Accutron Spaceview Conversion
What they are and how to spot one

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For a deeper dive also see: Spaceview Conversion Page 2 (the Accu-nerd page)

Why convert a 214?
    To anyone who has inherited his late father's or grandfather's 214, conversion is a dirty word. Swapping out a bad dial for an identical one in better condition might be ok for some, but when dealing with a family heirloom, even that might be considered a sacrilege. 

    For the original 214 owner, or for the owner of a newly acquired 214 with a bad dial, conversion is a reasonable option. Seriously ugly dials are caused by deterioration of the amber colored clear coat or corrosion of the brass base metal. Replacing the dial with a clean one is a good option, but Spaceview conversion will dramatically renew any 214 that has become an eyesore.
How it's done:
The process of converting a basic dial model 214 to a Spaceview model consists of three simple steps:

        1) It starts with installation of a Spaceview Crystal of the correct size and type on the bezel.
        2) The dial is removed and a Dial Spacer Ring is dropped into the bezel to fill the space which was previously occupied by the dial.
        3)  An appropriate set of Spaceview hands is then installed on the movement and the watch is re-assembled.

    That's all there is to it and back in the day dealers often converted brand new 214's from their stock while the customer waited. The not so lucky customers found that among the very limited selection of available Spaceview Crystals at that time, there were none of the right size for their chosen model.

1962 Scalloped Lug Spaceview magazine ad     Scalloped Lugs Scalloped Lug Conversion           1962 Alpha Spaceview magazine adAlpha with corroded dialAlpha Conversion
14kt Scalloped Lug Casee                                                  14kt Alpha Casee

Stainless Steel AsymmetricalStainless Steel Asymmetrical Conversion           Turtle Lug Railroad ApprovedTurtle Lug Conversion to Spaceview B          BoltHead LugsBoltHead Lug Conversion
SS Assymmetrical Case                               Turtle Lug Case                                   Bolt Head Lug Case

Elbow LugsElbow Lug Conversion          Straight LugsStraight Lug Conversopn          Gold plated with gold hands
Elbow Lug Case                                      SS Round Case                                       Swiss Case

The Accutron Chapter Ring Spaceview

Thanks to booming sales of Spaceview'd dial models, Bulova introduced Chapter Ring models at the end of 1962. At that time there were only two US models, one in stainless steel and the other in a gold-filled bezel with a stainless steel back cover. They were made by both US and Swiss factories. There are also several distinctive models made only in Switzerland.

Stainless steel Chapter Ring Spaceview

Whereas all previous Spaceview models relied on a printed crystal to display a minute scale, the new models were designed with a silk screened aluminum ring which was installed under the crystal. Like printed crystals, US Chapter Rings have a 60 minute scale which is divided into 12 chapters of 5 minutes each. The chapters are marked by radial luminous hash marks. The 12 o'clock position is marked with a single round luminous dot. The back of the ring has a protruding pin at 3 o'clock which engages a corresponding hole in the bezel. The pin orients the 12 o'clock mark at top dead center.

Several crystal designs were adopted for the new US and Swiss made models. The earliest two US models have only the Tuning Fork logo at 12 o'clock and the word "ACCUTRON" located between the 7 and 8 o'clock markers. Later versions had both printed between the 7 and 8 o'clock markers (see photos below). In addition to the logo and name, Swiss models have some or all of the five minute markers imprinted on their crystals. The popular Swiss Cushion Case Spaceview has only the words "Bulova Accutron" printed between the 7 and 8 o'clock markers.

Chapter Ring models are extremely hard to approximate. It can be done, but few people have the equipment, knowledge and machine skills to accomplish it. More about that later, but for now it's safe to say that a factory correct Chapter Ring Spaceview can't be created using any other 214 case with the one and only exception known as the "Hidden Spaceview".

US Chapter Ring Models
These models can't be created from an ordinary dial 214

 Classic stainless steel  Chapter Ring Spaceview                                          Classic Gold-filled Chapter Ring Spaceview
Case #2528 Stainless Steel                    Case # 2531 Gold Filled

Swiss Chapter Ring Models - All Factory Hacked
These models can't be created from an ordinary dial 214

Stainless Steel Cushion Case SpaceviewGold Plated Cushion Case Spaceview                       Gold plated with gold hands        Stainless steel with Nickel plated hands                      Stainless steel with wide ringGold plated with Wide Ring
Case #770 Spaceview only                         Also available as dial models                                    Spaceview only          

The Hidden Spaceview
These Swiss dial models are anything but ordinary. They are the exception to the above rule

                    Swiss Gold Plated Hidden Spaceview          Gold plated with gold hands
They have both a dial and a factory chapter ring and the rings are installed in the correct position under the crystals.
Factory correct conversion only requires removal of the dials and installation of the correct Spaceview Crystals.
No dial spacer ring is required.

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