Batteries for Accutron 214's

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387S Batteries 1.5v

Minimum order: 5 batteries
A plastic spacer is included with each cell.

One strip of five (5) batteries $35 plus $3.00 postage. Batteries are not returnable.

387S Battery

AccuCell-1 Battery - 1.3v
Minimum order: 2 Accucels.

$15.50 each plus $3.00 postage. Batteries are not returnable.

Please Note: 214's that have been adjusted to run on 1.5 volts may not run properly with the reduced voltage. Likewise, 214's that have been adjusted to run on 1.3 volt Accucells may not run properly with a standard 1.55v battery.

The photo below is of a disassembled Accucell-1. Accucel's are shipped fully assembled in their original plastic case (photo right).

AccuCell-1 BatteryIndividual Accucell parts are not sold seperately.
AccuCell-1 Parts
Top row - left - Plastic Spacer
Top row right - Brass Cap
Center - Thrust Spring
Bottom Row left - 395 Battery
Bottom row right - Diode mounted on copper clad circuit board

The circuit board sits on the negative (unprinted) side of the battery.
The spring sits on the circuit board.
The brass cap mounts over diode, spring and circuit board (flat side up).
The plastic spacer presses over the brass cap and battery.

The 1.3v AccuCell-1 battery is actually a standard 395 cell fitted with a diode to drop the voltage. The battery has to be small enough to make room for the diode and as a result they have a shorter life than a 387S/394 cell.

To order please e-mail indicating the batteries needed and your shipping address.  I will reply with a completed order form to send along with your payment. PayPal, Personal check, or money order accepted. Sorry, no credit cards

Personal Check: Your order will be shipped within 10 business days.

PayPal: (4% fee), Your order will be shipped within 5 business days.

Shipping: USPS Insured Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.

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