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Specializing In The Cleaning, Repair And Restoration of First Edition Accutron 214 Caliber Tuning Fork Timepieces. BBB Business Review
Fully Insured - 1 Year Guarantee (parts and labor)


Index Mechanism

1963 Back CoverI work on first edition 214 caliber Accutron tuning fork watches only. If need be, I will help you to verify that your Accutron is a 214 before you send it for repair.

The 214 is set from the rear of the case by lifting a spring loaded "C" shaped lever. Also on the rear of the case is a slotted hatch cover which unscrews to access the battery. If your Accutron has these features it is a 214. Click on the thumbnail image (left) to see a larger photo.

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The Basic Repair Process

Contrary to popular belief, the grade of stainless steel used for watch cases will rust over a period of years. Water gets in between the metal parts where it can stay wet for days. The inevitable result is shown in the photo at right.AlphaFixture2.jpg (12216 bytes)

The repair process begins with the disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning of all case parts. Rust and/or corrosion (if any) is then removed with hand tools and wire brushes. The bezel recieves a light polish to restore shine and the crystal is lightly polished to restore transparency.

The back cover is taken apart. The parts are cleaned and rust is removed. A new gasket is installed on the battery hatch, the setting stem is lubricated and if necessary the battery contact spring is bent back into its original shape. Finally the rear cover is re-assembled.

The movement is taken apart. The Coil, Tuning Fork and Pawl Bridge are carefully cleaned with soft wood picks and bristle brushes. All other parts are ultrasonically cleaned. The movement is then re-assembled, lubricated, and adjusted. Finally, the dial and hands are installed on the movement. The assembly is put back into its case, a new gasket is installed, and the cover is closed. The watch is then observed for approximately 2 weeks, during which time, fine adjustments are made to the movement.


 Is your 214 running way too fast? See the information at:

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