance and running condition. It is as beautiful today, as when I received it! I cannot thank you enough for your skill and craftsmanship in restoring my timepiece. Your devotion and passion to keeping the Accutron legacy alive is most appreciated. Thanks a million. It is on my wrist and humming away, as I type this!

Jon Bonime

6/3/07 - I can't say enough good about the service you have provided...its just super....This is the second Astronaut I have owned ..the first I got in 1967 and was lost in the Pacific by Hawaii in the late 70,s. probably still there, maybe some treasure hunter will find it someday. This one I gat about two years ago and with your help it will go the next 25 or so years. Again thanks.

Dennis Williams

5/29/07 - I received my Accutron in the mail today. It arrived safely, and looks great. Thank you for your service.

James Gerken

5/23/07 - Just got my watch back today, and it looks great!  Thank you so much for the excellent work and service.

Best regards, David Leit

5/23/07 - Got it Monday Martin. Many thanks, I'm very happy with the results! I hope you are in business for a long time!

Best Regards, Greg Gearhart

5/21/07 - I received both Accutrons today. They both appear to be running perfectly. Thanks for your quality work.

Sam Thomas

5/21/07 - The watch arrived in perfect shape. I must admit I had reservations about sending my watch and then payment on a leap of faith. But it worked great and I appreciate the service. I really looked forward to getting my watch back since I have had it since new as present from my wife.

Thanks again. Cary Brown

5/19/07 - Just wanted to let you know the Accutron arrived and it looks GREAT! Thanks for all your hard work.

Many thanks, Dan Lyons

5/14/07 - The watch just arrived in perfect working order, along with many happy memories (my 16th birthday, etc.)

With all best wishes,
Douglas Baird

5/1/07 - I got my watch yesterday, Im very happy with the results, and grateful that it has been brought back to life. Again, thanks.

Doug Stevens

5/1/07 - You did a very nice job on this watch.

Thanks, Doug Griswold

4/29/07 - Watch received in good condition. I'm pleased and quite amazed to see/hear it running again after so many years. Thanks. If I have any problems, I'll let you know.

David Bowers

4/23/07 - Well, the past just came back to life. I opened the box and the watch is absolutely beautiful and humming along. I doubt it's looked this good since my grandfather purchased it back in '63 (he would have been 79 at the time of purchase, hence his likely preference for a more classic / less space age look). Thank you very much. I'm very glad to have found you on line. This was well worth the time and investment.

Robert Drake

4/16/07 - I received my astronaut on Sunday, and I must say, that it looks almost brand new. What a pleasure to have this watch in top shape. The band extension is perfect. Great job!

Mark Rosenberg

4/12/07 - I have received my watch and sorry I did not get back to you sooner but, I was on a trip out of the country.

I am thrilled and very pleased of what you have accomplished with my watch. As I said to you before I have a lot history and many memories associated with this watch and in respects it is invaluable to me. I am sure you know what I am referring too. All Accutron owners I am cognizant do have such a love affair with the Accutron time pieces from the dialog I heard in my investigations on getting my watch repaired. When I found out about you, through my research, I can attest to you or anyone that it was worth the wait. 

If it was not for me searching the Web sites for repairs of Accutrons, I would have been at a lost and all I can say is thanks to the electronic pipe line, the Web, the information highway. I do have to say your Web site is the best in precise information and references as well as your quality control processes throughout this process leaves nothing to doubt.

I did a lot of research and was told that it was un-repairable, parts were no longer available. Even a call to Bulova somewhat made reference that is un-repairable and if you did find someone it would be a miracle and not the same as your original, well they were wrong .

Once again I want to thank you for everything.

Albert Masciadrelli

4/11/07 - The latest 214 you overhauled is running perfectly and keeps excellent time. Of all of the 214's that I have sent you, this has been my favorite watch.

Frank White

4/2/07 - Received watch on Saturday and it looks great.

Thanks, Ned Matthews

3/27/07 - I received my Accutron on Monday afternoon, and I must say that it is breathtaking. You did an absolutely superb job. I can't begin to say how much it means to me personally to have my granddad's watch running for the first time since the day he died in 1974. Thank you for taking such good care of the watch while you had it. I'm thrilled to tears that it looks good and runs so well. Thanks so much!

Jordan Sellers

3/27/07 - My Accutron arrived yesterday - it looks like a brand new watch. Thank you for great job !

Thanks again from Robin Swaysland

3/23/07 - The watch arrived yesterday, well packaged and running like new. Thank you for your excellent service.

Regards, Michael McFarland

3/22/07 - I reunited with my 214 today. It looks like new and is running fine. I've worn it almost every day since 1966. It felt great to have it back.

Thanks, Nick Black

3/20/07 - I have received my watch all safe and sound. It looks beautiful and sounds great too! Thanks for all of your help and now that I'm a bit more knowledgeable about it, I'll be more proactive about it's maintenance. Thanks again and have a great day.

Tom Warren

3/20/07 - I received my watch today and I'm looking forward to wearing it tomorrow. It looks great! Thanks for the expert service.

Regards, Sheldon Lorber

2/27/07 - I was able to sign for my watch today and it is spectacular. I can't thank you enough for the work you've done to restore it. I'm looking forward to wearing it as well as getting back the other two you're working on.

Trey Wylie

2/27/07 - I received my Accutron in the mail today. I can't believe that it has already arrived. The watch is absolutely beautiful. I turned out much better than I ever expected. I didn't realize that the watch was in that good shape, and then the work that you did is truly professional. I am very satisfied and anxious to wear the watch. Thank you for your skill and expertise.

Roney McCrary

2/26/07 - Your work exceeded my wildest dreams! I don't remember the watch looking that nice the day I got it brand new, but I guess it must have.  I would highly recommend to anyone the "rear cover restore - graining" in particular and the luminous painting and crystal polishing services. They are perfect, and make the watch beautiful as it was intended to be.
As you might have guessed, I am really struggling for the words to describe how thrilled I am with what you have accomplished with my watch. I have a lot of my life's history and fond memories associated with this watch so in some respects it is invaluable to me. I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about and why we Accutron owners have such a love affair with the watch.
I was told it was unrepairable scrap, parts and batteries were no longer available, and told to throw it out. Even Bulova returned it to me and said it was unrepairable. Thank goodness I Googled "Accutron repair" and found out about you before I gave up. Once again, I can wear it with pride and enjoy its hum on my bedside table thanks to your "magic".
You may recall, I mentioned that I have promised the watch to my oldest son when I deem it appropriate. I hope one day he will wear it with pride as I have done and maybe even tell people, "this was my dad's watch and he gave it to me". I expect we will get another 30+ years out of it which makes your restoration services a great deal indeed.
Once again, thank you so much for restoring my watch; and, if I can ever help you out in any way, please do not  hesitate to contact me. 

Bill Smith

2/21/07 - I picked up my watch from the post office today, and all is fine! .It looks great, runs great, Thank you for your excellent work! I am going to replace the band and I will have a new watch.

Thanks again for your work, Richard Perry

2/21/07 - I received my Accutron and I must say you did do a great job. It was worth the wait.

Thanks Again, Robert Pierce

2/21/07 - The watch looks great, pleasure doing business with you.

All the best, Ian Munro

2/21/07 - I think you might be pleased to know that the railroad Accutron that you repaired for me, a year ago January, lost a little bit, gained a little bit, then stabilized and now, a year later is 17 seconds behind the correct time. When I first got it, it was a few seconds off, so I reset it. I was able to set it exactly on time. I kept track of it's gains and losses, but never re-set it because it never was more than 25 seconds off the correct time. At first, it lost. Then it gained and was ahead of the correct time by 15 seconds. And now it is 17 seconds slow.

I just thought you would like to know. Jack Callison

I doubt that there are many 214's which can be said to be accurate to within 25 seconds a year. Bulova's original guaranty was +/- 1 minute per month. Many of the 214's that I receive for repair will perform as well as they did when new after being serviced. A very few like Jack's will be amazing, but some (too many really) have problems which do not keep the movement from running but will effect the accuracy after servicing. Because of this, my guarantee is +/- 4 minutes per month.

2/17/07 - I Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for getting my 214 up and running again. It sure was worth the wait.I got it Monday 2-12 and it's going strong. And the green band really compliments the watch. I wish my Dad was around to see it functioning again. Somehow, I think he knows. Anyway, thanks so much. You truly are a Master Craftsman.

Thanks again. Mike Boggins

2/13/07 - It arrived yesterday, Martin. Coincidently on our 53rd wedding Anniversay. And Now, I can

calculate our time together accurately and precisely. Thanks again Martin! Ciao for now.

Ron Moon

2/12/07 - I have received the watch in fine running order. Thank you for a job well done.

Richard Huberman

2/5/07 - Received the watch and it looks great. Thanks again.

Fred Gonzales

2/3/07 - Got it today and am wearing it right now. Excellent job, it's humming along at what seems like a lower pitch than before. I'm sure the higher voltage was overdriving it. Since it's now at the correct voltage/hertz it's keeping time much better already. Very happy with your craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Thank you, Jim Coble

1/12/07 - Received my watch in the mail Monday. Have been wearing it ever since and it is keeping excellent time. (of course, its an Accurtron..) Thank you very much for taking good care of my watch, I expect it to be useful for at least another 20 years or so. And if I need anything done on it in the future, I do know where to send it. Thanks again for the good work you do.

Bill Machacek

1/9/07 - My Accutron arrived safely today and seems to right-on-the-money and running great!

Thanks, Richard Kesler

1/9/07 - Rec'd my watch this morning from the mailman. It looks simply great an I am very happy and thankful. Your skill an attention to detail is amazing. Many thanks. My 82-year old Dad has an old astronaut watch that needs similar servicing and hopefully we can get him fixed up too. 

Respectfully, Tim Moore

1/9/07 - I received the package notice yesterday. I will pick it up after work, and then take it to Greensboro in a few days so Dad can open it up. Thank you, again, for working us in.

Jean S. Rabold

1/9/07 - I received my Accutron this afternoon. It was well worth the wait and the dollars. Thank you.... and thank you for the extra battery and the appraisal. 

Kindest Regards, Jeffrey M. Adleman

1/2/07 - Thanks for your fine work. 2007 started just great wearing my "new" Spaceview Accutron both timepieces are working just as new.....again thanks I still have another Spaceview to be repaired will contact you soon.

Bobby Rodriguez

12/26/06 - My Accutron arrived today and is in perfect order!

Thanks again, Leo McIntire


12/26/06 - I hope you will excuse me for not writing you for so long ... on the other hand, I guess it proves how happy I am with my 'renewed' Accutron. It is keeping such good time that I almost never check on it. It has to be months since I set it.

I just checked back, and it has been almost a full three months since you sent it back ... it is humming along nicely and looks fabulous on my wrist ... it makes some of these very expensive watches that seem to be "in" today look like Mickey Mouse Specials ... it is so compact and beautiful (after your work), more than one person has asked to look at it ... they're amazed when they learn it's almost an antique ... it looks brand new!!! Thanks again ... the wait was well worth it ...

I'll be seeing my brother in February and will try to convince him to have his 'refurbished' (I think I mentioned once that we each had bought an Accutron long ago, unbeknownst to the other, and only discovered it in the last year or so) ... when he sees mine, he may be convinced ... don't be surprised ...

Best regards, Art Cooksey

12/25/06 - I received the Accutron yesterday, it looks great. I'm sure my dad will be pleased today. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.

Dean Willson

12/22/06 - I picked up my 214 at the post office today. It looks great. It is so nice to have an old friend back. Thank you so much. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

Dan Hendricks

12/20/06 - I just wanted to thank you again. My Accutron has been keeping perfect time since I received it last week.

Mike Nickelson

12/20/06 - Received the watch. You are truly an artist. Thanks for the perfect holiday present. Hope yours are equally as happy.

Bruce Gordon

12/20/06 - Thanks so much, the watch looks amazing! I'll be wearing it home for Christmas to surprise my father. I'll be in touch down the road about a new/old strap.

Happy holidays, Mark Kerrigan



12/18/06 - The watch arrived safely today. It looks wonderful and I want to thank you for doing a great job. It is so nice to have the watch back in my life after so many years. It was a gift from my parents and this is a nice reminder of their love. Thanks.

Richard Savage

12/14/06 - The watch has arrived and is in great condition, running right on time so to speak. Thanks!

William Holbrook

12/12/06 - I picked up my Accutron from the post office today. It has almost exactly the same time as my radio controlled watch, so it seems to be keeping good time. Thank you so much, it is great to have my Accutron back.

Mike Nickelson

12/12/06 - Received my 214. It was worth the wait. That watch and the 214 case clock you serviced in June are retired and on display. The other 214 I wear.

Regards, Frank Zeman

12/12/06 - The watch was delivered this afternoon: it is a beauty, and hums very well. I want to thank you for a great service, and the extra battery was a nice touch.

Merci, Jean-Claude Langer

12/3/06 - I have received and worn my Accutron. The repairs seem to be working great. I really appreciate your care and attention for my keepsake. I am anxious for my mother to see it on my wrist again.

Best, Daryl Dulaney

12/1/06 - The watch arrived, and I'm very happy to have it in working condition again. Thank you.

Steve Steinhauer

11/28/06 - Sorry to be so late responding. Received Accutron and have been wearing it. It's great. Thank you.

Richard Shoemaker

11/27/06 - WOW! This watch looks brand new! You sir, are amazing and well worth every cent. Ill be proudly wearing it tomorrow. Thanks and Happy Holidays to you!

Ron Johnson

11/18/06 - Got it, it is humming along just fine!!

Thank you very much, Bill McGonagle

11/15/06 - My Accutron arrived in good condition and even had the correct time ( plus one hour for DST ). It looks like new.

Thanks, Mark Messinger

11/15/06 - I picked the watch up today at the post office. It is absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!! I never dreamed that it would turn out this good. I wish now that I would have gone ahead and spent the money to have the back resurfaced. I wanted to preserve that part as my Dad wore the watch from 1964 to 1977 (the year he broke it). It looks like brand new. Too nice to wear!! (but I will anyway). I am really glad that I trusted you and waited so that the restoration was done right. Thanks for the extra battery too.

Bob Chavis

11/14/06 - I received my newly restored Spaceview yesterday. It was great to hear that long silent "hum" through the package even before I opened the box! I want to say how pleased I was with your restoration and how great the watch looks. You are a true artist and I admire how professionally you handled the repair. You preformed the work as stated and returned the watch when promised. Thanks for your efforts and here's hoping you are able to bring back the past and memories for many people long into the future!

Best regards, Arnold Muzzarelli

11/14/06 - The watch arrived today. It looks marvelous. Thank you for a very good job.

Laurel Price

11/13/06 - The watch came in the mail today, It is stunning, you are a master at what you do. I thought I was wasting my money, but you have proved me wrong. Thank you for a job well done.

Sincerely, Verion Towner

11/13/06 - Received today in good shape. Thanks much!

Steve Hartwich

11/10/06 - Yes, I received the watch about a week or two ago. I'm very pleased with the results.

Thanks, Mark May

10/26/06 - Thanks for the great service Martin. It's nice to have it back on my wrist, it looks and runs great. 

Thanks again, Barney Williams

10/25/06 - The watches have arrived - thank you. Scott also wanted to thank you for the extra information and tips you sent along. He's got a big smile on his face today.

Thanks again - Pats Shriver

10/20/06 - If the deliberateness and organization with which youve approached the queuing process and administration of this service experience is any indication, Im sure your work will be worth the wait!

Roger Glickman

10/5/06 - The Accutron arrived today and looks terrific.

Thanks, Tom Sporar

10/5/06 - I received the watch today, it looks great! Thank you for the fine work. You are truly a skilled craftman.

Take care, Pamela Read

10/5/06 - Watch arrived Monday about 4 p.m. (your time) ... humming along nicely now ... sorry, but too busy admiring it to send this yesterday ... boy, that new crystal makes a big difference ... and thanks also for the extra battery ...

Best regards, Art Cooksey

10/5/06 - My Accutron Spaceview arrived today. Hummmmmming and keeping nice time. Thanks for the fine repair.

Sid Bennett

8/1/06 - WOW! I picked it up today. You really did a great job! I cant thank you enough for everything. Well worth the wait!
I cant wait to hear people say, hey, what kind of watch is that? again. I am so glad I found you, and had the nerve to trust you. Thank you for keeping my worries at bay for all of your prompt replies throughout, and certainly for earning my profound trust and respect in your workmanship. Youre the Man!

Sincerely, Bob Hiestand

7/31/06 - I received my watch today and it is working great.

Thank you, Fred Lepow

7/31/06 - We received the watch Saturday and it is perfect!

Thank you, Becky Horwitz

7/31/06 - Received today via US Mail. Looks good and is very good to have it running.

Thanks so much, Frank Jones

7/31/06 - It's beautiful! Thank you. I received my Accutron today. I am glad that I stumbled across you. Honesty and skill, like yours, are becoming rare.

sincerely, Mike York

7/19/06 - I've got my watch, thanks again for all the hard work on her. She's running fine and keeping perfect time.

Jim Kershner

7/19/06 - I just wanted to let you know that my Accutron arrived safely and is humming away just fine. Thank you very much!

Sincerely, Griff Lewis

7/18/06 - Thanks for fixing my 214. It arrived safely yesterday. I will have another for you before too long.

Tom Bradshaw 540 463 2521

7/17/06 - Just received my really looks GREAT!!!! So far it's humming away perfectly. It's much more than I expected....It was worth the wait. Thank you so much for the great service. 

Sincerely, Ray Cellucci

7/17/06 - I received the watch today. It looks outstanding! Great workmanship on your part. 

Thanks again, Dennis S. Brewer

7/7/06 - Yes, the watch is here, I've worn it for over 24 hours and it keeps PERFECT time! As I told you before, this watch was a college graduation present for me from my wife in 1970, so it is an interesting, amazing, and unique feeling to wear this watch again for the first time since 1978 when it stopped working. I know it is not a new watch, but it might as well be with its polished gold case, its scratchless crystal, its very bright glow in the dark, and its very strong hum. And after 24 hours it feels as though it never left my arm at all--incredible! Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the result and it has been worth every penny spent to bring it back to excellent condition. Thank you very much for a very professional job.

Yours truly, Barry Slipock

7/5/06 - Wanted to Write and Thank You for the Wonderful Job You did On my 214 Railroad . It Looks As If It Just came out of the Box New in 1963 ! You Do really Good Work . The Long wait was worth it ! look forward to doing Business with you again.

Thank you, Ken Mitchell

7/5/06 - My watch arrived Monday afternoon and looks fantastic! I cant thank you enough. Youve done an excellent job, and it looks better than its looked in 20 years. Its great to have my very unique timepiece back again, and Im wearing it for the first time today because I was rebuilding my rear deck Monday and Tuesday. It used to be my only watch, so I wore it every day and never took it off, even when I was working on a car or doing a project at home, so the watch took an enormous abuse. However, this time I will be much more careful with it because I now have a low-cost Swatch to use while working on cars or doing home projects. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer.

Dave Belo

7/4/06 - I received my Accutron yesterday and the time was right on!! Thanks for everything.

Regards, David Osiecki

7/1/06 - The watch seems to work just perfectly. Thank you again.

Fred Glick

6/26/06 - The watch arrived safely today and I am absolutely delighted. I have given your name to the place that has been servicing my watch (cleaning and batteries) over the years and the people that Bulova told to tell me to buy a new watch. I hope this will be a source of new business for you. Thanks for everything.

David Dodge


6/26/06 - Received my Accutron today and I am thrilled to see it humming along! It looks darn good for being 35 years old! Thanks for the doing a great job on the repair. I'm sure I will be very happy with the way it runs.

Richard Kesler

6/13/06 - I received my watch today. I think it actually arrived Saturday, but I was out of town. It is working well and I am very happy to have it back.

Thank You, Tom Daley

6/10/06 - Got home today and opened up the Accutron. It hums and it sits proudly back on my wrist. I hope for 41 years more of use.. Thank you for your good work.

Harry Aubert

6/8/06 - I received my watch in fine working order. Thank you for everything.

Gary Blavat

6/8/06 - Thanks for the work you did. The watch looks and runs great.

Joe De Lisi

6/7/06 - the watch actually arrived Monday but I couldn't pickup until yesterday. It really looks sharp. I'll go hunting for a band this weekend.

Thanks again, Al Hamre

5/15/06 - The Accutron arrived today, and I am wearing it as I write this note of thanks. As you said, it is humming along. To say that I am pleased, is an understatement. Thank you very much.

Nick Caprinolo

5/3/06 - I picked up my watch today and it is stunning , you did an excellent job of polishing the case, it makes the watch appear as new. It was a long wait and not cheap but the end result was more then worth it, you did a very nice job , I'm very pleased , Thank You!!

Tom Maloney

5/2/06 - I received the watch and am thrilled with it. Has been humming along all night. It looks great, much better then when I sent it to you. I appreciate the work you did on it. Will send it in to you once every couple of years for a tune up. In the meantime, thank you very much.

Regards, Roxanne Price

5/1/06 - My Accutron arrived home today. I'm wearing the watch as I send this email back to is "humming" perfectly and looks terrific. Please know how very much I have appreciated your great care and service of this most treasured (and working again) personal keepsake. I feel especially fortunate as the entire experience from our first email correspondence, exchange of Holiday notes, and your regular updates -- ALL have been exceptional and also wonderfully personal throughout. Thank you so very much. Take care and Best Wishes.

Tom Emling

4/22/06 - The watches have arrived and are beautiful. Sandy is very pleased to have a tuning fork watch of her own. 

Again, thanks for the good work and, as usual, professional caliber service and attention to details.

Rick Powell 

4/21/06 - My Accutron arrived! It is beautiful and runs like a "top."

Thanks, Barry Campbell

4/19/06 - Thank you for taking care of my uncle's watch. I have received it and it is working fine. I have also had fun showing it off to my friends and relatives. It's great to have it working again.

Joseph Nadalet

4/18/06 - I received it today. As weve said in my business for years, you can get it done fast or you can get it done right. It seems to be working great. Im happy that someone still knows how to repair Accutron clocks. Thanks for care and service.

Ed Wojtaszek

4/18/06 - My Accutron arrived safely yesterday afternoon. You are truly an engineer and a craftsman !!! and your level of customer service is second to none. Thank you very much.

David Sharer

4/17/06 - Got the watch this afternoon, pulled two links out of the band so it would fit my son's wrist, and set it for Pacific Standard Time. We're very pleased . . . many thanks!

John Hazlet

4/17/06 - I received the watch today. It looks great. Many thanks.

Robert Fitzgerald

4/11/06 - Watch is humming along nicely as it has arrived and doing well. Very good work, watch looks impeccable. In the future, I will send you another Accutron for service.

Once again, thank you. Franklin Monjarrez

4/10/06 - My wife picked up the Accutron on Thursday and I flew down to Washington for the weekend on Friday, so I have the watch now. I am very pleased with the way it looks (and of course I am pleased that it is humming). I know it had some scratches that were quite deep (I wore it every day for years), but it really looks very good now. While you had it I also obtained an original Kreisler "coffin link" stainless steel band which suits it much better, I think, than the Flix-o-Flex that I used for years. It did take a while, but I appreciate the quality of the work you did, and I will be sure to treat the watch as an heirloom and a collector's item henceforth. Of course I plan to wear it sometimes, but I will be treating it with extra care. thanks and regards,

Paul Didrikson

4/5/06 - The watch arrived a couple of days ago, sorry for the delay in telling you this. It works, thanks for fixing it. Now I have to get a good band to wear with it. 

Regards, Ken Nyirady

4/4/06 - My 214 arrived home yesterday. To say I'm pleased is hardly the way I'd put it. It looks great. Took it to work today to show some people who know about them. Thanks very much for the high quality work you did in restoring my Accutron. I'm sure you'll see it again, hopefully just for a cleaning and tune up.

Robert Hudson

4/4/06 - My Astronaut landed safely yesterday. I'm very pleased with the end result, and thank you for everything. Your passion for these 214's is evidenced by your workmanship, and you can count on my future business.

Best regards, Steve Liska

4/1/06 - Just picked it out of my mail box 10 minutes ago. It looks absolutely mint... like the day I first wore it 34 years ago. Beautiful job Martin. The watch band just barely fits my enormous wrist. I'm in the very last hole but it seems OK. Thanks for everything.

Marc Hertzberg

3/31/06 - The watch arrived safely and has been running great since it arrived. Time keeping is excellent. I am glad to  have this watch restored for its sentimental value ( even though the restoration may have been expensive.) The watch was the gift from my Father when I graduated from college. We couldn't afford new cars, world cruises or much of anything else, so the watch was it. This makes its sentimental value even more. The quality of work is excellent. You  did what you said you would, charged what you said you would, and delivered the final product when you said you would. This is quite rare and unusual in today's world. Thanks for the good work. You have another satisfied customer.

Jamie Mills 

3/24/06 - I apologize for the delay. I received the watch last week. It is beautifaul and seems to be running fine. Once again, thank you very much.

Randy Ring

3/11/06 - Just a note to let you know that the 2 Accutrons arrived in fine condition. They look and perform just great.

Best, Dick Moyer

3/9/06 - Got it, looks great.  Marcus Cutrone

3/9/06 - Thanx for your attention to my is is running looks great.........i'm happy so regards....Paul Sheldon

3/8/06 - I picked up my Accutron at the post office this morning. I unwrapped it and found the sweep second hand gliding around the dial. It appears to be keeping perfect time. I love having this old crock back on my wrist. Many thanks for a good job.

Arthur Einstein Jr.

3/6/06 - The Accutron arrived today and it looks great. I can't even remember the last time it was working - maybe been dead for 7 or 8 years. It was my Father's every day watch so it has much sentimental value. Thanks.

Tony Wood

2/23/06 - My husband received the watch last night. The watch is running smoothly and accurately. Thank you. I am please with the service you provided.

Mary Sue Butler

2/22/06 - I have received my accutrons safely and in beautiful condition. Thank you very much for all your good work. I must say I am very impressed with your professionalism and the meticulous way you go about your business. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to doing business with you again. 

Best Regards, Michael Dodge

2/22/06 - Received my timepiece back yesterday with no damage in transit. WOW!!! This is much more than I expected. I am wearing it at work today and everyone wonders how it works and can't believe how old it is. Now, I am considering collecting Accutrons as another hobby of mine. As an electrical engineer, I can appreciate how this design became so unique yet straightforward. Just think of a single transistor circuit in an analog watch versus the millions of them in an Intel chip 40 years later.

Your work is outstanding and I am grateful to you for keeping these timepieces going. With the "retro" craze, just having one makes me go back to 1968 when I was 8 years old and saw my first 214. My cousin had one and my Mom asked me to play the piano key corresponding to the hum of the watch. I believe that 360 Hz is B minus below middle C. It's amazing what you remember as a kid.

Please feel free to use my testimonial on your web site or elsewhere.

Thanks again!
Brian Mugalian

2/22/06 - Got the watch. Looks great. Thanks for your work!!

Robert Caldwell

2/21/06 - Just got the watch. Thank You! I am very pleased with the results.

Paul Riccio

2/7/06 - The watch is home and running as advertised. It is still in perfect time.-- amazing as it never kept time when it was new. 

Thanks, Lee Weber

2/7/06 - I picked up my watch this morning. It seems to be working well and it looks great.

Thanks, Nick Simmons

2/7/06 - Received my watch yesterday. It looks and runs beautifully. Thanks for a great job.

Fausto Vitello

2/7/06 - This morning I received my restored Accutron, it was humming nicely and correctly registered time in Marblehead! A quick adjustment changed to Mountain Time and it was ready to go! Thank you for your fine work, the watch looks just like it did in 1965, I did notice that I can't hear the hum like I used to, but that I believe is my 58 year old ears.

Thanks again, David C. Gray



2/6/06 - My Hummer arrived at 3:20PM. The Postman asked if it was another Railroad watch. (I collect them) I said, "Yes, but put the box up to your ear and listen to this one," as I handed the box back to him. I had to spend ten minutes explaining to him about Acutrons. He is y9ung and was facinated by it. He had heard of them, but never heard one hum. I had to open the box and let him see it. It's nice to have the hummer on my wrist again. The wait was more than worth it.

The very best regards, Jack Callison

2/6/06 - Thank you, sir! It arrived in today's mail, and I'm very pleased with your work. Long may you flourish!

Best regards, DE Bynum

1/25/06 - THANK YOU!!!! Received watch Tuesday. It looks great! Thank you again.

Bill Beck

1/24/06 - 214 received and am now a happy client! Thanks for the great service.

Hal Sloan

1/23/06 - I'm having the same sensations I experienced in 1967 when I exited from a jewelry store in Baton Rouge with the 214 on my wrist. And now the familiar humming sound I will hear when I put it on the dresser this evening. You have reason to be very proud. You are thorough, fair, and an extremely talented individual. My watch will be in your hands when it needs the doctors attention!! the Italians say: milled grazie e tanto buone cose!!

Ron Moon

1/23/06 - The watch arrived this afternoon in good order. It looks fantastic! Thank you.

Rick Givens

1/23/06 - I received my watch today in the mail. You have no idea how happy it made me. Was like seeing an old friend again! Thank you so very much for repairing it for me.

Your friend, Manuel Simas

1/23/06 - I received the watch today, thanks. The refinishing is spectacular and I am sure the watch is operating correctly.

Lance Binns

1/22/06 - I received it. It looks great and and everything is working fine. Thanks.

Arnold Kiburz

1/9/06 - I received my watch in today's mail. I was very pleased with the watch. I have to tell you, I have not seen this watch look like this almost since the day I bought it the end of 1964. You have done a beautiful job on restoring the watch to it's original beauty. When I put it on my wrist, it felt good. By this I mean I had worn this watch for close to 40 years day in and day out and when I put it on today, it made me feel good. It's as if it is not there.
Again Martin, I have to commend you on your work and you were right. I am very pleased with how the watch looks. It almost looks, and this is a long time ago, like when I first bought it. I had forgotten the beauty of this watch, but until today when I put it on, everything felt good.

Thank you again for a job well done.
Ernie Malnar

1/9/06 - My watch arrived at my son's house and he says it's running just fine. I will not see it until April when I get back home.

Thank you, Bill McGonagle

1/4/06 - I have my watch back and it is running great. Thanks for your help.

Yours, Paul James

1/4/06 - The old guy showed up today and looks really great. Thanks for being so thorough and professional. My best to you in 2006.

Jay Baker

1/4/06 - I just picked up my watch at the PO. All I can say is WOW! Nice job all the way around. The buff on the case made a big difference. The new/old crystal looks great. And the update on the luminous was HUGE!

Stephen Brunmeier

1/3/06 - The watch arrived today and looks beautiful. It was among my favorite uncle's possessions when he went into a nursing home, and now that he is gone, I will treasure it as a daily reminder of him. Thank you.

Regards, Joan Ross

12/30/05 - My 214's are all working well. Have a great '06

Frank White

12/28/05 - Received my Bulova Accutron today. It looks beautiful. Maybe even better than when I first bought it back in 1967. You did a fantastic job with the renovation. Thanks so very much.

Charley Ouellette

12/27/05 - Watch seems to be keeping perfect time.

Thanks - Bob Salsman

12/21/05 - received the Accutron on Monday evening -- looks great and seems to be running just fine (my 8-year old (a promising engineer or architect we hope) was very impressed by the sweep hand and the humming...). You are a true craftsman! (and it was well worth the wait). I appreciate your work and your communications -- hope you have a happy holiday.

Best, Rick Pullano

12/20/05 - The watch just arrived, humming away! Thanks very much.

Regards, Steve Rubin

12/20/05 - I just got back my Accutron, and it looks great!

Thanks again-Rob Opdyke

12/20/05 - I meant to let you know that my watch arrived yesterday and so far, so good. Thank you again for the restoration. I'll be even more careful with it now.

Mark Isenstein

12/11/05 - I finally "caught up" with the watch today. It is wonderful--including the strap! Thanks so much.

Happy holidays--Ron Cram

11/9/05 - Received my 214 and it has been running great from day one. It didn't look like the same watch, everyone that has seen it thinks it's new and when I tell them how old it is they can't believe it. Great job! Regards and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Dean Messer

12/7/05 - I received the watch on Monday. It works! Also, thanks for generally cleaning it and removing the corrosion spot on one of the hands. I enjoyed the NY Times article and will send it to my Dad, who gave me the watch. 

Cheers, Dave Edewaard

12/2/05 - The watch came today. It looks great. I am so happy to wear it again. It sure brings back lots'a memories.

Thank you, Richard Fish

12/2/05 - I received the watch today, looks great and sounds great.

Thank you, Tom Tazza

12/2/05 - My Accutron 214 arrived yesterday, safe and sound. My kids gave it to me 30 years ago for a birthday gift. Glad to have it back. Thanks for the great service you provide to we Accutron owners.

Best, Gerald Hawkins

11/23/05 - I received my watch today. I am very happy with it. I pulled up the detailed pictures I had taken of the watch before I sent it to you. Wow, what an improvement! The watch looks new, and the luminous paint looks great in the dark. I inherited the Spaceview from my Dad after he died. Now I will have a functional reminder of him wherever I go. Thank you so much,

Scott Hollums

11/21/05 - My accutron arrived today. It appears to be running fine and looks good. Good job. Thank you.

Regards, JimRickenbacker

11/20/05 - I have rec'd my watch and have been wearing it for the past few weeks. I really appreciate the work you did on it. It 's like new. Thanks again,

Roger Manz

11/15/05 - Received her yesterday and it is working fine and humming along; providing many fond memories.

Stuart Wright

11/8/05 - I received my accutron today in the mail. It looks like a new watch. I am excited!! Thank you very much. 

James Kahrl

10/31/05 - My Accutron arrived today, humming again. I am pleased to have it back. Thank you for your services. I did appreciate your progressive e-mails. I enjoy dealing with talented devoted professionals.

Charles Mason

10/19/05 - I just got back from the post office...You made my day. My watch looks brand new. You did a wonderful job. The watch was my dad's. I wanted to wear it for him if that makes sense. You are a pure craftsman. It was shipped secure and no damage.

Thanks, Kevin Winton

10/18/05 - Got the piece today. Thanks. I think my buddy will REALLY appreciate getting it back in working order, and it should be a great Christmas gift/surprise.

Steve Brunmeier

10/17/05 - Received the watch this date (10/17). Everything appears to be in order, it is operating just fine. The wait was well worth it. Thanks.

Mike Geraghty

10/7/05 - Thank you so much for your work. My husband is delighted.

Nanette Schneider

10/4/05 - I received my Accutron 214 yesterday. You did an excellent job. It looks as if it is brand new. Thank you very much for your service. It was well worth the wait. My father has yet to see it. I am reluctant to show him, I am afraid that he may want it back. In the near future I will be purchasing an original band from you. Thanks again...your workmanship is incredible.

John Childers

10/3/05 - I just wanted to let you know that I got the watch today and am very pleased. Thanks.

Mitchel Stroh

September: On Vacation.

8/31/05 - Thank you for repairing my Spaceview 214. It arrived safely yesterday.

Tom Bradshaw

8/30/05 - Many thanks for your work on my Accutron. It's here and doing just fine. Also, thanks for including the background info. I rue the day when I need one of the three extinct parts. I'm 72 and hope to outlive the problem. I've grown attached to my Accutron over the last 35 or 40 years My best to you.

Ed Furst

8/29/05 - I'm very pleased with the work you did. Thanks. It was worth the wait.!!

Ed Kerkhoven

8/27/05 - First off I would like to thank you for your dedication to a fine craftsmanship of service to the Bulova Accutron. I feel like my Accutron is as fine as BRAND NEW. The hum of the tuning fork can be heard through out the room when I place it on the dresser when not being worn. It is a sound that is not duplicated by anything but an Accutron. I am very proud  of my 214 and it will be  passed on someday to my son as a genuine timepiece of our time and era. Thank you again for your service.

Sid Brown

8/17/05 - The Accutron is back and runs great - within 4 seconds/day! Thanks for the knowledgeable service.

Bud Bootier

8/10/05 - All I can say is WOW. Wearing my Accutron right now. It is really great to have it back. It arrived in excellent shape, no problems and is running beautifully. Thanks for the excellent communication throughout the process as to the status of my watch. This is excellent customer service.

Thanks again, Christopher Peters

8/1/05 - My accutron arrived today (Monday). It is indeed good to have an old friend back on my arm. I was also happy through your web site to learn more about these amazing watches. Thank you

Eugene Dobbs

8/1/05 - I just got my watch and it is beautiful. Too bad there is not a new old stock day/night bezel to replace the one on my watch. My wife says that the bezel has patina. This watch did receive rough use when I got it 31 years ago. Take care,

Rick Powell

8/1/05 - Received the watch in the mail at 2:00 PM today (8/1/05) and am wearing it. An absolutely outstanding and beautiful piece of workmanship on your part. Thanks for your continued contacts on keeping me appraised of the progress. Obviously an honorable man who meets all his commitments. If I ever have a problem, your name is on file. Thanks again,

Leland Clark

7/23/05 - Got the watch and it looks great and is running great. Thanks for all your help. Best Regards,

Tim Oliver.

7/20/05 - Got it yesterday, looks great, keeping good time so far. BTW, do you know how loud, in dB, an accutron is? I know the freq is 360hz, and in the good old days docs used mechanical watches as a quick hearing screening test. Thanks again

Larry Welling

7/19/05 - My thanks for your excellent work. My watch returned home safely today and I wanted to let you know that it did arrive. My Astronaut is humming merrily along in NC and reminding me of how important it was to me to have an accurate reliable timepiece on my wrist. All good thoughts and best regards,

John Brockway

    7/18/05 -Picked the watch up today at the P.O Its great to have it back and working so good.Thanks again-I'm going to keep your info on hand for future reference.I'll also be careful on the type of battery that goes into it in the future.

Ralph Symington

7/18/05 - I received the watch today in good working order. Thank you for the service.

Keith Babberney

7/15/05 - Thank you for your professional services in restoring my Astronaut. I am sure that I will be extremely satisfied with the finished product and that it was definitely worth the wait. I will gladly recommend you to my associates and of course sent any additional 214s your way for repair and calibration.

Gerard Schmidt

7/12/05 - My 214 arrived yesterday and looks wonderful. I had bought a simple watch to wear in its absence but Im delighted to have it back again. Thanks,

Warren Ward

7/11/05 - Wanted you to know that I received my Accutron in the mail today. It runs great and looks even better. Thanks for your professionalism and dedication to these wonderful old timepieces.

Dick Mosbach

7/11/05 - The USPS just delivered the watch. Spectacular Results! I wish I had a "real" Spaceview to compare it with. It looks very, very, very good. Thank you for your expert craftsmanship. It was truly worth the wait.

Jan Sturla

7/6/05 - Received watch today. I will look forward to wearing it. Thanks for your help.

Dave Ohman

7/6/05 - Got the 214 and it looks great. I want to thank you for your fine work.

Charlie Baker

7/5/05 - My watch arrived today and it looks great and is humming away. Thanks for getting it back to running order for me. I just wanted to drop a note to let you know it made its way home.

Jim Montgomery


7/5/05 - I just received my Accutron. It looks great and the time is dead on with the atomic clock in Denver.

Bob Hart

6/28/05 - I forgot to tell you the watch has arrived and it is working perfectly. I am wearing it now. Thanks for all your help in restoring my timepiece. I have missed wearing my Accutron and now I am back to the best watch ever made.

Garry Domnisse

6/22/05 - A VERY BIG " THANK YOU " Received her in the mail yesterday , she's on my glass top night stand just humming away, what a sound to fall asleep to. Thank You, again

Norb Tellez

6/20/05 - Martin, Thank You! The watch arrived just fine via mail today. You did a great job, the buffing really brings the luster back and along with the new crystal - WOW, is all I can say. I'll again be showing this this time piece off with as much joy as when it was new. Thanks again.

David Karafa

6/15/05 - The watch has arrived! Thank you so much. It is humming along on my husbands wrist and he is thrilled. It even arrived in time for Fathers Day too.

Melinda McCarley

6/14/05 - I received my watch today. It is beautiful. I shall enjoy wearing it daily. Thank you so very much.

Ronald Cram

6/14/05 - I received my Spaceview watch today. It is very nice and I am most pleased with your work. Thank you for your expert care and professionalism!

Rick Givens

6/14/05 - I received my watch yesterday, thank you, I am most appreciative of the work you did on it. Its comforting to hear it hum along and to watch the movement. Again, thanks.

Jim Taggart

6/13/05 - I received my watch today. The wait was well worth it as was your expertise. Thanks again,

Mike Wendele

6/13/05 - I just received my watch in this afternoon's mail. I want to thank you again for your patience with me. The watch arrived here and was right on time. I think of you as one of my friends and appreciate what you have done for me. Take care and God Bless

Donald Pearce

5/28/05 - Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent restoration of my Accutron, I am very pleased with the results, and it is keeping time perfectly!

Lee Donate

5/24/05 - Received watch in mail today... Looks great. Many thanks.

Mark Fletcher

5/24/05 - I received my Accutron in the mail yesterday and it looks like a new watch. Before I sent it to you, it had been sitting in a drawer for ten years and I was worried whether it could be repaired at all. Now it is humming along nicely.

Bob Renneker

5/24/05 - My Accutron arrived yesterday. It was great to get it back in good working order and looking like new. I've worn the watch for 42 years and expect that it will now outlast me. Thanks so much for your work on it.

Richard Hahn

5/21/05 - Thank you so much for your excellent service as well as your attention to detail, including keeping me informed as to the progress of the restoration/repair and the shipment. The watch looks like new, glows in the dark better than when it was new, and sounds like music to my ears. Hopefully, it runs as good as new. In fact, I am confident that due to your perfectionist nature, it is and will continue to run better than new for some time to come. Thank you for all of your care and excellent work. I would highly recommend you to any and all of my friends who own Accutron Watches.

Steven Sousa

5/11/05 - The watch has arrived and it is working beautifully! I'm just sorry I didn't find you would have saved me $300 in repairs that didn't work. If you need me as a testimonial...let me know!

Norm Worsley

5/10/05 - Just a note to let you know that my 2 accutrons arrived in fine condition. I must say, they are both lovely. I really am very fond of both pieces They look fabulous and I'm sure are going to run very well. Thank you

Dick Moyer

5/10/05 - My Accutron look's GREAT... you do excellent work. It's on my wrist and I feel like I did back in 1970 when I first bought it in Calif. I will be showing it off to all my friends. Again thanks for bringing it back to life. I will return it to you for any future tune-ups, etc.

Gene Pullen

4/28/05 - The Accutron arrived safely yesterday. It looks and runs great. Thanks for everything. My son is quite pleased to receive it.

John Lacey

4/28/05 - Received the watch the other day, it's running great! I certainly appreciate the timely, professional manner in which you handled this rebuild.

David Williams

4/27/05 - Received watch without problems...It has been a long time since I heard it hum. The watch looks great, as a 40 year veteran should. Thank you very much. I shall enjoy wearing this watch

James Davis

4/26/05 - I wanted to let you know that I received my watch yesterday. I believe it is running fine and it looks great! I am very pleased. Should I have any other problems I will give you a call. I appreciate all you have done.

Dennis Schumacher

4/26/05 - SpaceView arrived Monday. Watch and band look great. Watch running good. As in the past, I can depend on you for great service.

Thanks, Tom Fultz

4/25/05 - I received my 214 today and it arrived in excellent condition. The packaging was in good shape as well as the time piece. I am very impressed with the workman ship and the overall appearance is perfect. It has been a long time since it has looked this good. Thank you for taking such good care of my watch or time piece as I should call it. Lonnie Wymer

4/14/05 - I got the watch the other day. It looks and seems to run great. I am really impressed with your work.  Thanks, again

Tony Narr

4/13/05 - I appreciate the fact that quality craftsmanship can't be hurried. I just picked up the watch and unpacked it and just as I expected, it's stunning. Thanks for taking the work and it's nice to know that there are still a few folks around who take tremendous pride in the work that they do.

Brian Cordell

4/12/05 - The watch came yesterday. It is working and holding time I am happy about the out come. I have another one that I will have you do later on.

Steve Price

4/12/05 - We received the watch yesterday and everything was in working order. Watch looks good as new!

Bryan Pease

4/11/05 - Got my watch in the mail this afternoon. Looks good, sounds good and appears to be right on with respect to the time. Thanks for going the extra mile and repairing the snap on the band. As far as I'm concerned that was "over and above" and I really do appreciate it.

Miles N. Barter

4/7/05 - Beautiful job. I have to wonder if it looked that good the day it left the factory. Thanks again.

Kimber Heddens

4/6/05 - Wanted to let you know that I received my Accutron today. It was well worth the wait. What a thrill! The watch looks like brand new! It's nice to know that there still some true craftsman around in this age of "throwaway". I own numerous watches, even a Rol___, but I am looking forward to wearing this watch on a regular basis. Nothing, no matter what the cost, seens to get the attention that these 214's get. Thanks again.

Dennis Toub

4/5/05 - Hi Martin, My Accutron arrived yesterday, it looks like new and I'm very pleased with the results, thanks again, I couldn't have gotten it restored like that anyplace else..

Tom P. Tucker

4/5/05 - The Accutron arrived on April 4th. All is well and it is keeping correct time. 

John Thoma

4/11/05 - Been wearing the watch and wanted you to know that all is well. Thanks again. You will hear from me again next when it is time for service/cleaning.

4/4/05 - Received my watch today and it is already an hour slow!!! (Daylight savings time!!! Haha!) Wearing it now. Thanks again.

Bob Burslem

4/4/05 - Watch arrived today in working order; good timing because we're leaving today for two weeks. Thanks, George Glass

3/6/05 - I picked up Dave's watch Thursday. It looks great and is running well. Thank you for your service.

Pat Diven

3/2/05 - I received my watch and it is great to have it back, it is like having an old friend around. Thank you so much.

Terry Mason

3/1/05 - Received my Accutrons (Railrod & Cushion Case) yesterday. Beautiful work. Whatever slop there was in the time setting mechanism is completely gone. Thanks again.

Eric Lyons

2/28/05 - My watch has arrived and is once again on my wrist! The wait has been well worth it. Beautiful job! Robert Burslem

2/27/05 - I want you to know that this Accutron you serviced is keeping time better than my original back in the 60's. 

John Eyer

2/17/05 - I received my watch yesterday. I must admit that I was very skeptical when I first contacted you and apologize for feeling that way. You are very professional in the way you handle your business. I appreciate the fact that you kept me posted on what was happening every step of the way. Thank you so much for sending my watch home in excellent working order !! I will not hesitate to contact you in the future. Thanks Again !!!

Joe Yoakum

2/1/05 - Received the watch yesterday all in good order. Everything seems to be just perfect with it.

Jim Endres

2/1/05 - The Astronaut has landed back home yesterday. It's performing it's mission flawlessly on my wrist now! This could only be accomplished with the help of a top notch, dedicated ground crew - YOU! I forgot the fascination of the sweep second hand moving smoothly around the dial. It is hypnotic and makes you realize that time keeps on flowing by. You did an excellent job in getting my watch back in tip top shape and I truly appreciate it. The watch brings back fond memories. Thanks again,

Ron Zak

2/1/05 - I received my watch yesterday. You have done an excellent job with the renovation. Not only does it seem to be running well, but you've done an excellent job restoring its original appearance. I'm glad I decided to have to have you do the've recovered nearly all the years of wear and neglect. In addition, the work on the chapter ring and hands turned out very well. I'm thrilled to have this watch back and looks as good as the day I purchased it. Thanks for the excellent work.

Bob Cisek

1/31/05 - I just received the watch and it is humming along at the correct time just like its supposed to. Its great to have my old friend back again. Thanks for such a fine job.

John Valentine

1/19/05 - Fantastic, what a great job, the watch is beautiful, I have it on my wrist now, you truly are a master watchmaker and artist, again a million thanks for a great job.

Jim Brunini

1/17/05 - Got my Accutron in today's mail. It's humming and looks as good as the day I bought it over thirty years ago. Thank you. It's good to know that there are still some master craftsmen around. Keep up the good work. Again, thanks for giving my old Accutron new life.

Bill Reynolds .

1/17/05 - My Spaceview arrived today. Thanks again for your great workmanship.

Bob Allred

1/14/05 - Many thanks for putting my Accutron back into service. It was a gift from my wife and I enjoy wearing it on special occasions.

Mike Chester

1/5/05 - I have received my Accutron and it is running great. This is the first time in appx. 15 years that I have had this watch working and on my wrist. Thank you for your workmanship!

Greg Miller

1/4/05 - It is on my arm and humming. It appears to have made the trek in good shape. Thanks, I can now proudly sport my Accutron.

Mike Cain

1/3/05 - Picked up my unit @ the P.O. just now... looks great! Thanks for your help! Happy New Year!

Mike Davis

1/3/05 - Hi Martin, I received the watch today. I am very pleaased with the results. You did a super job. Thanks again!

Mike Moore

1/3/05 - The Accutron arrived today. Looks great. Hums nicely. Thank you.

Stanley Rothstein

12/28/04 - I haven't had time to email, but I received my watch in the mail last week. I wrapped it up and gave it to my son Christmas Eve. It was an immediate hit. He took off his Hamilton Ventura and put on the Accutron. Thanks for fixing this family keepsake and I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

Bruce Cross

12/20/04 - I received my watch today at 1:30 pm, thank you very much you did an excellent job. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Roger Antaya

12/12/04 - I received my Hummer a few days ago, and it's running well. Thank you for servicing it, and I appreciate the fact that you kept in communication with me about it through the process. It made it much easier for me to trust that I would get it back and that I was dealing with an honest person.

Mark Shimmelman

12/8/04 - Martin: I received my Accutron 214 today in great shape. I have reset it to the local time and so far so good. Yes I am pleased. It is like being reunited with a very old friend (a unique and trustworthy one). This watch went through a lot with me over the years. Starting from high school graduation to a stint in the  Navy in Vietnam, several jobs, meeting my wife, creation of a family and career, etc., in essence most  of my life experiences. I'm hoping that it will be with me for many more to come. Thank you for your excellent communications as this repair process  evolved. Have a wonderful Christmas, and a great new year.

Best Regards, Carl Novotny

12/8/04 - Martin, Thank you so much for the watch. I have been swamped with a newborn, but wanted to let you know that it looks great and I can't wait to give it to him. I am looking for the right box now.

Lisa Riggins

12/6/04 - I received my watch today in excellent shape. I placed a new leather band on her and it looks great! humming away just like the old days. Thank you so much for the excellent repair, and hope we can do business in the future.

Happy holidays, George Hawley

11/30/04 - I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I've been with the repair work that you did for me on my Spaceview and astronaut. The restored dials look great and 'glow' through out the night. I've been  particularly impressed with the astronaut's time keeping, as I have a GPS clock that I compare it with and it will run within a second or two per month with the GPS clock. The Spaceview isn't quite that accurate, but is doing very well. Keep up the excellent work and if/when I need any servicing on my watches or I find a 'new' one, I'll be sure to get in contact with you.

Best regards, Doug Seims

11/23/04 - The watch was waiting when I went home yesterday (Monday). How wonderfull it is to have it back for Thanksgiving!!! Thanks again for all your good work.

Ralph Scott

11/22/04 - Watch: Arrived today, Monday November 22nd Looks Good. Thanks.

Roger Trombley

11/22/04 - My Accutron arrived in good shape today. Thanks for a great job!

John Graf

11/12/04 - I just received the watch, and it looks great! Also, initial checking of the timing looks good. All-in-all the experience wasn't too bad. The hard part was not knowing your work, but I'm pleased with the outcome. Good to have the watch back! Thanks.

Mike Sandler

11/11/04 - I received the watch. It looks and runs great. Thanks.

Jerry McDonald

11/11/04 - I received my refurbished Spaceview and am very pleased with the quality of work! The watch looks and runs better than it ever has. Hopefully it won't need your services again for decades. Thanks,

David Ramsey

11/10/04 - I got it and it looks great and appears to be running fine. Thanks,

Alan Nixon

10/27/04 - I just wanted to let you know that my father received his watch and was floored by it. He hadn't been able to wear it for some years prior to you fixing it. Thank you very much for your workmanship and expertise. I would gladly recommend you to anyone with an Accutron that needs attention.

Dennis White

10/20/04 - I received my Accutron, it looks great and is running superbly. Thank you so very much.

Tom Fortenberry

10-15/04 - I've been wearing the Accutron for over a week now - and it has performed flawlessly - even aboard several airflights (pressurization changes used to affect it...)Thanks again,

Fred Klein



10/7/04 - My "new" Accutron Astronaut is beautiful. After 30 years of use you have restored it to it's original beauty and made it the family heirloom I intended it to be. I am grateful I found you and learned that you are knowledgeable, meticulous and a true craftsman in the restoration of the 214. As a coincidence I received my restored watch the same day I heard the news that Scott Carpenter had passed away. He was one of my heroes and I always told people that he proudly wore an Accutron Astronaut as noted on your web site.

Mark Johnson

10/6/04 - My Accutron watch arrived in the mail yesterday, safe, sound, and displaying the right time! It really looks wonderful -- you did a terrific job. For such a long time, I thought I never would see it working again. I am so glad to have learned on the Internet about you and the great work you do with these watches. Everyone to whom I have showed my restored watch thinks it's pretty cool! I look forward to enjoying it for a long time to come. Thank you for everything you have done -- all just how and when you promised.

Scott McSween

10/5/04 - The watch arrived safely. Looks great and is running well. Thanks so much for your quality work.

Scott Kribbs

10/5/04 - I just want to say THANKS for a job well done. It was worth the wait - You should know that you are restoring more than electronic timepieces. In my case you've revived many fond memories of times gone by - almost 40 years gone by - weddings, births, good times and sad times. No wonder why they call watches "timekeepers".

Fred Klein

9/14/04 - You are truly an artist! I picked up my watch this A.M. and it feels like an old friend has come home. The wait was well worth it
( now that its over). One question: the watch looks so good that I'm considering replacing the band with an original metal one. Availability? Cost? Please let me know.

Bruce Gordon

Original band availability is practically nil. There simply aren't enough bands to keep up with the demand.

9/14/04 - I recieved my watch today. Thank you so much for the repair. I am going to keep it for a long time and hopefully pass it on to my son. Thank you again.

Gayla Struck

9/13/04 - Thank you for all of your time and effort. The watch is running and humming away perfectly.

Clay Conrad

9/11/04 - I received my old friend today! I would like to thank you very much for the excellent workmanship, the watch is as if I walked out of the jewelers with my father on Feb. 1965. If you ever need a letter of recommendation, please contact me, YOUR SERVICE AND COMMUNICATION was appreciated.

Joe Kontos

9/6/04 - I continuously forget, when on-line, to inform you that the watch had arrived safely a week ago, thank you it is working fine. Most pleased that you are available, competent, and care for our memories.

Best, Arthur Karpfe

9/2/04 - I received my watch today and am very pleased with your work. Thanks for your help.

Ken Ricketson

8/31/04 - I received my Accutron yesterday. It looks great! Just like a new one. I will be proud to wear this watch and show it off as one of just a few. Thanks for a quality job and excellent service. You kept me informed via E-mail throughout the process. Thanks again.

Jim Stickley

8/31/04 - Got my Spaceview back today in the mail. Looks great! Seems to be running like new. Will let you know if there are any issues. Not expecting any. You have performed exactly as you stated in your emails to me and on your website. Will not hesitate to use your services in the future, will also be glad to refer any other Accutron owner to you. Thank you again for resurrecting my old friend.

Dan Thompson

8/24/04 - Please feel free to use my name/email as a reference if you wish. I'm extremely pleased with your work. Thanks again.
Steve Stroschein

8/4/04 - The watch has arrived and it is beautiful, hasn't ever looked this nice. Thanks again.

Al Rheinnecker

7/27/04 - Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your work. My Accutron came back looking much better than it did when I sent it to you and believe it or not I think it keeps better time now than it did when it was new.

Thanks, Larry Ordway

7/27/04 - The clock arrived yesterday, and is running on "Accutron" time. Thanks for the great work, it must be fun (and a pain at times) to work on these. I know regular watches are when I work on them. I will send the other one shortly.

Jim Madrid

7/16/04 - The watch arrived humming and with perfect time. Thank You

John Tachuk

7/14/04 - Picked up my watch from post office this morning. Looks and runs fine. Thanks for taking such good care of it. I can now hand it down to my Grandson (Not for a while though).

Bruce Cross

7/13/04 - The watches arrived yesterday in great condition, the box looked like it had never even traveled through the mail. I'm very pleased with the job that you did and the wait, for me, was not an issue at all. I usually like to get my service work done at a place that makes you wait, as that's usually a good sign their service is top notch vs. a place that can get you in right away. I'd like to get an Accutron clock yet, so if I run across one, I'll see when I can get on your service list again. Thanks again for and excellent job!

Doug Siems

7/1/04 - My father received his watch late last week. It's running perfectly and he is delighted. Thank you for everything. I don't know if it will last another 35 years before it needs further repair, but I will keep your email address handy. Thanks again,

Joe Yurkonis



6/23/04 - Got it OK. Sorry did not answer sooner my wife had to be hospitalized and was very hectic here. It looks and works fine. I did not know what to do with the watch until I found you on the web. I am pleased with the job you did on the watch. Thanks again.

Don Halloran

6/18/04 - Watch is here and humming happily. Thanks.

William Corea

6/17/04 - My Accutron arrived in the mail this morning and humming nicely. Thank again for your services.

My Best, W. A. Ogden

6/17/04 - I received the watch yesterday and it looks great! So far, it's keeping accurate time. This watch was a high school graduation gift from my parents and it means a lot to me to have it working again. Nice work.

Wayne E. Fuhrman

6/9/04 - My watch was delivered today.  Looks great! Thanks. 

Joseph Zapytowski

6/7/04 - Just a quick thanks. I've been wearing the watch a couple times a week since I got it back from you and it works great, looks great and keeps excellent time. I love it! Outstanding.

Frank Marchhart

6/7/04 - Received the watch, it is beautiful, and I haven't taken it off since it arrived. Thank you again .

Gayle Baird

6/3/04 - I received my watch on Wednesday and it is keeping excellent time. Thanks for your work and your attention to detail. I don't believe this watch has looked this good for 30 years. I am very pleased with the results. I hope I don't require your services again, but I will keep your email address for future repairs.

Ken Cruit

6/1/04 - The watch arrived today and it is beautiful and humming happily! I have not seen it this way since it was new.

Thank you so much! Steve Sohn

5/23/04 - Watches received and working very well. Hope you're around in 35 years to repair when they wear out again....

Thanks, Dennis Dort

5/20/04 - Got the watch yesterday and it looks just great! Thanks for fitting me and and thanks for keeping me updated all along. The watch looks like it's brand new.

Steve Lerner

5/14/04 - I got my SpaceView back and it looks great! I didn't think that I would ever get it running again. Thanks for all your efforts.

Paul Field

5/13/04 - My Accutron arrived today. Looks great, runs great! Thanks again.

Bob Allred

5/10/04 - I received the watch on Thursday and it works great. Thank you so much for your help and your great customer service. You were able to breath new life into my grandfather's old watch. I appreciate your service and reliability.

Take care, Carlos Torres.

5/10/04 - My Accutron is running perfectly, and I am very happy with the work you did. It gets a lot of questions and compliments.

Thank you, Dave Carton

5/7/04 - 

The watch arrived in fine shape and it's a beauty. Great job on the dial and hands.

Many thanks, Kimber Heddens

5/7/04 - Just wanted to let you know I received my time piece back and it looks great. You did a fantastic job bringing it back to life. It was money well spent. I'll definitely be referring everyone I encounter who has a similar time piece needing work to you. Thank you again, Jeffery Boyd

5/7/04 - I received the watch on Monday, May 3, 2004. Thank you very much for your fine work. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much!! George Clark

5/4/04 - I've received my 1967 Accutron. It's singing once again, looks beautiful. Thanks again for the fine craftsmanship!

Michael Clemensen

5/4/04 - I received my watch today. It looks like a WINNER, you do fantastic work. I am glad I found out about you and had you do the work on my 214. Thanks, Jock Soutar

5/4/04 - Thank you for the good work on the Spaceview. It's nice having it back on my wrist.

Rob Snowden

5/2/04 - The watch arrived in the mail last evening, it is beautiful and I thank you for fixing it.

Best regards, Bob Scheuer

4/22/04 - Martin, I picked up my Accutron today at the post office. Looks great.

Thanks, Mike Kemp

4/21/04 - My Space View has arrived and it looks JUST GREAT! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It looks as good as when I received it 39 years ago. I appreciate the expert craftsmanship you have performed in repairing and restoring the 214. Many, many thanks. I hope you will still be performing your service should my watch ever need repair again. The process was worth the wait.

Best to you and your family, Dan Hendricks

4/21/04 - I received the watch and it is amazing. Thank you!!! It look s great and is keeping excellent time.

Jim Mignone

4/16/04 - Received watch and running great. Thanks for a great job.

Bob Hayden

4/13/04 - The watch arrived yesterday and it looks brand new. Matthew will be here this week end and he can't wait to see it.

Thank you, Ann Debrosevic

4/12/04 - I can only say one thing: AWESOME.

Thanks, Paul Petracone

3/30/04 - The Accutron came today. It's running great and looks like you polished it a bit too. The enclosed sheet with the instructions for setting the time was also helpful. The process, while time consuming, was worth it. I now know where to take the watch the next time it needs service. Very professional job.

Larry Katzenstein

3/9/04 - Just wanted to let you know the watch arrived and it looks and works great. Thank you so much for restoring a family keepsake.

Howard Jacobs



2/27/04 - Well done indeed, the wait was worth it! I will be in touch soon regarding the second 214 in need of service.

Lance Binns

2/24/04 - Just letting you know I got my 214 back safe and sound. It looks great. Thanks for the fine work.

Chandler Bryan

1/18/04 - I received my Astro at noon today, set it to clock on TV and it is right on time 10 hours later. Thank you very much. I highly recommend you to my other Accutron collector friends.

Stan Osborn

1/10/04 - I just wanted to let you know that I received the watch and was very impressed with the quality of your work. Very, very nice. Looks like a new watch. Thank you very much, I am really happy and totally satisfied with the repair.

Thanks Again,
Bruce Lockwood

1/5/04 - I received the watch this afternoon and in fine shape. It is presently on my wrist, humming its F# -47. I am most pleased to have this fine watch that I was told "could not be repaired" back running. Thanks again for the fine work. It was worth the wait.

Best Regards,
Paul Herzoff

1/28/04 - The watch arrived today and I'm admiring it now. This is the first time it has hummed in 25 years. I bought the watch in a military PX while I was in the Marine Corps and it means a lot to me. Thanks for the great work. It looks as good as the day I first put it on.

Joe DeMattei

1/27/04 - Thanks for the beautiful job on the Accutron Clock. After it is installed in the airplane, I will make a digital image and send it to you!

Bill Bohrer

1/21/04 - The Accutron was delivered safe and sound yesterday afternoon. It's a beauty. I am wearing it today to show it off and I am enjoying every minute of it. (Pun intended.)

Thanks so much,
Stan Vaughan

1/20/04 - My watch arrived today, and I am very pleased and impressed with your obvious expertise and skill. It looks brand-new. I am happy to once again have this 41-year old beauty looking and working as it did when my father enjoyed it. It was one of his most prized possessions, and it certainly is one of mine. Thank you so very much.

Dave Carton

1/17/04 - Five Twenty and All Is Well !!! The watch arrived this afternoon, before I could get tracking info from USPS. No more automatically looking at my left wrist and seeing only hair. A job well done.

Thanks again,
Donal McLellan

1/12/04 - Thank You, I just received my watch back with the new band. It looks great. I look forward to many more years of enjoying this great timepiece. I was so glad to have run across you especially after having Bulova tell me they were no longer repairing the watches. Thanks again!! hmmmmmmm!

Tom DeSanti

1/11/04 - The watch arrived yesterday. It's running great and problem with erratic timing appears completely solved. You are a master craftsman and perfectionist. Thanks a million. This watch means a lot to me.

Bill Purcell

1/10/04 - The Astronaut arrived safely, and in great shape. Looks and humms great.

Robert S. Harris

1/2/04 - I've received my watch and it is humming along like new. Thank you very much for your fantastic service.

Albie McCue

12/4/03 - My clock arrived home today. It is purring happily in it's honored spot. Thanks so much for the attention to detail you have shown with this repair. I promise to take very good care of it!

Sue Roberts

12/4/03 -  I received my watch today. It looks great. Thanks so much for the service.

Kelvin McDaniel

12/4/03 -  Received the watch in excellent condition. Thanks!

Hank Bullwinkel

11/25/03 -  I've received my watch, and it looks and sounds great. I'm very happy with what you've done.

Tom Doremus

11/19/03 -  My watch arrived today. Thanks for the good service and workmanship.

Bob Ross

11/17/03 -  Just wanted to let you know the watch arrived here a few minutes ago. I couldnt be more happy with the outcome. Psychiatrists say that there are many triggers to memory: sound, color, smell (best example I can find is when I open a box of Crayola crayons and sniff --- Im back in second grade again Well hearing the 214 brings me back to high school.. Thanks I appreciate your good work!

David Land

11/14/03 -  I don't know if you remember me, we had quite a time getting my watch to work. I just wanted to tell you she is still running like a top. I wear it everyday and really enjoy having it back in running condition. Thanks a Million.

Jim Mason

11/5/03 -  I received the watch.. humming along nicely thanks to you.

Dave Derby

11/4/03 -  I received it today and it looks great. Talk to you in about 10 years for a dusting and cleaning.

Michael Udo

10/20/03 -  I picked up my time piece this morning, it looks great thanks . Its a beautiful day in Indiana today and I can't wait to show it off.

Patrick Mullin

10/15/03 -  The watch has arrived and it is wonderful! The band looks great on the watch too. I found a picture of my dad wearing the watch in the 60's and the band was leather back then. Thank you so much! I couldn't be more pleased!

Margaret J. Fox

10/14/03 -  My Accutron arrived Saturday. Great Job! When I opened the package and looked at the watch, I was back in 1965 for a few moments. Thanks for the memories, as what's his name used to say.

Tony Cooke

10/9/03 - I just received the watch. It looks and sounds great. I must admit that I barely recognize the dial and I appreciate the difficulty this aspect caused in the course of the repair. In any case, thank you so much and I will contact you again when the 214 requires regular maintenance.

John Wynne

10/9/03 - I thought I'd send you a note and let you know that my Accutron has been keeping perfect time.

Thearthur Hygh

10/9/03 -  Martin, just a note to let you know that my 1962 Accutron 214 looks new and keeps time beautifully. Thank you for your substantial efforts in restoring my grandfather's Accutron.

John Wynne

10/1/03 -  Received my watch yesterday and it seems to be in fine working order. It's great to be wearing it again. My Accutron Spaceview had been tucked away in a dresser drawer for years. It's funny wearing it now because most of my business associates are too young to remember when the Accutron Spaceview was the rage and on the leading edge of timekeeping technology. They find it hard to believe that it is on the brink of being 40 years old. Thank you for your professional workmanship and I must say that I am glad that there are craftsman such as you, that specialize in the preservation of the Bulova Accutron 214.

Gregory J. Shirilla

9/30/03 - Just want to tell you my watch arrived in great shape. And yes, it's fantastic. Thanks again. The 'ring' was worth the price and I'm showing it to everyone. It keeps time absolutely perfectly and looks great. The other night I was with a little gathering of people. Four of us guys were sitting around talking. I mentioned my watch and how I'd found you on the internet. Then I showed it to them. 

Turns out all four of us had Accutron Spaceviews (no one knew they were called 'Spaceviews'... I learned that from you). We were all astounded. What are the chances? Anyway... just a warning. You may be getting some more business from them. One of them has an Accutron pocket watch in addition to the wristwatch he was wearing. No one will even change the battery on it because they don't know how to open it.

Michael Mulhearn, C.M., Ph.D., FAACS

9/26/03 -  You overhauled my 214 a while back and it's been running amazingly well. In fact, it's become my daily wearer.

Jack Tozzi

9/26/03 - Thank you so much for fixing my favorite watch. I immediately put it on and have enjoyed wearing it once again after a year of it being broken. I  even enjoy the hum as a lay down to go to sleep. You did an excellent job and I appreciate your promptness and professionalism. Thanks again. I will talk to you again in the future.

Dan Mockensturm

9/17/03 -  My watch has arrived in fine condition. I got the band back on and I'm always glad to wear it. The kids in my high school are slightly fascinated with it. The continuous sweep and hum make it an interesting item. Thanks again for your help.

Chris Lynch

9/10/02 - Got it!!! Many thanks. Its beautiful! I'm wearing it now! Good ole JC Penny had a 17mm leather straps for $11 and voila, back in business. Had to go to a few places to find a 17mm band (18mm was just a tad too big) and all the staff thought it was a stunning watch and they had never heard a watch hum like that. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Stuart Wright

9/5/03 -  What a nice feeling to have Dad's Accutron humming along on my wrist, to look down and see something that my dad treasured,  something that for so many years I saw on his wrist.  It's money well-spent, the best kind of therapy there is.  Thanks for being an expert at your craft.

Steve  Garrison

9/4/03 -  I received my Accutrons in the mail today. I want you to know that I am very pleased with your service and professionalism. I will certainly be contacting you for all my future servicing needs.

Jim Goulee

9/3/03 -  Someone finally managed to bring across my Accutron from the States, and it looks fantastic. Thanks for the great work.

Micah Truman

8/29/03 -  I have received my watch and it's running fine. Thanks again for your professional service. You're in my address book for future repairs.

Jerry Strosberg

8/22/03 -  About a year ago, you rehabbed my Accutron Spaceview and I thought I'd just drop you a note and say that it's still working great. The battery just needed replacing, but otherwise it keeps great time and has no problems. Hope you're doing well and that business isn't too overwhelming.

Jim Garland

8/19/03 -  I've received my Accutron and have observed it for a couple of days. It is keeping perfect time and humming very nicely. I am very pleased with the quality and excellence of your service. I look forward to many hours of enjoyment when wearing my Accutron Spaceview. Thank you very much!

A Very Satisfied Customer,
Thearthur Hygh

8/12/03 -  I received my watch, and it looks and runs great. Thanks for a job well done. Let me know how long the battery should last and where is the best place to purchase replacements.

Jerry Jones

8/5/03 -  The watch arrived yesterday afternoon. Thank you for a job well done!

Michael Valek

8/5/03 -  I received my Astronaut today, humming merrily. The sound is less raucous than I remembered, perhaps because it no longer has worn gears? Now I must find a suitable watchband...

Terry Henderson

7/24/03 -  Received a pleasant surprise in yesterday's late afternoon mail--the 214 I sent you. Looks great!

Mark C. Radomsky, Ph.D., MPA, CMSP

7/16/03 -  You repaired my Accutron this year and I'd like to let you know that it is working just fine. I've owned crystal controlled watches that
were not as accurate. 

Satisfied Customer,
Charles C. Williams

7/14/03 -  I finally got by the post office today and picked up my watch. It arrived on Friday but I was not here to get it. It looks great. Thanks.

Jim Meetze

7/11/03 -  My Accutron has arrived in fine condition. Thank you very much

Douglas E. Swager

7/9/03 -  I have received my watch. It is beautiful and running perfectly. Thank you!!!

Jeff Kohn

7/9/03 -  Received my watch today. Thank you for your service.

David Pittman

6/25/03 -  I received my watch and all seems to be fine! Sure is nice to have it in working order again!

Chip Yanta

6/24/03 -  I received the watch yesterday. Runs and looks sensational.

Tom Kanuk

6/24/03 -  I received my watch today. It was packaged very well and humming along nicely. It looks excellent! I will assume it keeps time as well as it looks. Thank you for your outstanding service! This entire experience has been wonderful. Your attention to detail, prompt responses, and professionalism are above and beyond what I expected. Please feel free to use my name as a very satisfied customer.

Craig Baker

6/15/03 -  I am glad to have with me my Accutron watch. And I am glad because is working, for me the face of my old watch looks perfect. Thank very much.

Juan Reyes.

6/15/03 -  I picked up my watch at the post office yesterday. I looks great and is keeping perfect time.

Dick Heiman

6/12/03 -  Accutron arrived today, looks great.

H.B. Smith

6/13/03 -  I would like to thank you for a outstanding job in fixing my Accutron watch. Excellent job !! I don't know what to say. It's been a long time since I last saw the second hand sweep around the dial (over 25 years). The watch is humming away. So smooth - like a baby's bottom.

Again let me say thank you. If I should ever meet any other person who has an Accutron 214, I will surely bring up your name in conversation.

Tom  Chin

6/12/03 -  My Accutron has arrived. It looks like a new watch and the humming sound that has been restored is music to my ears.

It has been a pleasure to have someone like yourself, (a professional) to deal with. Your workmanship, communications, and your web sites are excellent. I would recommend you without hesitation to anyone needing a fine timepiece repaired.

Jerry Thompson

6/3/03 -  Watch arrived in fine shape....thanks Martin for the excellent job you've done.

Richard Toth   

6/3/03 -  Hi,  recieved my watch.............humming away and looks great...........thanks again.

Stephen Hicken   

6/3/03 -  The watch has relocated to its proper place--my wrist. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the timely (pun intended) work. Thanks again.

Mark Panfel

5/22/03 -  Thanks for the great job you did on my Accutron. It has arrived and has been running perfectly.

Don Hollinger

5/21/03 -  Thanks for your excellent service. I'm wearing the watch now and it looks as good as it did thirty-five years ago.

Bill Rohde

5/20/03 -  Watches arrived thanks. Astronaut looks especially good.

Tom Wigley

5/20/03 -  I am mailing you to let you know that I received my Accutron back yesterday from you. It looks and functions GREAT! Thanks for a job well done, I will recommend you to my friends who have 214 Accutrons. I too am a lover of "yesterdays" technology and love to keep the really worthwhile machines running! To this day I don't really see how Bulova could draw wire that small and wind coils so small on a production basis back "then". Not to mention the unbelievable index mechanism! Anyway, I will contact you soon, as I am wearing a 214 railroad approved right now that runs great, but I have no idea if it's ever been serviced or when. Anyway, take care and "keep 'em "hummin".

Tom Cosby

5/19/03 -  Wanted to let you know that I received my watch today. My watch hasn't looked this good since the day I got it. You did an absolutely fantastic job. Even my hands are glowing. My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner! Thank you so much again.

Peter Indycki

5/11/03 -  I received the Astronaut you serviced for me yesterday. Thanks again for the great service. It looks great and is humming away as it should. It is nice to know It will have many more years of dependable service to give. It now sits proudly in my collection and will also get to see occasional service.

Bruce Lewis

5/3/03 -  My watch arrived today ticking away nicely. I mean humming nicely. Thank you.

 Jerry Singer

5/2/03 -  I just wanted to drop a quick thanks. The Accutron 214 is humming along nicely and keeping good time. I've been wearing my 40 year old watch every day to work, and the two times that I have used it at Vietnam Reenactments - it was a big hit. Take care and keep up the good work.

Bob Carr

4/29/03 -  I received the watch today. It looks and sounds great! Thanks so much for the excellent workmanship and service. I'd appreciate if you could let me  know if there are any special care instructions. Also, how long should the  battery last and what do I do when it runs out? Thanks again for getting my  Dad's watch back in running order and bringing back some fond memories.

Tim Hamashuk

4/22/03 -  I received my Accutron last Saturday it looks like new with the new crystal and other work you have doneMost importantly it seems to be humming along just fine.

Harry  Skruch

4/21/03 -  I received the watch Saturday and it looks and is running great!  Thank you for your very professional service. 

Charles Bates

4/21/03 -  The watch arrived Saturday (4/19) and it's humming beautifully. Sad to say my Father can't enjoy using it himself due to Macular Degeneration; however, he is planning to give it to my oldest brother (Carl Swenson) to enjoy. On behalf of my soon to be 95 year young Father -- Thank You!!!

Marie A. Brown

4/14/03 -  I received my SV this morning. Once again, you did a beautiful job.


4/10/03 - Well my Spaceview is running and looking like a million $$$. I would like to have a spare crystal like the one you just put on. I will send you a check. How much with shipping, etc.?

Bart Ewalt

4/7/03 - Thanks, I am impressed and lucky to have found you.

Edward H. Pendergast

4/4/03 - M9 arrived and sure looks good. Thanks

Tom Wigley

4/4/03 - I just got my Grandfather's watch back and I am amazed! It must look like it did when he bought it in 1964, it is so clean and polished. I can even hear a difference in the tone of the watch, it runs so well now. Thank you for your service and dedication to keeping these watches running. I will definitely send it back to you in a few years for a check-up. I really appreciated the frequent emails letting me know the progress of my Grandfather's watch. Thanks a bunch!

David Witt

3/26/03 - The Accutron arrived late yesterday afternoon and everything is working just fine. Thanks again.

Joel Chappel

3/26/03 - Received and can't believe my eyes. Just fantastic. My wife looked at it and just said WOW! Then put it to her ear to hear it hum. It has been a while since we heard that familiar hum and want to really thank you for the care you took in restoring OUR watch. I appreciated how you kept us informed  as to the repair schedule and images you sent to explain what was needed and suggestions to facilitate repair. Again, thank you  for your work and care shown for my timepiece.

Ron Granitz

3/24/03 - Both watches arrived today.  Very satisfied with the result.

Bob Brich

3/15/03 - I picked up the Accutron yesterday at the post office. It's alive and well, humming nicely. Looks far better than when I sent it to you !  Approx. how long can I expect the battery to last ? Enjoyed doing business with you.

M. McFarland (Mac)

3/13/03 - Received my Accutron in fine condition yesterday.  By the way, would you have any idea of its current market value?  Is there a demand for this model?  I don't think I want to sell it, but I am curious as to what it might be worth.  My dad bought it in the early sixties and wore it every day for years.  It still has the original crystal and band. Thanks for the good service

Dick Sandberg

3/7/03 - The post office tried to deliver watch Wednesday, but I was not home. Picked-up watch at post office on Thursday. Astronaut really looks good.

Tom Fultz

3/6/03 - Received the watch yesterday. It's working fine. Thanks.

Tom Brown

3/5/03 - I received my Astronaut back, very professional work, I will be proud to wear it. Thank you.

Fank Bertrand

3/3/03 - I received my Accutron today. Many thanks for your help in getting it back in working order.

C.R. Beddingfield

2/20/03 - I received the watch yesterday. Thank you again for all your efforts.

Don Smith

2/15/03 - I got the watch today and it looks great, like new.  

Bill Scherer

2/15/03 - Well its back. It looks wonderful and it seems to be keeping good time. Thanks for taking care of it. I wonder, how accurate should I expect it to be? I hope I dont need service on it for a while, but when I do, it will go back to Marblehead.

Stephen Jarrett

2/14/03 - Martin---the watch has arrived and it looks terrific! Thank you for your expert work and fine service.

Jerry Zis

2/13/03 - Received my Accutron today,(2/13/03) 12:47 PM. Good job, well pleased!

John Firth

2/13/03 - Thanks so much! I received my watch today. It runs and looks great. I have had this watch since 1967.  You have no idea how happy I am to have it working again.

Jeff Morrow

2/4/03 - The watch arrived yesterday. It's great! Thanks. The watch was given to me for my 23d birthday by my dad who was always fascinated by the mechanism. It hasn't worked in over 25 years but I got it fixed up so that I could give it back to him for his 83d birthday. I know he'll be thrilled. Thanks again.

Steve Schonfeld
Behind the Redwood Curtain

2/3/03 - I received the watch today and I'm very pleased. It's good to see her humming again. Even with new seals I assume it probably wouldn't withstand a rain shower correct?

Iain Bush

2/1/03 - I just received my father in law's watch. I don't open it and send it to him right away! I thank you so much for the job and for the nice way you manage the things. That's easy and very convenient. Still thank you so much and I wish you a great 2003 Year

Veronique Chatelin

1/28/03 - I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job on my 214. It's nice to know that someone still knows what service and integrity are about.

Bill Kevorkian

1/27/03 - Just a note to let you know that my Accutron arrived today humming nicely as expected. It also looks great!

Richard W. Moyer

1/25/03 - The watch is back home and looking great.  Thanks for the nice job.

Jack Tozzi

1/24/03 - I just got my watch in the mail. Thank you so much for work that you did. The watch looks great, better than I expected. I hope you have a great year, and I hope that business is good for you.

Aaron Hansen

1/15/03 - Just received my repaired Accutron. Looks great, and came out of the package with the correct time. Thanks for the professional job. You will get my recommendations.

Robert Hayman

1/3/03 - I have been remiss in not thanking you for the great work you did on my watch. It runs beautifully and looks as good as new. Thanks for the fast, excellent and fair priced work you performed.

Bob Donohue

12/25/02 - Martin, received my Accutron. thanks. Have a happy new year.

Bob Miller

12/17/02 - I have been traveling and just yesterday returned home to discover that my Accutron was back from your shop. Needless to say, I am very happy.  The quality of your work exceeded my expectations!  My Accutron is NEW again.  As I mentioned to you in my inquiry e-mail, this watch was my 16th birthday present in 1964, given to me by my father.  With time and a few unfortunate accidents this watch was nearly destroyed.   
I held onto it over all these years in my top drawer, fanaticizing that someday someone out there would help me bring it back to life.  Over the years I asked many jewelers and not one was even willing to try.  Well you certainly did!  It was, is, and will for many years to come, be a very special possession for me.  Thank you again for your passion and professionalism.  Happy Holidays!

Steve Harris

12/8/02 - I received the Accutron in excellent condition. I want to thank you for your good work. I have been to many Accutron-related sites, and read quite a few letters of complaint  concerning slow  and somewhat inconsistent levels of service from other repair sites, which only has served to reinforce my correct decision of sending my Accutron to you. I was even surprised by the quick turnaround. Many thanks, once again, and I shall not hesitate to recommend your site to others.

John Katz

12/6/02 - My parents have received the watch. Thank you very much for fitting them in and getting it repaired. My father has had that watch since it was made and he needed it for working on the railroad. Having it repaired has really made him happier. Thanks again.

Alan Gingras

11/24/02 - Sorry for the delay in sending this message.  I got the watch back right before I went out of the country.  It looks great, works great, and I appreciate the terrific job that you did restoring it.  

Frank P. Morgan

11/18/02 - The Accutrons arrived today and they look great! I am very pleased with the Spaceview conversion, It has my favorite case and looks fabulous! Thank you so much for your beautiful workmanship. Even though I've attempted to get out of the Accutron hobby I am still addicted and have to look on ebay. Hope to do business with you again.

Mark Mattox

11/12/02 - It has arrived. The post office tried to deliver on Saturday (when my office was closed) and yesterday was a holiday, no delivery. Watch looks great, and I will make every attempt to now remember not to wear it in the water or shower.

Bill Haas

10/31/02 - You are a genius. The watch arrived and looks beautiful. What is more it is humming and keeping time. I respect your talent for this craftsmanship and appreciate the work you did in restoring the watch. I replaced the worn watch strap and am proud to be wearing the 214 and to display it to my friends that respect technological advances, such as this watch represented in 1967.

Leon Hillman

10/18/02 - I picked up my watch at the post office this morning, it seems like old times having it back running. Thank you so very much. I have another Accutron, J157825 - M2, do you work on these. If you do. I will send it to you.

Robert Rey

10/10/02 - I just received my watch. You did a magnificent job. The watch is beautiful.  I am elated with it and thrilled over your fine work and prompt, personalized and professional handling throughout. Proud being one of your happy, well-pleased customers, I applaud your service and echo the many accolades on your bulletin board.

V. Patton Kee

9/30/02 - My Accutron arrived safe and sound today.  It looks and runs beautifully!  My sincere thanks for the beautiful job that you did in restoring this piece that holds such a sentimental value to me. Thank you for your most prompt and professional service.

Glenn Platteter

9/25/02 - My watch arrived and is running great. Thank you for your prompt service.

Jeff Jorgenson

9/10/02 - Accutron arrived in yesterday afternoon's mail - WHAT A BEAUTY!!!!!!! You have done a super job with this watch & exceeded my expectations. Thanks for the great work. I'll be sending it back to you for service as needed.

Leigh F. West

8/26/02 - I went to the post office and picked up the watch. It looks and sounds beautiful.

Nelson Sarver

8/12/02 - Thank You for a great job. I am very pleased. Purrs (hums) like a kitten and looks like new.

Jimmy Wilshere

7/28/02 - I don't remember if I already wrote to you, but I got the clock and it is fine, I have several other pieces that I will send you in the coming months.

John Namey

7/13/02 -  Got the watch today, very pleased with the result.

Greg Antoniano

7/10/02 - Received my Accutron yesterday, looks GREAT! I love the band and it fits perfectly. Should I expect to make adjustments or  should it keep good time on its own?

Bob Leger

7/10/02 - My Accutron arrived home today safe and sound, and it looks great! Thanks very much, you did a fantastic job with it, and the change in bands was an excellent suggestion; it's much sharper looking with this one.

Will Wesson

6/15/02 - Received the watch today - thanks for the great service!

Jeff Lefkowicz

6/13/02 - I just wanted to email you and tell you that I got the watch. I also wanted to tell you how happy I am with it! You did a wonderful job, thank you again!!

Rob Opdyke

6/5/02 - Watch arrived a few minutes ago. It looks great. Thank you very much.

Bob Coolidge

4/5/02 - Thank you for taking good care of my watch. I appreciate the work you have done and all the information that you have provided me concerning my watch. It works great and it is a pleasure to wear it once again. My email address has changed also in case you keep track. I'll be in contact should my watch need any kind of service in the future. Once again, thank you very much.

John Kwon

3/15/02 - My watch arrived today and I have it back on my wrist after a three year absence. I am most grateful for your efforts and I would like to keep your address on file for future maintenance.

Ian Anderson

3/14/02 - Thanks Martin, for everything. I was looking at the watch last night and my wife who never knew my Father, asked what I was doing. Without realizing it, I had just been staring at the movement for 10 minutes. I was thinking about the history of the watch and what it had meant to my Dad. My Mother sent out some photos of my Dad just before shipping out to Viet Nam holding me as a baby and you can see the tan lines on his wrist from this very watch-- it really makes me nostalgic and is almost hypnotic as I look at it (other photos he has the watch on). Words cannot describe my appreciation to you and your work as well as your indulgence answering all my questions, which no doubt to someone with your experience and knowledge must seem somewhat inane at times! The new weblinks are great and the ability to view/print the manual is very nice. I really like the restoration series-- that is still interesting to me and it is very nice to read your description of the process. I also like the sister website, it is very nice cosmetically-- you've really done a great job! I will post a note on your bulletin board today for other visitors to your site as a reference. In the meantime, if anyone you speak with would like a satisfied customer reference feel free to use me.

Kevin Sherman

3/2/02 - The Astronaut arrived today. It looks great. You are an Accutron artist.

Bob Allred

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