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Specializing In The Cleaning, Repair And Restoration of First Edition Accutron 214 Caliber Tuning Fork Timepieces.

To the many customers who have provided feedback over the years:

Thank you for taking the time to write. I really appreciate receiving report cards from my customers. I'm very conscious of the fact that many of you have taken a giant leap of faith by sending me a precious family heirloom. That's why I try to keep you informed and to provide reassurance that your 214 repair or restoration is on schedule. Even those who place no sentimental value on a recently purchased 214 are a bit nervous (and rightly so) that they might be victimized by price gouging, incompetence or even outright theft. Judging by your feedback, you also welcome periodic re-assurance.

My work week could be much shorter if I cut back on the time I spend doing e-mails, but your feedback serves to prove that I'm doing something right, and as the saying goes.... "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Very truly yours,
Martin Marcus

ps: Thanks to it's amazing technology, Accutron tuning fork watches may very well be the only mass market electronic devices of their era which are still in every day use.

After completing work on his two Accutrons, I was privileged to receive a visit by former astronaut Jeffrey A. Hoffman.

Dr. Hoffman and yours truly, I'm wearing my Astronaut. He's sporting his 1970 Cushion Case Spaceview.

Hoffman Biographies: Wikipedia & NASA

Frequently Asked Question:

Message from John T.
Sent: Thursday, February 18, 2021 6:52 PM
Subject: Watch Repair

Good Evening Sir:

I have an old Accutron (~55 years) that the minute and hour hands do not move, however the second hand is moving smoothly.  Does this sound like a problem that is repairable?


Martin wrote:

Try tightening the back cover.

If no luck, you need a thinner case gasket.

If still no luck, you need a setting stem with a longer shaft. There are several different lengths, depending on the case model.


Message from John T.

Good Morning Mr. Marcus:

It's taken me a while to actually put your advice into practice, however, it worked great! Thank you so much for your assistance. Hopefully I will get another 50 years of use out of this watch (or at least someone will). 


7/28/21 - I don't remember if I already wrote to you, but I got the clock and it is fine.

P. Namey

7/13/21 -  Got the watch today, very pleased with the result.

F. Antoniano

7/10/21 - Received my Accutron yesterday, looks GREAT! I love the band and it fits perfectly.

A. Leger

7/10/21 - My Accutron arrived home today safe and sound, and it looks great! Thanks very much, you did a fantastic job with it, and the change in bands was an excellent suggestion; it's much sharper looking with this one.

B. Wesson

6/15/21 - Received the watch today - thanks for the great service!

V. Lefkowicz

6/13/21 - I just wanted to email you and tell you that I got the watch. I also wanted to tell you how happy I am with it! You did a wonderful job, thank you again!!

W. Opdyke

6/5/21 - Watch arrived a few minutes ago. It looks great. Thank you very much.

H. Coolidge

4/5/21 - Thank you for taking good care of my watch. I appreciate the work you have done and all the information that you have provided me concerning my watch. It works great and it is a pleasure to wear it once again. My email address has changed also in case you keep track. I'll be in contact should my watch need any kind of service in the future. Once again, thank you very much.

P. Kohn

3/15/21 - My watch arrived today and I have it back on my wrist after a three year absence. I am most grateful for your efforts.

E Anderson

3/14/02 - Thanks Martin, for everything. I will post a note on your bulletin board today for other visitors to your site as a reference. In the meantime, if anyone you speak with would like a satisfied customer reference feel free to use me.

K. Shireman

3/2/21 - The Astronaut arrived today. It looks great. You are an Accutron artist.

H. Alfred

1/28/2021 - Hello Martin,

Letting you know my watch showed up today. Looks GREAT!!  Love it.

Thanks so much for your great service.

Chet R.
Monroe City, MO

8/12/2020 - Hello,

Apologize for late response, watch received and absolutely love it!


Gabe M.
Lavant, ME

5/1/2020 - The watches arrived safely yesterday. They look wonderful and are running well. Thank you for the care and expertise you put into repairing
and restoring them.

Karen B.
Mission Hills, K

4/3/2020 - Hi Martin,

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on my watch.  It looks great.  I have been wearing it for the past two days and it keeps perfect time. This Accutron was a gift from my mother to my father who wore it for 25 years. He died far too young at age 52.   He was a man of virtue and integrity, and still is my moral compass and my inspiration.  This watch is my reminder of him every day.  I simply cannot express how significant it is for me that I am able to wear it again.

Thank you again for continuing the work that you do. I'm sure it means a lot to so many people.

Kind regards,

Erick K.
Two Rivers, WI

3/21/2020 - Hi, Got it today! Thank you. Looking good and working after being broken for a few years 🙂

Michael F.
Marstons Mills, MA

3/12/2020 - I received my watch and just wanted to say thank you, it looks wonderful.

Brandon S,
Tucson, AZ

3/1/2020 - Hello Martin,

I apologize for not corresponding sooner.  Life has been a little hectic, of late. I received the watch the other day.  I want to thank as for all of the work that you have done.  It runs beautifully,  and is, in every way, better than I had hoped.  You are truly a Master Artisan.  My Nephew is going to love this watch.  My Grandfather would be proud.  Thank you again 


Denver R.
Kiln, MS 

2/9/2020 - Hello Martin, 

Wanted to let you know that the watch arrived last week to Kuwait safely and has been keeping good time. I really appreciate your work and the watch is beautiful.  Thank you very much. 

Yousef A.
Kuwait by way of NYC

2/1/2020 - Hi Martin,

I received beautiful white gold TV !! I’m very very happy with this TV !!  If you get another, please let me know again!!  I’m waiting another Black dial TV but, now I have 5 of TV! 

Seiya M.
Kagawa, Japan

12/24/19 - Martin

The watch arrived this afternoon and is beautiful.  I was happy to hear the wonderful hum that says it is an Accutron. Thank you for all the info about how to install the battery and set the time.  Very helpful. 

Karen B.
Mission Hills, KS

12/23/19 - Martin

My Accutron arrived yesterday evening and looks like new!  Thank you and Merry Christmas to you & yours

David S.
Raleigh, NC

11/30/19 - Hi Martin

FYI; my Accutron is running/working perfectly! I’m delighted to report that in the one month (today) since receiving my Accutron, it has only lost 35 seconds in those 31 days.  Prior to its malfunction several months ago, it was losing just over 1 minute per week.

Brandon E.
Powell, OH

11/21/19 - Hi Martin

The watch has arrived safely and has been keeping time well over the past few days. I have to say I am extremely happy with everything. If I ever have any 214 related needs I will be in touch.

Brandon E.
Powell, OH

11/13/19 - Hello Martin,

I've just received the Acutron, and it looks splendid. And it was set for PST. about 15 seconds past my smartphone's reading! The new luminous marks glow well too! I'm happy with the watch, and will only wear it occaisionaly. Thank you.

Larry J.
Pinole, CA

10/29/19 - Martin:

My Accutron arrived today.  And not only is it running properly…it’s BEAUTIFUL; you did a great job on the exterior as well as the internal working mechanisms.  Thanks for your professional service and expertise.

At last, I don’t feel “naked” walking around; with my Accutron, I’m fully clothed!

Best wishes to you, my friend.

Roy C.
Collierville, TN

10/17/2019 - Martin

I have had the watch for a week now and it is running fine.  It is very accurate and looks very nice.  Thanks for doing such a great job.

Carl E.
Sammamish, WA


Good afternoon Martin,

I received the watch band yesterday. It is perfect. Thank you so much.. This has been a most enjoyable experience. I am taking the watch tomorrow to have the band put on.

Best wishes,

Gigi D.
Cameron Park, CA

7/22/19 - Mr. Marcus,

Just to let you know my Accutron arrived today. I put it right on and will let you know how it keeps time. Again, thank you for such great customer service, your attention to detail is very much appreciated.

Deborah C.
Carlisle, PA

7/22/19 - Martin,

 I received the watch in good order , but set foe the wrong time , how do I set the time . I live in calif ,Please advise.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanks I love the watch it works great thanks again.

Tylan P.
Camarillo, CA

7/9/19 - Martin,


My Accutron Watch arrived yesterday and appears to be working fine. I am very pleased with the service. Thanks for the instructions on replacing the battery.

Again Thanks,

Jerry B.
Metairie, LA

4/22/19 - Good Evening Martin,

The watch arrived today and is humming along nicely, thank you sir.

Zoot B..
Fort Lauderdale, FL

4/4/19 - Hi Martin, 

My watch arrived today, is keeping very accurate time and looks fabulous!  Thanks so much for restoring this treasure to me. The watch was a gift from my wife in 1963. It means more to me than words can say to have this constant reminder of her on my wrist.

Warmest regards, 

Bob B.
Venice, FL

3/17/19 – Hi Martin, 

Replacing the battery fixed the issue. Thanks for your help with this. Now the watch is working perfectly.

All the best.

Maurice K..
Waltham, MA 

3/2/19 - Martin -  thank you for your continued patience with my watch repair.  It is now keeping impeccable time. 



Bill M.

Telluride, Colorado

2/24/19 - Hi Martin,

I received my 1974 Accutron Spaceview from you last week!  it's beautiful and is running perfectly! Thanks again for your repairs to my THREE Accutron 214 's!  They are all running perfectly and will become family heirlooms for my three sons!

Once again I thank you for your service.

Gerald B.
Ridgefield, CT

2/22/19 - Hi Martin,

My M4 Accutron Spaceview arrived earlier this afternoon, extremely well packaged for the long distance travel to Australia.

If you don't mind me saying, the introduction photos did not do this watch justice.  I would have no hesitation recommending your work to other Bulova enthusiasts and look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

All the very best.

Chris M.
Sydney Australia.

1/10/19 - Martin,


The watch arrived yesterday and it is keeping perfect time. Thanks for being out there keeping these things in motion. The grandkids think watches hum not tick. They will be a nice legacy gift.


Bob B.

St. Paul, MN

1/3/19 - 9/13/18 - Martin,

Just went to the Post Office and got the package you sent.  The watch is beautiful and the humming sound is wonderful!  Thank you.

Have a wonderful New Year.

George S.
W. Covina, CA

8/17/18 - Dear Martin,

Just to let you know my Astronaut arrived today and looks great. Thanks very much.

Richard S.
Sarasota, FL 34249 

12/20/18 - Hi Martin,

I am wearing my recently renovated Accutron which I picked up yesterday. It looks great and is running perfectly....a nice everyday watch for the office. Thank you for the prompt service, as always.

Maurice K.
Waltham, MA

8/3/18 - Martin,

So the watch looks great!  I set the time, which as I discussed before, was questionable and unreliable. Now it's spot on versus the iPhone time that I set it to; down to the second!  I am very happy with the outcome. I wish I would have found you years ago.

This was my grandfather’s watch. I used to visit him and always comment about how his watch had no face, and how did he tell time. He would explain every time and I enjoyed listening to the tuning fork.  I do the same thing and have the same conversations with my son about the watch.  

Thanks again. I really appreciate the great work you’ve done on it.

Matthew H.
Chicago, IL

6/12/18 - Thanks Martin.

My watch arrived yesterday afternoon and I’m very pleased.  Thank you again.

Al K.
Doylestown, PA

6/8/18 - Martin,

The watch just arrived and looks perfect!  Thanks again.

David D.
, AZ

5/31/18 - Hi Martin,

Just wanted to let you know I received the Accutron crystal lens. I was able to successfully install it and it really looks great! Thanks for your prompt attention. Look forward to doing more business in the future. Will definitely recommend you to friends with Accutron.

Best Regards,
John B.
Madison, MS

5/30/18 - Hello Martin,

I received my 214 this afternoon & I'm extremely happy with it. Thank you very much!
Best wishes,

Jim R.
Yucaipa, CA

5/28/18 - Mr Marcus,

I went to the Queen Anne Historical society meeting this week, and the guest speaker was talking about the remodel of the Seattle Space Needle, which includes a new all glass floor, where the diners in the restaurant will now be able to view the gears turning the floor (and also all the way to the ground). He likened it to "one of those Bulova watches" and I was going to raise my hand and say "like this one?" only I couldn't, yet - can't wait to show him. How apt that the Space Needle will also be a Space View.

Brian H.
Seattle, WA

5/26/18 - I received the watch and it seems to be working fine.
Thank you,

Jerry S.
Diamond Point, NY

5/13/18 - I received my watch yesterday. Looks and works perfect. Thank you for doing a great job and taking care of an important part of my life. 

Mark W.
Jefferson, GA

5/9/18 - Martin,

It just arrived, looks great and more importantly its humming.  Thanks so much!

Marc C.
Scarsdale, NY

5/2/18 - Hi Martin,

I received the Accutron today and it is exceptional! It has been years since I saw one and I forgot how small they were. So happy to finally have one in my collection. I cannot thank you enough for making this happen. All the best,

Joe V.
Crown Point, IN

4/15/18 - Martin, 

I picked it up Thursday and so far all is well. It seems to be quieter when I put on a surface that it can resonate on. Thanks for working on it again. 

Kent S.
Fairbanks, AK

4/6/2018 - Martin

Received the watch today. It looks fabulous and runs great. Very much enjoying its vintage vibe. I'm old enough now to wear gold. Thanks for updating my watch. I look forward to wearing it. The black dial looks great.

Maurice K.
Waltham, MA 

3/31/18 - Martin, I am very, very pleased with the watch – thank you again for repairing it.

Bruce J.
Jericho, NY

2/17/18 - Accutron arrived safely, running and correct time. I’ve reset it to west coast time, and so far, so good. Thank you!

Steve P.
Beaverton, OR

2/14/2018 - Hi Martin,

I received my Accutron and it is working beautifully. Thank you again for your help. 

David C.
Montgomery, IL

2/12/2018 - Just received the watches. Everything is as you promised. Couldn't be happier! Thank you for everything. 

Shereen M.

New York, NY

1/8/2018 - Martin,

Dad's watch arrived safely today and I'm so pleased with your work. You brought my Dad's prized possession back to life.  Now I can continue to wear it on special occasions.  I'm 75 years old and still able to hear humming from this fine timepiece!

Best Wishes and Thank You So Much!

George J.
Middletown, OH

1/6/2018 - Thanks for your update. Appreciate the careful and methodical way you do business. Looking forward to wearing my "new" watch proudly. Have a great New Year holiday. 

Bruce J.
Jericho, NY

1/3/2018 - Martin:

Just went to the Post Office and got the package you sent.  The watch is beautiful and the humming sound is wonderful! 

Thank you.

George S.
W. Covina, CA

12/18/2017 - Mr. Marcus,

Watch arrived today, safe and sound, running just fine.  Looks great.  Thank you for your efforts.

Brian H.
Seattle, WA

12/14 - Martin, 

Watch has arrived and looks fantastic. Thanks for all your work. Cheers. 

Paul Z.

Seattle, WA

 11/18/17 – Hi Martin,

Received the watch. It looks beautiful and is keeping perfect time. Thanks.

Don F.
Tampa, FL

10/31-17 - Thank you very much. I received it yesterday, and appreciate your promptness and professionalism. Yours,

Patrick K.
Klamath Falls, OR

10/30-17 - I received the watch in todays mail.  I have also read through the guarantee and timing discussion. Thanks for all your efforts! Reagrds,

Mike T.
Annapolis, MD

10-11-17 -Good morning Martin,

The watch arrived in good condition yesterday afternoon. Thank you for all your help getting it back in running condition. I will continue to wear it proudly.

 Tom W.
Hartwell, GA

8/26/17 - Hello Martin,

Just thought I'd drop you a note to offer how extremely pleased I am with your rebuild of my vintage Spaceview. I've found a vintage new old stock band by Admiral complete with accutron logo. It looks simply amazing. A sincere Thank You is in order for your fine craftsmanship. Best Regards,
Andrew J.
Blauvelt, NY

8/25/17 - Hello Martin,

Just a quick note to let you know that I have received the Accutron and it is nothing less than fantastic!! Thank you for your efforts, precision, and time to restore this piece of personal history. Kind regards,

Jeffrey G.
Davison, MI

8/22/17 - Hi Martin,

They arrived yesterday and are running and keeping good time. I still need an appraisal on the Spaceview. Thanks for a great job.!

John E.
Clifton Park, NY

5/22/17 -  Watch arrived safely. Thank you. I don't know why I'm so attached to my Accutron, but I am. I'll be more careful with it from now on. Thanks again.

Eric R.
Hebo OR

5/22/17 - Hi Martin,

Received my watch today, thanks so much, looks great.

Lionel D.
Stockbridge, GA

5/22/17 - Martin,

I received the accutron safely here in MT today. It is functioning well. Thanks for your good work.

Steve R.
Red Lodge, MT

5/15/17 - Hi, Martin,

My Astronaut arrived today, doing fine! I much appreciate the care and attention you gave it! Thanks most sincerely!

John W.
Heath, OH

5/9/17 - The watch arrived and it is great.  Thank you for everything.

Steve B.
Valdosta, GA 31602

5/8/17 - Hi Martin,

Received the Accutron today in fine shape and still working and humming.  Thanks a bunch for all of you hard work. Best of wishes,

Lonnie T.
El Dorado, KS

5/6/17 - Martin,

I wanted to let you know my watch arrived safely. I was delayed in getting it as I had to go pick it up at the post office and couldn't get there until yesterday. The watch is running great!  Thanks a million for fixing it and taking such good care of it. All the best. Ann

Ann K.
Rockville, MD

4/27/17 - Martin,


I got my Accutron today. Wow! You did a great job. It's beautiful! I appreciate your quality work. Take care.
Steve R.
Warrensburg, MO

4/27/17 - Hi Martin,

The band just arrived and it looks great!!! Thanks for all you do.

John K.
Whitestone, NY

4/24/17 - Received my watch today. It looks great! Thank you so much. One happy customer!

Bob V.

Midland, MI

3/26/17 - Hi Martin,

just wanted to say thanks for your work on my spaceview, i couldn't be happier. it looks great and has been running wonderfully since i got it back. it's quickly become one of my favorite things. thank you again, it is very much appreciated. 

Bill S.
Merrick, NY

3/1/17 - Martin,

 I've received the watch and it looks beautiful.  Looking forward to wearing it for the first time ever.  Thanks for everything.

Tom M.
Glendora, CA

2/27/17 - Thanks so much.  It is as good as new.  Lots of memories come back with it also.  I really appreciate the work that you did. Thanks again

John M.
Appleton, WI 

2/19/2017 - Hi Martin,

Sorry for my delayed response. The 214 arrived safe and sound. It looks and sounds beautiful. Thank you so much. I cleaned and attached my original herringbone bracelet and cleaned up the original case and owner’s booklet for our son. Thanks again

Tom B.
Thompson, CT

2/17/17 - Hello Martin

Watch arrived yesterday. Very happy to have it back and am confident in repair. Thanks very much. 

Doug D.
Rochester, NY

2-9-17 - Martin,

Got my watch today, and it looks beautiful. Thanks again for what you do.

Warmest regards,
Bill N.
El Segundo, CA  

12/19/16 - You did all that you said you would in the time you said it would take. Rare commodities these days.

Martin L.
Denver, CO

12/9/2016 - Martin,

I received my watch yesterday, it looks great! Thank you and have a nice holiday.

Pam R.
raintree, MA

12/9/2016 - Hi Martin,
The watch arrived safe and sound.  It looks great, and other than being 3 hours ahead, it seems to be running fine.


Mark S.
Redondo Beach, CA

12/5/2016 - Martin,

The watch was delivered this afternoon looking great and is keeping excellent time. I very much appreciate your attention to detail and timely information while you had the watch. Here's wishing you and yours the Happiest of the Holiday Season.

 My best regards,

Carl H.
Dunedin, FL

11/30/2016 - Hi Martin, 

The 214 arrived and looks great and I'm sure it will run well for many years to come, just like the last time, great to have it back on my wrist. Many thanks,

Mike P.
Norwood, MA

10/19/2016 -  Martin,

Thank you for your service. I have received the watch, and am very pleased with your work, communication, and professionalism. You have brought back to life a very personally valuable heirloom. 

Grady R.
Waterloo, IL

10/11/2016 - Martin,

I received the converted spaceview today.  I had an NOS Bullet Band bracelet, an NOS Coffin Link bracelet and an NOS Admiral Bracelet.  After some time I decided to go with the Admiral bracelet.  Martin, the combination of the converted spaceview and the Admiral bracelet is gorgeous!  Without question, you did your magic on the conversion and restoration.  I could not be happier with the way everything turned out. 

When I initially sent the watch to you for restoration I never even considered that I would get a gorgeous spaceview after you finished your work. Thank you very much for making this so smooth and professional.

Roney  M.
Santa Fe, TX

9/19/2016 - Martin, 

I am pleased to say that my Accutron arrived safely in today's mail. The time is spot on, and it is purring like a kitten! Thanks for all your help and good service!

John W.
Heath, Ohio

8/17/2016 - Good Day Martin,

Before I put this off a moment longer, my timepiece arrived Monday, August 15th. Thanks for all of your help.

Willie S.
Jacksonville, FL

5/29/2016 - Martin

Was away on vacation until last Tuesday. Picked up the Accutron Wed and it's been running great. Thanks for bringing to life another old friend. Hope you are having a nice holiday weekend.

Gordon G.
Oxford, MD

5/15/2016 - Martin,

My Accutron is running well since I received it about a month ago.  Thank you for repairing it.

Jeff M.
Mount Vernon, WA

5/12/2016 - I received my accutron today in the mail. Everything looks as expected. Absolutely a thing of beauty. I really appreciate the care and fine workmanship put into these time pieces. I will definitely send all of my future 214's your way. Thank you again for your work.

Matt A.
Newberry, SC

4/14/2016 - Hi  Martin: Received the watch and it looks beautiful. Thanks a lot. It was a pleasure doing business with you and will defiantly recommend your services to any one I come across who needs work on an Accutron or is looking for one.

Thank you, Richard H.
Jackson, WY


4/7/2016 - Thanks Martin.  Watch is on my wrist.  Very happy to have it back and in fine working order.

Jonathan G.
Washington, DC

4/7/2016 - Dear Martin, I received my Accutron watch today.  It looks great and is keeping perfect time.  So far, so good! Very grateful to have found someone like you who truly cares about workmanship!  Thank you again!

Sincerely, Chuck D.
Waterloo, Iowa

3/30/2016 - Martin, the watch is just ( beautiful ) thank you so much,,,,, and you even set it to pacific time !!!!! :-)  Again thank you.


Sincerely, George M.
Redwood City, CA


3/22/2016 - Hello Martin,

Received my watch back today.  Thank you very much.  It looks and runs great.  I really appreciate the process you have developed in handling the repairs.  One knows exactly what to expect during the entire repair process and you were always very open, honest, and timely in responding to all my questions.  I would not hesitate to use your services again and will highly recommend you to others.

Thanks again,  Brent A.
Knoxville, TN

3/22/2016 - Martin,

I received the astronaut in the mail today.   I didn't realize how much I missed it.  I wear it frequently an really enjoy it.  It looks great, even though regraining the back cover and polishing the crystal were the only cosmetic items you did.  It had become undependable keeping time and that has changed once you did your magic.  And I always feel more comfortable with the coil modification.

Thanks again for the work that you performed.

Roney M.
Santa Fe, TX

3/9/2016 - Martin

Thank you. You have been a real pleasure to deal with.

Ken B.
Las Vegas, NV

2/23/2016 - Martin,

Watch came yesterday and is running well. Thanks so much, it's like reuniting with an old friend.

I have my 3-inch dial aircraft Accutron I would like you to repair. It's similar to the one on your website under clocks. It has the hack feature and ran well until last year. No battery corrosion and it has an N7 movement. Let me know about an appointment time. I appreciate your work.

Regards, Gordon G.
Oxford, MD 21654


2/22/2016 - Hi Martin, Received my Accutron back this morning. It looks and runs like new.


Thanks, Tim T.
Mauldin, SC


1/26/2016 - I received my watch today and am displaying it proudly. Thanks for doing such a good job, it seems to be keeping perfect time. Thanks again!

Vick B.

 Jenks, OK



1/25/2016 Hi Martin, Just wanted to let you know that my son loves my Fathers watch and likes the band as well :).  He is very pleased with it and began wearing it immediately. Thank you very much!! We are all happy.

The best to you for 2016.
Nanette W. Seattle, WA


1/22/2016 - My watches look great; thanks for your fine work, it's very appreciated.


Warmest regards,
Bill N. El Segundo, CA

1/20/16 - Martin: Thank you, I received the watch this evening, as usual you have done a great job.

Robert S. Greenwich, CT


1/8/16 - The watch looks wonderful! It arrived minutes ago and I am very happy! Thank you.

Nanette W. Seattle, WA

12/29/15 - Hi Martin

I received my watch today and it runs great, thank you.

Robert K. Fort Oglethorpe, GA

12/29/15 - I received watch it looks great …thank you.

Calvin H. Jacksonville, FL

12/21/15 - My spaceview arrived at 1:05 today Dec 21 2005. The watch is humming along with correct time.

Thanks for your quality of work.


Grady W. Salisbury, NC

11/23/15 - My Accutron has arrived safely and is beautiful! I will be sure to let you know if any issues arise (I doubt any will) and will happily recommend your services to other watchmakers and collectors in my AWCI and NAWCC chapters. Once again, thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Derek W. Upper Saddle River, NJ

11/20/15 - Received the Accutron and am very pleased with the results of your work!  Thanks so much.  I look forward to enjoying it for many years to come.

Gerald M. Florence, SC

11/10 15 - Mr. Marcus;

You are a master at your art....Thanks...

Arnie D, Rio Grande, PR

11/2/15 - Received the watch today. Looks beautiful. Very happy to have back on my wrist.
And I appreciate that you set it for west coast time. I might complain that you forgot to factor in Daylight savings time, but that would be quibbling.

I am so happy I stumbled on your website last summer.

Best regards, Byron G. Beaverton, OR

11/2/15 - The watch arrived today and I'm like a little kid, showing it to anyone will pay the least attention. I'm thrilled. Thank you so much.


Steve D. Temecula, CA

10/26/15 - The Accutron arrived today, running (a first!) and right on time once I turned it around the correct way. It is on my wrist as I type. Thank you so much for your help.

Brian H. Seattle, WA

10/12/15 - Just wanted to touch bases with you again and say how much I am enjoying my Accutrons. Keep your eye out for an Accutron clock. If you find one, give me a shout. As always, only the best.

Robert S. Lexington, KY

10/8/15 - I received my watch back this week. Excellent job restoring this treasure to working condition.

Steve G. Dearborn, MO


10/12/15 - Dear Martin,


Just wanted to touch bases with you again and say how much I am enjoying my Accutrons. Keep your eye out for an Accutron clock. If you find one, give me a shout.

As always, only the best.


Robert S. Lexington, KY

9/28/15 - I received my Astronaut Accutron today. It arrived in good condition. Out of the box, the time is right on the money.

Hopefully, whatever adjustment you made, will keep it in good time. I’m not exactly sure what the issues were, but thank you for standing-by your work.

Sincerely, Conrad W. Beaver Falls, PA

9/24/15 - Thanks! Looking forward to many years of enjoyment.
Steve B.
Santa Ana, CA

9/22/15 - Hi Martin,

I’ve been out of town so I just received the watch today. Looks great! Thanks so much for your hard work.

Carol B. Houston, TX

 9/9/15 - Received the watch today.  My sincere appreciation for bringing it back to life!

Stephen K. Alexandria, LA

9/3/15 - Martin

Sorry for the delay I was out of the country for August. The watch arrived Aug. 25 in exelent condition. Thank you for your services.

Kevin M. Casper, WY

8/25/15 - Martin:

I received the watch today. All working well  and looks good . Thank you for your excellent work and professionalism .  All the best

Ed A. Louisville, KY

8/25/15 - Hi Martin,

I just received my Accutron back today right on schedule. It is stunning. You did a magnificent job. The new band is beautiful. This watch was a gift from my parents when I graduated engineering school oh so many years ago. Again thank you for such a beautiful job. Thank You.

Bob P. Woodbridge, CT

8/18/15 - Hello Martin,
I got the package today. The watch was right on time. Thank you. My father gave the watch to me and now I'm giving it to my son. It's greatest value is sentimental.

Thanks again, Walt S. Little Egg Harbor, NJ

8/18/15 - Martin,

My Accutron arrived this morning, looking good, humming, and even set to Mountain Daylight Time! Thanks for your excellent work.

Tom R. Stevensville, MT

8/13/15 - Hi Martin,

Dennis picked up his watch today. Needless to say he is very happy to have it back! We are so grateful -it looks brand new again. Thank you for so much for for all your time and attention in returning this back to my husband!

Kind regards, Lisa K. Gainesville, FL


7/30/15 - Dear Martin,

My Accutron arrived yesterday and I picked it up today. Setting it to correct time in my time zone was a nice touch. The watch hadn't been on my wrist since the mercury battery was outlawed. Usually, a different watch or band feels out of place, different. When I slipped my Timex off and my Bulova on, it was as though I'd been wearing it every day for the past forty years. This watch was a gift to me from my then wife. She'll be glad to know I still treasure it and that it is working again.

Thank you, Eric R. Hebo, OR


7/21/15 - Got the Astronaut today, like new, thanks

Bob W. Minneapolis, MN

7/17/15 - Hi Martin,

Had computer problems so I just got to your e-mail.The watch came about a week and a half ago--very pleased with your work.It looks very good and is keeping time with my Seiko.Couldn't axcess the guaranty part--could you send me a link or something. This is a very cool watch--but I haven't seen any in southern California!

Dan D. Santa Ana, CA 92705

7/13/15 - I received my watch today. Thank you very much for all your help. Nice to see and wear my dad's watch---especially now in working condition!!


John K. Bryn Mawr, PA

6/29/15 - Hi Martin,


My Accutron 214 was received today after your restoration.  It looks brand new, just like when I bought it in 1968. Thanks,

Greg R. Mason, OH


6/27/15 - Hi Martin,


Finally picked up my Accutron at the post office today. Thank you so much for your work. It’s like having an old friend back. Stay active, who knows when i'll need you again. Have a good one. Thanks again,


Ken R. Cedarhurst, NY

6/17/15 - Received. So far, so good. Thank you.

Ira S. Scarsdale, NY

6/17/15 - I received my Astronaut watch today. It looks great and it is working beautifully. I travel tomorrow and I’ll take it with me to test on my trip. I bought this watch as a gift for myself. I recently retired from the Air Force after 25 years and this watch was born the same year as I was; so a 1967 Astronaut watch is appropriate. Now, hopefully both of us will last another 48 years. Thanks for the good work.

Conrad W. Beaver Falls, PA

6/2/15 - Hi I received the watch Monday in GREAT conduction.

Otis B. Maumelle, AR

5/15/15 - The watch arrived yesterday afternoon, around 4PM. Watch runs perfectly. So far, the second hand is still in sync with the one on my Astronaut. I was also pleasantly surprised by the luster of the case; it looks much better that what I sent you. Thanks for the good work!

Mike N. Arlington, VA

5/14/15 - Just received my watch. It looks great. Thank you for all your work.

John W. Raleigh, NC

5/5/15 - Received watch in yesterdays mail, looks good and performing same. Thanks and hope I can get a few more years service from  my 214. Thanks again,

Marvin A. Mount Airy, MD

4/14/15 – Martin,

My Accutron just arrived, it looks great and is keeping correct time. Thanks for your work.

Robert R. North Las Vegas, NV

 4/14/15 - It arrived and is great!!!!  Thanks so much for all of your work on this.

 Edward A. Wexford, PA

3/30/15 - Hi Martin,

I received my watch today with no damage. The watch is beautiful and I am very grateful for your time, unique skills, and the level of care you provide. Thank you very much. 

Craig C. North Logan, UT

3/24/15 - Hello Martin.

My Accutron arrived safely. I picked up the sealed box, placed it to my ear, and heard the wonderful hum of the tuning fork inside. Now back on my wrist, I'm once again in the company of an old friend that I bought back in 1967 during my tour in Vietnam. Your professional procedures were confidence-inspiring during the repair process, for which I am grateful. Thanks a million! 

Alex M. Kennebunk, ME


3/17/15 - Thanks Martin,

I was not home for the delivery yesterday so I picked up my watch from the post office today - it looks great and it's running fine. It's nice to be reunited with my "old friend". Thanks for your help and beautiful work.  

Sincerely, Jerry H. East Norriton, PA.

2/27/15 - Dear Martin,

Your workmanship is excellent, Martin, and the clarity and transparency about your process greatly reduces anxieties some might have. Thanks for performing such a valuable service.

Best wishes, Scott J. Concord, MA

2/17/15 - Hi Martin,

My watch arrived today!  It is absolutely gorgeous and it had the exact time when I took it out of the box.

When I put it on, it brought back so many memories for me.  Both my Mom and Dad are gone now, but I am sure they have that same smile on their faces when they gave it to me in June of 1967!

Thank you so much for your fine work, the watch has always meant a lot to me and now that it is working again, I could not be happier!

Best regards, Rick E. Yarmouth, ME

2/12/15 - Martin,

As I'm sure you know I received the watch a couple weeks ago and it is working perfectly. Thank you so much. If you are ever down this way give me a call.

Dave W. Cumming, GA

2/2/15 - Martin,

 The band arrived this afternoon. Fits perfectly.  It’s good to be wearing it again.  Thanks so much.  Very pleased with all aspects of the service.  Good job!

NICK C. Des Moines, IA

 2/2/15 - I received my Accutron today and I am thrilled to have it back. You are a true craftsman!

Thank you!

Kevin P. Summerville, SC

1/8/14 - I received the watch yesterday.  Looks like it's in great shape.

Steve B. Phoenixville, PA

1/2/14 - Got the watch. Looks great and is running just fine. Thanks again for your help.

Rod R. Los Vegas, NV

12/29/14 - Received and in excellent order.  Thank you for polishing the crystal.

What a beautiful watch.  I am very appreciative to know you.  My daughter has a fascination with them too.  So I gave it to her last year at this time.  You had worked on it.  It is my second 214. The one you just worked on is my third 214.

Leavelle W. - Houston, TX

12/9/14 - Hi Martin,
Watch came this afternoon.   It's right on time.   Thank you so much.

Sandra C. -  Escondido, CA

12/9/14 - I received the watch today and it is humming along nicely and the time is perfect with the time on my computer!

Thank you very much for providing such great service.

DeWayne C. -  Colorado Springs, CO

12/9/14 - I have a Railroad 214 that I would like to have restored to working order. You repaired my Astronaut ten or so years ago and it is still keeping excellent time. Please let me know and I will send I to you. Thanks

 Larry C. - Grafton, WV

11/25/14 - Hi Martin

 The watch arrived today. Works great !

 Regards, Adam C. - Cambridge, MA

11/19/14 - Excuse the delay.  I received the watch Monday, and it’s running like a champ.  Thank you!

Brian D. - Falls Church, VA 


11/5/14 - Received in excellent condition. Humming away.

Elizabeth R. - North Caldwell, NJ

10/23/14 - Hi Martin,

I received my watch yesterday. Thank you. It was delivered on Monday but no one was home to sign for it so we picked it up yesterday. I wore it yesterday and through the night and the time is right on the money. Looks like it’s all set. Thank you again.

Regards, Tom B. - Thompson, CT  

10/20/14 - Thank you very much. The watch arrived today and it's running beautifully.

Ann K. - Rockville, MD

10/20/14 - My Accutron arrived today and looks great with the new band and case buffed beautifully.  Thanks again for your service to keep these jewels running.  I have recommended you to my friends who own 214 models in case they need service or parts.

Steve P. -
Derwood, MD  

10/15/14 - Hi, Martin,

We're back in Florida.  Your package was the first thing I opened.  My Accutron looks absolutely great!

Thank you!

Lawrence H. - Key West, FL

10/14 /14 - Dear Mr. Marcus,

 Received the 214 today.  It is humming along beautifully and when I opened the box the time was correct.  New sweep hand looks lovely.  Will send in a review when husband gets it for can use my e-mail and name for reference if you would like. Pleased so far!

 Sincerely,  Liesse L. - Quitman, TX

10/9/14 - Good evening Martin.

The watch arrived safely and it is so beautiful, it almost made me cry.  My brother will love and cherish it for the rest of his life.  I will download and print the warranty before I take it to him on Saturday.  I really appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to mail it on a non-mailing day, and I do want to reimburse you for the overnight cost.  Please let me know what it is, and I will have a check to you post haste. 

Thank you so very much for everything.  Please know that you are truly going to make another human being very happy for a very long time.  Now THAT is something of which not very many people can claim.   

Best always, Cynthia E. - Clifton, VA

10/8/14 - Hello Mr. Marcus

I wanted you to know that we received the Accutron desk clock in good order.  It is keeping impeccable time.  Thank-you for your efforts in ensuring that we will enjoy this keepsake far into the future.

Thank-you, Rick J. - Charlotte, NC

9/25/14 - Hi Martin, 

I've been meaning to write to you to let you know I received the watch. Thank you so much for your time ;-) (no pun intended) Its a beautiful piece and my husband is over the moon.

You've been nothing but wonderful from the email communication, servicing of the watch and the packing/shipping. Thanks for all your help  

Karyn M. - New South Wales, Australia 

9/24/14 - Martin,

Picked up the watch today. Unbelievable. Great service. Thanks so much, I think you'll see me again in the future!

Nick D. - Washington Depot, CT

9/22/14 - Things seem to be working well – and both boys are very happy. Thanks….!

Suzu A. - Sleepy Hollow, NY    

9/22/14 - I received the watch band today.  It fit on the very last hole on the band.  Now my Astronaut looks brand new and the fit is just perfect.

Robert L. - Hazen, ND

9/3/14 - Picked up the Accutron from the post office today.  WOW!  It's great to have it back and you do very nice work. Very happy ... THANKS!

Best Regards,  

Tom M. - Cornelius, NC

9/3/14 - The watch arrived yesterday in good order. I am very pleased with the handsome, like new appearance of this watch.

I´m sure glad I found you on the internet. Your excellent and informative website gave me the confidence to buy a pricey watch, sight unseen, from someone on the other side of the country.

Although I´m retired from a 27 year career at the Southern Pacific Railroad, I was always on the commercial side of the operation and never needed a certified timepiece for time and train order operations.

While I was in college, one of my part time jobs was working for Chelsea Wholesale Jewelers, who, at that long ago time, leased the Fine Jewelry Dept. from Macy´s California. Thus I sold many Accutrons including a few special order (for us) RR approved models.

Anyway, very pleased and thanks again.

Bart N. - San Francisco, CA 


8/21/14 - Got the watch yesterday and was pleased with its appearance.  So far it seems to be keeping very good time.  Good Job, thanks.

Roger T. - Lady Lake, FL

8/13/14 - It's lost 8 seconds in 22 days.  in short, this is the best time by far that it's ever kept.

Art N. - Montclair, NJ

8/11/14 - I picked up the watch this morning at the post office.  Been wearing it ever since. It looks great and I am very pleased with the results. Thanks again,

Tony M. - Northbridge, MA

8/5/14 -  It got here yesterday and looks great.   Thank you so much.

Sandra C. - Escondido, CA

8/4/14 - Martin, received my pal today.  It's 5:07PM!  Thank you for all your great work.

Joe K. - Greenwich, CT

7/21/14 - Martin,

I love the watch, it is like new...when my father, then an engine man for the RR, bought it, he was so proud of it. Thanks for the memories of time long past. My oldest grandson will get the watch eventually. I also have my grandfather's Howard, a pocket watch from the 40's,.

Brian R. - Santa Barbara, CA

7/21/14 - Got it!  I don't know when you set it but it's 10 seconds off the satellite powered clock in my bedroom.  That's close to perfect. Thank you.

I'm thinking hard about a fully restored stainless steel chapter ring space view sometime in the next month or so.  I figure that I'll wear it until my grandson (college junior) learns how to keep his watches dry and graduates.

Art N. - Montclair, NJ  

7/9/14 - Got my Accutron yesterday. Amazing results. It looks like a new watch! 

 Adam C. - Cambridge, MA

6/17/14 - Martin, I am enjoying my watch.  It is nice to have it ticking…… I mean , humming along!

Ron E. - Dallas, TX

6/14/14 - Good morning..received watch today, looks GREAT ! Hoping I have good luck w/ it

Thanks for your work.

Ray F. -  Franklin, MA

6/8/14 - Received the watch yesterday, Sat June 7. I’m watching the rate now – seems to gain a few seconds per day. A few seconds…for a timepiece more than fifty years old. Thank you for taking care of it.

 Happy customer.

Leigh C. - Springfield, NH

6/2/14 - I received the watch today, and all looks good.  Thank you for the fine work.  You even set it to my time zone.

Michael M. - Monterey, CA


6/2/14 - I received the watch today.  You did a wonderful job on the band and crystal and I love that it is working and I can actually use it!  Thanks ever so much! 

Brent B. - Glen Allen, VA

5/23/14 - Received the watch yesterday. Looks great. Nice to have it back! Thanks again for helping keep it going.

Jeremy S. - Portland, OR

5/2/14 - I have been watching my Astro for the past five days.  Two days on the dresser and two on my wrist, things look good.  Day five, today, I would have to say that we have a success.  Thanks.

Steve G. - Goshen, CT

4/7/14 - The 214 runs dead on , it's super accurate to within 2 seconds/day or better!!! Amazing job you did!!

Thanks again, Edoardo H. - Henderson, NV

4/4/14 - The watch looks fantastic! Thank you!

David W. - Hagerstown, IN 


3/17/14 - Hello Martin,

Bad news: the Spaceview you restored with 2 yr. warranty and expedited in 2 weeks for me...


It's so darn beautiful that it makes me wish i could buy your whole supply of Spaceviews, and if i do that I'd be living in the streets!!!! Ha Ha aha!!! It's absolutely gorgeous. You are the god of Accutrons!! Thank you for a great job.

Thanks again!!! Edoardo H. - Henderson, NV

3/11/14 - Hi Martin,

I missed the Postal Carrier who left the notice to pick up my Accutron and I was there promptly at 8:30 when they opened this morning. The watch looks really nice and I like the band too. I celebrated by doing what I did 43 years ago, driving to work with trusty Accutron on my wrist listening to Elton John.

Thanks for your excellent work and service, you were a pleasure to deal with and I'll take good of my 214. Take care and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Best regards,
Hans G. - Covina, CA

3/5/14 - Subject: thank you!

My Accutron still works after 8 years. Thank you!

Michael Y. - Old Town, ME

3/5/14 - Martin,

I received my watch in good condition yesterday and have been wearing it today. It is keeping perfect time and I am very pleased you were able to fix it. I put on a speidel twist-o-flex and it looks just like 1963! Thanks so much for your expertise and help with the watch!

Take care, Henry St-G. - Lincoln, NE 


2/27/14 - Thank you Martin, watch looks great! Michael is very pleased.

P. J. T. - Oak Island, NC


2/9/14 - Hi Martin. I just wanted to send you a note on the one year anniversary of you restoring my Accutron Cushion Case watch.  I have only had to set the time twice ... and that was because of DST.   The watch has nether grained of lost time.  You did a fantastic job and I get many complements on it whenever I wear it.


Thank you again for you outstanding service.


 Robert Allen


2/4/14 - My watch has arrived. I picked it up at the p. o. today. I was not at home to sign for it yesterday. It is running great and looks great.

Thank you, Robert K. - Fort Oglethorpe, GA


 1/27/14 - Hello Martin, I received my 214 today and it looks and sounds great. Many thanks for a nice job. Thanks again.

Regards. Warren C. - Plymouth, MA



1/22/14 - Hi Martin. I picked up my watch at the Post Office today and what a beautiful job you did!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!

Stu S. - Saint James, NY

12/31/13 - Hi Martin. I'm happy to report that I received my watch in the mail today. It's running well and I'm very pleased to be wearing it as I type. Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your help.

Regards, Alex A. - Portland, OR


12/19/13 - Mr. Marcus, one year (to the day) has gone by since the repair of my Accutron 214. I thought you might like to know that it has run flawlessly the entire time maintaining exceptional accuracy. I just checked it against the atomic clock in Denver and was 5 seconds fast. I adjusted the time approximately 3 months ago and not since. Thanks again for your efforts. Happy holidays.

D.W. D. - Verona, WI


12/19/13 - Mr. Martin, good morning sir, I just wanted to let you know that my wife Carrie broke down and gave me my 214 early. I must say that I was shocked at the timepiece, you did a magnificent job with the restoration. I have been aware of these watches for many years and every watch shop I've been to I always ask if they have one, they always say no. So the other day was the first time that I had the pleasure of seeing one. Pictures don't do these justice! I inherited my Grandfathers Omega Constellation when he past, and I had it restored, it turned out good, but not as good as you did with the 214. That watch literally looks brand new! Thank you so much. Please keep me in mind if you get a Astronaut that has the insides displayed.

Thank you again, from Carrie and I have a blessed Holiday Season.
Very Respectfully, Darren J. - Spokane, WA


12/17/13 - Hello Martin! I just picked up the watch and it's amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! Hope you and your family have a Happy Holiday Season!

Carrie J. - Spokane, WA


12/14/13 - Hello Martin. I received the Astronaut, and am very impressed and pleased!

George P. - Garner, NC 


11/26/13 - Just to let you know Martin, my 214 24hr , SN E14104, running nice and keeping very good time, about 5 second slow compared to NBS, NIST Boulder.

Mike M. - Albuquerque, NM

11/25/13 - My watch arrived today in excellent condition and humming as it did 47 years ago. Thank you.

Michael D, - Snellville, GA

11/19/13 - Hi! Received the Accutron today. It looks and runs great. Thank you so much for getting it back in operation. I hope to have it on my wrist for many years to come.

Joe W. - Kissimmee, FL

11/8/13 - Just to let you know that the Accutron's you repaired are running better, and keep better time than my Rolex.

Thanks again, Larry H. - Lakewood Ranch, FL

10/23/13 - I've been meaning to drop you a line to give you an update on the recent repair of my "Astronaut".. I don't know exactly what you did to this watch but it has never run this well since I purchased it in '66. It picked up about one minute since it arrived from your shop which is well within my parameters for accuracy with this old relic. Bottom line is, I couldn't be happier.
Thanks again, Doug E. - Highlands Ranch, CO

10/21/13 - The watch has just been delivered. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I has been a pleasure to have the benefit of your service.

Karl J. Arlington, VA

10/21/13 - received the watch last week and am enjoying it very much....thanks for the excellent work.?

Bob D. - Manchester, MO 

10/1/13 - I received my Accutron today and it looks and sounds great. I'll be wearing this beauty to insure the timing per your instructions.  BTW, what is your advice on the correct method of occasionally putting the watch away for a couple of weeks of non use.  Should I remove the battery or lift the setting bail to stop the movement or something else?? Thanks again for your fine work.
Regards, Doug E. - Highlands Ranch, CO
HACKED 214's: Lifting the stem does not turn off the circuit. The coil's electromagnetic pulses continue even though the tuning fork's vibration has been mechanically stopped by the hack spring.

The answer to Doug's question can be found here: my Accutron.

9/20/13 - Arrived Monday afternoon and has been operating correctly since.  WELL DONE!  And….thank you!

Tom T. - Santa Maria, CA

8/28/13 - Got it, Martin, and many thanks. Even set for Phoenix time when it got here!

Best, David D. - Phoenix, AZ

8/26/13 - I received my Accutron this afternoon. It looks great and appears to be keeping the correct time. I’m very excited to have it in working condition once again. Thank you,

Jack P. - Ellicott City, MD

8/6/13 - The watch has just arrived and I'm very pleased with the results. Feels funny on my arm as I haven't worn a watch since it stopped around 1975! Now I won't have an excuse for missing our flights next week. All the best,

 Spencer C. - Tallahassee, FL

7/22/13 - The refurbished watch arrived today in good shape – many thanks! It looks very good. Many thanks for the precise service and the way you handled the repair/refurb. Very professional and well done.

Bob C. - San Francisco, CA

7/22/13 - Received the watch today. It looks great! My father would certainly have appreciated your work.

Rob B. - Beaverton, ON, CA

7/20/13 - Thank you so much for your help with my grandfather's watch. I was actually raised by my grandfather and some of my earliest memories are of him putting that watch to my ear so I could hear the tuning fork, the mystery of when that newer back got put on notwithstanding. Having the watch now back in working condition means a lot to me.

John S. - Boynton Beach, FL

7/10/13 - I just wanted to let you know that I received the watch, safe and in perfect working order. I've worn it all week and loved having it back in working condition. Thank you so much for your talents.

 Jim A. - Roseville, CA

7/10/13 - I received the watch last week and it is working great. Thanks for the great job.

Elias M. - Rockville, MD

6/21/13 - The accutron watch arrived today, and is humming along nicely Martin, Thank you ever so much!

George R. - Troy, OH

6/11/13 - I wore the watch all day yesterday and it kept perfect time. It's a real pleasure having my best watch working again after such a long time without it.

Thanks! Dick R. - Nashua, NH

6/10/13 - I received the watch today and surprised my wife with it. It looks amazing!

 Whitney P. - Bonita, CA

6/5/13 - The package of two watches arrived today in good shape. The watches were well packaged and both are running fine and look great. I will be putting wristbands on them and monitoring their setting accuracy as your instructions noted. I look forward to wearing both watches with pride of their heritage and of your rehabilitation work.
Thank you, Paul M. - Ridgewood, NJ

5/21/13 - I received the watch yesterday. The watch looks gorgeous and I am very pleased with the work that was performed.

Thomas M, - Westlake, OH

5/21/13 - The watch arrived this morning in good order, and I appreciate the refund check that was also delivered today. Thank you!

Best, Rick G. - Dover, Delaware

5/13/13 - Got the watch today. Looks great Thanks.


Gary M. - Orlando FL

5/3/13 - After criscrossing the country a couple of times... the watch did arrive here in Yellowstone and I picked it up from the Post Office on my lunch break! Looks great... and thanks again for providing this service to those of us who own and enjoy these unique timepieces!


Al Nash - Public Affairs Officer: Yellowstone National Park

4/23/13 - My accutron came yesterday. It looks great and is running well. Now I have to decide if I want you to look at my M6. Thank you very much.

Paul C. - Wakefield, MA

4/16/13 - Watch arrived yesterday. Looks beautiful! Thanks a lot.


Mark W, - Tucker, GA

4/15/13 -  I got the watch today and I am very pleased with it. I have three 214 spaceviews not counting the watch I bought from you. If I have any trouble with them I will send them to you for repair. Again, I like the watch I bought from you very much. It looks new.

DannyT. - Dawson Alabama  

4/7/13 - I just wanted to let you know I have been enjoying my restored accutron 214.  You did a wonderful job and the watch keeps perfect time. I am so happy I found you on the web. All the best, Happy Spring!


Jack G. - Edison, NJ

3/24/13 - My watch arrived last week, and I picked it up this morning. It looks and sounds brand new. Putting it up to my ear and hearing it hum was entirely reassuring after having listened to it for 45 years. My father gave this watch to me and it means a lot.


All the best, Michael F. - Tallahassee, FL 

3/23/13 - Received my Accutron and it looks great. Thanks for your hard work and if it gives me any trouble in the future I'll get back to you. Have a good day.

Ken  R. - Cedarhurst, NY

3/16/13 - Delivered today. Watches look wonderful. Thanks. Spaceview is a second heirloom. Very cool.


David Y. - Nashua, NH

3/16/13 - I received it and it's running great!



 Tony B. - Mill Creek, WA

3/4/13 -

Martin, It was a pleasure visiting with you. I am proudly wearing my space view today at work.


Cheers, Jeff

2/26/13 -2/26/13 - I received the watch today. It is the first time that I'm really 100% happy about an on-line buy. The watch is really nice and in good shape. I'm 43 years old, exactly like this Accutron and I would like to be in the same condition ;-) Thank you very much!

Thanks and Regards,
Raffaele M. -
Wolfhausen, Switzerland

2/19/13 - I received the watch today.  It's nice to have it back in working condition.  Thanks so much!


Michael H. - Brooklyn, NY

2/15/13 - I finally have a couple of minutes to tell you how pleased I was with the restoration you did on my Astronaut.  It looks great and is keeping time great.  The luminous hands look perfect, and in four days it hasn't budged from spot on timing.

I wish I had come to you to begin with.  Your prices aren't as low as others who work on Accutrons, but your work appears much, much better.  I wasted money going elsewhere. Thanks for a good job.

Bernie S. - Elkins, AR

2/14/13 - Recieved the 214 today; looks great, seems to be working fine and nice to have it back in the family.
Thanks for your good work.

Joe G. - Easton, CT

2/4/13 - Received my Astronaut in good order. It currently is "on the money"! Turn time was very good and I appreciate your work ethics!

Thank You, Jim C. - Roanoke, VA

2/4/13 - Just wanted to let you know I received my watch today.  You did a GREAT job!  It looks new. Thanks for your good work.  I'm glad I found you on the internet.


Sincerely, Jack G. - Edison, NJ

1/26/13 - I received the watch thanks for the quick service its working great.

John K. - Franklin Square, NY

1/24/13 - I received the watch today. Based on the photos you sent me I was expecting a beautiful watch-what you sent me exceeded my expectations. It is a beautiful timepiece and I am already proud to own it. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Tom W. - Jackson, WY
1/9/13 - My son is very happy with the Christmas present of the 214 you just rebuilt for him.

Thank you, Richard S. - Charleston, SC  
1/9/13 -  The watch arrived in good order, it's keeping great time and looks great! I'm really pleased. My father was really pleased to see it running again, he wore this watch over 35 years ago in Vietnam. Thanks for checking your records and following up the overpayment.

Jeff R. - Falls Church, VA
1/7/13 - The watch arrived today. It looks great! Thank you.
Sloan B. - Maynardville, TN  
1/7/13 - The gold 214 TV arrived safely today. I unpacked the watch and bill of sale and everything is perfect. It is keeping accurate time and it was not necessary to reset. Thanks for this beautiful historic watch and the opportunity to purchase it. Your guarantee and accutron information is very helpful. Thanks again.

Ron F. - Centreville, VA
1/5/13 - I was unexpectedly called out of town for several weeks and did not return until today. The first package I opened was my watch. It arrived in perfect condition. I am pleased beyond words with the outcome of the repairs and enhancements made to this treasured timepiece. My father gave me this watch as a graduation present in 1965. It has been with me through many of life's ups and downs. I look forward to many more years of use thanks to your skill and care.

Best regards and a happy new year,
David D. - Verona, WI

12/29/12 - The watch arrived in great shape, and is working just fine.

Thanks, Bill G

12/22/12 - Got home today to find my watch here. It looks beautiful. Thank you for the great effort you out into this, it is very much appreciated. Have a Merry Christmas, and I hope the New Year treats you well.

Kindest regards, Bill N.

12/12/12 - I received the watch yesterday and I'm delighted with it. Thanks much for your careful attention to my Accutron. Can't wait to start wearing it again.

Regards, Bob O.

01/10/12 - Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that Christmas is shaping up to be the best! My 214 is performing flawlessly and I wear it everyday. I have had many comments from friends, family and strangers about my "Interesting watch" and plenty of compliments on its unique appearance. It would not be so if not for you!!!
Thank you again for taking care of my timepiece. I think of you and your efforts every time I look at it. I am very happy. I hope your holidays are warm and wonderful.

Cheers, Marshall C.


12/07/12 - Martin, In the 2 weeks that I've had the watch it's keeping perfect time.

Thanks, Roger D.


12/03/12 - I just received the watch in my mail. It looks good and appears to working properly. Will keep an eye on it for a few days to see if anything comes up. Thanks for the extra battery. Thanks for the invoice with the breakdown. If I decided to have more work done I will be in touch.

Hope you have Happy Holidays. Norman S.

11/30/12 - Thank you for your wonderful work. The watch is beautiful!

Steve H.

11/12/12 - The watch came in some time ago and I kept forgetting to let you know that I received it. Since you replaced the fork, it's running pretty right on.

Thanks again, Rick C.

10/22/12 - Carefully unwrapped my Accutron Spaceview after picking it up at the Post Office yesterday - it looked so good it was hard to tell it was over forty years old (and that wonderful "humm").

The repair price was well worth it - thanks again for your cooperation throughout this extended process and for doing such a wonderful job - my father would have been happy that his watch was in such good hands.

I've always wondered why Accutron crystals fog-up in humid weather - your explanation in the guarantee clarifies the situation - this is why I never wear it at the beach.

Accutron's are delicate instruments that require special care - hope you're still around should any additional problems develop in the future (hopefully not too soon).

Best wishes, Werner L

10/11/12 - I received the watch yesterday in fine order and it looks great. It was a pleasure to put it on my wrist once again, and I thank you for your fine work.

Geoffrey S.

10/09/12 - HI Got the Accutron back today and it looks GREAT.

 Thanks, Otis B.

10/02/12 - I received the watch yesterday. It arrived in excellent condition, it looks good and runs really well.

Nice job, Dick Stevens

10/02/12 - I received my watch yesterday afternoon. Thanks for the great job and keeping me informed on the progress. I can't wait to show it off.

Tommy Brock

9/29/12 - I am excited to have my timepiece back in service. I appreciate your hard work and expertise so much!!

Cheers, Marshall Crawford

9/26/12 - I received my newly repaired Swiss Chapter Ring in the mail yesterday. I love it. Now the band that was on the watch has to go. It just does not do the watch justice. Thanks so much for you part in restoring a significant piece of history for me. I will wear it proudly!

Thanks, Roney McCrary

9/03/12 - Just received my watch. It looks great! And its humming. I really appreciate your time and expertise. Mail was delayed because of the hurricane. but I'm just happy to have my watch.

Thanks again. Jerrol Larrieu

8/28/12 - It was nice to see the watch running in perfect time when I opened the package.

Jim Jackson

8/22/12 - Just wanted to let you know the watch is operating great. Actually the time keeping is as accurate now as it was when it was new in 1969.

Thank you, Bill Feil 

8/14/12 - The 214 is here, it runs great and looks great. Thank you very much.

Robert Kissing 

8/6/12 - Received the watch today and it looks great! Many thanks for the magic touch you provided! I will highly recommend you to anyone needing to service their 214.

Thanks again! Luis Estevez

7/27/12 - I received my lovely watch already set PST. Runs and looks great. Thank you for your quality work. Much appreciated,

Barrett Flesh

7/17/12 - I recieved my Accutron in the mail yesterday (and I got the check today). The watch looks great and is humming away like I remembered when I was young. It seems to be keeping great time as well. Thanks for bringing it back to life. Not only did you help me recover a great timepiece you restored a wonderful memory of my father.

 Thanks, Howard Affinito

7/14/12 - Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent repair. The watch has gained only 13 seconds in 31 days. This is well within the original accuracy of a minute a month! With best regards,

William Ahlstrom

7/10/12 - I retrieved my Astronaut from the Post Office this morning. The watch is humming strong and looks absolutely spectacular! Your expertise and artistry will enable my father's 1963 Astronaut to give another 50 years of service and pleasure to the next generation I present the watch to. The NOS Kreisler large coffin link band with straight ends is now on the watch and brings the time piece back to original condition as seen in the owner'

s manual.

Thanks, Dennis Wallace

6/28/12 - Thank you so very much. The watch looks absolutely beautiful!!! And runs with precision smoothness! You are spot on with your work, timeframe and totally organized approach to this very special business. Thanks again. Good Luck with your business, I hope you are booked up through the end of the year!!!~

Best always, Marv Aardahl

6/23/12 - I received my 214 in perfect condition and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Even the crystal looks brand new! It feels wonderful to have my old friend back on my wrist after all these years. Thanks for your great work.

Sincerely, Allen Boobar

6/13/12 - I picked up the watch from the post office today. It looks great. Thank you so much.

Jean Rabold

6/6/12 - I just got the watch in the mail and I am so happy with what you did and working in the time frame that you had set. I had forgotten how much I really liked it. Thank you for your skill and patience of doing such a nice job.

John Corcoran

6/6/12 - Got the watch and it looks great. You do a great job of restoring these watches. Thank you for the batteries and continued best of luck in the future.

Fancisco Demelo

5/22/12 - I'm confirming receipt of my watch. Thank you for the beautiful work!

Regards, Dennis McCartney

5/1/12 - Thank you again for the wonderful work on the Accutron 214. The watch looks gorgeous and I am exceptionally pleased. Happy to be an enthusiastic reference to you anytime. Thanks again!

Gai Cole

4/16/12 - I received my Accutron this morning. The package and the watch were all in good shape - and the watch was set to my time zone! I won't hesitate to contact you for future service needs and will recommend your service to any Accutron owner who asks (or, perchance, I encounter).

Thanks for your service, Bill Collett

4/16/12 - I received my watch today from your shop. It seems to function beautifully. Thank you very much for your fine work and professional manner to business.

Many thanks, Jon K. Volwieder

4/11/12 - I received my Astronaut in good order on Monday. I was speechless when I saw it! Wow it sure looks great in all of it's glory w/band attached! So far it hasn't missed a beat. You did a wonderful job in the "preservation of my Dad's timepiece".

I haven't had this watch on my arm since I was a child, I only wish my dad was still with us to bask in it glory. There's nothing in the world that beats the "hum" of a Accutron! I researched many repair sites before choosing you, and I must say I made the right choice, you do great work! I also have a 214 Spaceview (had it for years, it was a gift from my dad) which still is operating great but when needed I will have you look it over. Many thanks for the resurrection of this timepiece!

Jim Cross

4/9/12 - The watch showed up today and looks great. It seems to be keeping the proper time as well (as it was accurate when I pulled it out of the box.)

Thanks again! Brian Hill

4/3/12 - The watch looks almost new! Thanks for your assistance and compassion. I guess this watch means more to our family than I thought.

Judi Franich

4/3/12 - Got it looks great, love the band, thats the band mine came with when new and seeing it there again takes me back a long way. Thanks again

Bud Bootier

4/2/12 -  I received my watch this afternoon and it appears to be keeping accurate time.

Thanks, Mickey Wallmeyer

3/28/12 - My watch is running beautifully and looking good, thanks.

Voyan Galland

3/22/12 - I have both watches, They look terrific and are running so far so good. I will certainly wear them on occasion - mostly to show off the super unique space view accutron. Thanks for restoring them to good working order. thanks much and enjoy your spring! Your winter hasn't been too bad either, huh?!? I was in Berlin a week and half ago, and it was light jacket weather.

Regards, Stephen Smith


George Berry

3/14/12 - I got the watch and it looks good. Thanks .

David Simel

2/26/12 - Just a note to let you know that My Accutron, that you rebuilt last year, is working great. I have met several people with 214's and I passed your name on to them. Thanks for keeping this extraordinary engineering alive.

Bob Hunt

2/14/2012 - Received the watch yesterday. Thanks for the timely repair. This was my fathers, and even though it's big for me I am going to wear it for awhile instead of my husband. I know it will be well used. Thank You Again,

Charlene (for John) Acord

2/6/2012 - Watch arrived fantastic work. I was referred to the best, Happy I did it. Thank You, Very Much

Dave Lewis

2/6/2012 - My watch is here! I could hear her humming through the box. I'm very happy.

Thank you, Carl Rant

1/30/2012 - Arrived at 1227hrs. In perfect condition. Beautiful job. Thank you very much.

Neal Burdette

1/24/12 - Thank you. Watch arrived today in excellent condition, and running on my time zone, nice touch! Thank you, I look forward to many, many more years of enjoying this watch!

Ed Medema

1/18/12 - Thanks. It showed up yesterday. Glad to have it back. Although I was getting tired of resetting the time on it (that's why I sent it to you) the old Rolex I was using I had to wind up every three days. Now I don't have to do either.

Arthur Roth

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