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Due to a heavy work schedule, most of these services are only available with 214 repairs.

Also see Accutron 214 Conversions

setup1.jpg (30179 bytes)     MicroMachine1.jpg (23755 bytes)          MicroDial2.jpg (20267 bytes)     MicroDial3.jpg (12446 bytes)     MicroDial1.jpg (18486 bytes)

This modification requires a delicate and time consuming process using a milling machine, a custom built fixture and 2 microscopes in order to insure the highest quality of the finished piece.  

Proud to be converted:
When corrosion turns your Accutron's dial into a eyesore, conversion is a reasonable option.Deluxe Dial.jpg (30224 bytes)

before.jpg (30154 bytes) This conversion which I call a DialView is truly distinct from the many thousands of SpaceView wannabee's out there. This option provides the unmistakable look of a SpaceView without the need of an ever more costly printed crystal because the
Accutron Tuning Fork symbol and Accutron signature are on the modified dial. Think of it as a signed chapter ring that retains the look and sparkle of fine jewelry.

ugly4.jpg (30381 bytes)This is the problem:
Converted 214's are plentiful these days. Many of them are inexpensive dial faced models that have had their dials removed. They may or may not have a Spaceview crystal installed on them.

ugly1.jpg (30056 bytes)Ugly:
A common conversion technique is to cut out the center of a dial leaving only the minute scale. The photo on the left has a cut out RR Approved dial, garishly colored hand
s and no Spaceview Crystal.

ugly3.jpg (30708 bytes)To Be, or Not To Be:
The real problem with many of these watches is that they are passed off as original Spaceview models. Only a handful of case styles were cataloged by Bulova as Spaceview models and yet lately you can find these so-called Spaceview's in every case style ever made. Unfortunately, without the correct case, the correct hands, the correct crystal, and in some cases, the correct chapter ring, all you have is an unattractive fake.

dialview.jpg (30105 bytes)This could be the answer:
The point is that if you are going to wear a converted 214 it might as well be something you can take pride in rather than just another phony Spaceview. The applied markers flash in the sunlight. The word "Accutron" and the tuning fork logo are proudly displayed in their gleaming metal finish and fresh luminous can be applied.

A rare bird:
No matter how many of these I make, they will always be rare and "one of a kind" because I make each one by hand  and no two are exactly alike.

before.jpg (30154 bytes) Deluxe Dial.jpg (30224 bytes)               dial2.jpg (30054 bytes) Custom Dial 03.jpg (30238 bytes)

If you have an Accutron with a bad dial or one of those poorly done, converted Spaceviews and you would like to make something special out of it, turn it into a custom built DialView.

The "AccuDial"  Simulates a chapter ring model with minute markers. This one has no logo and needs a printed crystal to simulate a Spaceview.

Basic Cut Dial.jpg (30336 bytes)

The "DialView"  With tuning fork logo and the word "Accutron" left on the dial.

This custom modification turns a basic dial into a chapter ring with attached Accutron and Tuning Fork Logo's at the 12:00 position. The outer edge of the dial at the 5 minute markers is accented with luminous dots.

Basic Custom Dial 1.jpg (30546 bytes)  Basic Custom Dial.jpg (30509 bytes)          Dialview-Scott.jpg (30050 bytes)  Luminous Basic.jpg (18410 bytes)  CustomDial1.jpg (30058 bytes)           

 The "Deluxe DialView"  With applied markers, tuning fork logo, and the word "Accutron" on the dial.

This modification results in a one piece chapter ring  which still has its top logo's attached at the end of a tiny mushroom-like stalk.  The outer edge of the dial at the 5 minute markers is accented with luminous dots. Models with applied markers have as many variations as there are different dials.

Custom Dial 03.jpg (30238 bytes)              Deluxe Dial.jpg (30224 bytes)     Dialview4.jpg (30423 bytes)     Dialview1.jpg (30018 bytes)                        

 The "AstroView"  With up/down logos. The AstroView is the most complicated version with complex shapes and angles that are precision cut around the dial markers and logo's. The end result is a one piece chapter ring  which still has its top and bottom logo's attached at the end of tiny mushroom-like stalks. The 5 minute markers are accented with luminous paint. The AstroView dial is only available in a fully restored Astronaut.  

          Front222.jpg (29991 bytes)     AstroViewB.JPG (30365 bytes)    

               AstroViewLuminous2.jpg (23278 bytes)     AstroViewLuminous1.jpg (17875 bytes)

Note that one of the studs is still attached.

AstroView.jpg (30096 bytes)          AstroView1.jpg (30089 bytes)          AstroViewLuminous.jpg (30150 bytes)

AstroViewBFront.jpg (30047 bytes)     CutAstroBAngle1.JPG (30032 bytes)     BackCutAstroB.jpg (30062 bytes)     CutAstroB.JPG (30118 bytes)      CutAstroBLuminous.jpg (20148 bytes)     AstroViewBLuminous.jpg (30007 bytes)

218dial.jpg (29658 bytes)

DialViewRomansBefore2.jpg (30043 bytes)          218frontfull2.jpg (29737 bytes)
Before                       After

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